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Paris Hilton Says, "Cheerio"

6/10/2007 6:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris HiltonParis Hilton may be in a somewhat better place than the Lynwood jail, but one thing hasn't changed -- the food sucks. Hilton is only eating cereal and bread.

We're told she is doing a lot better today, mostly because she is on her meds and the facility is better than the cell she called home for a few days.

She is still having a hard time sleeping, because her room is bright and noisy. She is alone for the most part, but is allowed to use the jail phone. We're told she is still crying but a lot less today than the last two days.

Paris Hilton gallery: Click to launch photosToday is family day, but she is only allowed two visitors. She chose sister Nicky and on-again, off again boyfriend Stavros Niarchos. Her mom and dad will visit on Tuesday.

We're also told that it is a done deal that she'll do her time where she is and won't be transferred back to Lynwood. Finally, she is "shocked" that she is in the middle of a political tug-of-war between the Sheriff on the one side and the judge and City Attorney on the other.


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kim suck    

what kind of MEDS??? VICODIN???

2638 days ago


I guess this completely screws the SHERIFF!

His position that she has a SEVERE MEDICAL CONDITION was obviously not true!

2638 days ago


As soon as her phone battery runs out, I hope the jail staff doesn't let her recharge it!

2638 days ago


Her phone?? ....And she gets to stay in the hospital instead of at the jail. Guess grandpa's contribution to Sheriff Bacca's election campaign as reported by the UK Daily Mail paid off. Why hasn't TMZ reported this?

2638 days ago


Great Work TMZ.
I love you guys!!

I miss Paris bopping around with the media.
She is so much fun to watch.

Looking forward to the simple life tonight!!!

2638 days ago

Mary T.    

Text this site Paris........................tell us about the FACILITY......Got MILK??

2638 days ago


Someone shank the walking condom..please

2638 days ago


She gets to use your freaking phone?????? WTF????? Spoiled brat!! If she gets her phone then everyone else in jail should have the same. I hope she chokes on her cereal!!

2638 days ago

No Dignity    

What the 'Celebrity Jail Cell' wasn't good enough - it's good to be a princess.

2638 days ago


She will be out soon and a bigger celebrity!

Hate on that losers!

2638 days ago


They had to give her use of her cell phone because she doesn't know how to put coins in a pay phone. DUH !!!!

"It's not right, Mom, Mom, Mom"

2638 days ago


Great Paris!!

Keep up the tough work. You're doing great!

Can't wait to see you when you get on the outside in some tabloids.
party on The PRETTIEST NEW HEIRESS JAIL Princess of all time!!


2638 days ago

Mary T.    

According to Fox News when SIS and Niarchos arrived at the Facility the waiting room was cleared, one door was chained, and they visited about 20 minutes. Of course, media was camped out and asked SIS questions , she just walked past.

2638 days ago


Well I guess the Sheriff will be issuing phones to all the others in his jail, paying for it from all the money raised under investigation. Do the words "your fired" mean anything!!!!

So much for being treated like everyone else. The fact she supposedly has her phone, means she will learn nothing from her stay. She won't take the time to address any of it as she won't take the phone away from her ear. If her "friends" were smart, they wouldn't take her calls. Force her to deal with her issues. Wouldn't that be a concept.

2638 days ago


She finally put her "BIG GIRL PANTIES" on and is dealing with it huh? What's with her getting to use the phone....treated like others? Who are you kidding? May take is she was abussing some type of drug beit illegal or Rx and couldn't tell the jail when she checked in and WOOPS!!!! she comes down off of it cold turkey. Guess she is just another typical young Hollywood socialite. Drugs and drinking it's all the same and she is apparently no exception.

2638 days ago
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