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Paris Hilton Says, "Cheerio"

6/10/2007 6:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris HiltonParis Hilton may be in a somewhat better place than the Lynwood jail, but one thing hasn't changed -- the food sucks. Hilton is only eating cereal and bread.

We're told she is doing a lot better today, mostly because she is on her meds and the facility is better than the cell she called home for a few days.

She is still having a hard time sleeping, because her room is bright and noisy. She is alone for the most part, but is allowed to use the jail phone. We're told she is still crying but a lot less today than the last two days.

Paris Hilton gallery: Click to launch photosToday is family day, but she is only allowed two visitors. She chose sister Nicky and on-again, off again boyfriend Stavros Niarchos. Her mom and dad will visit on Tuesday.

We're also told that it is a done deal that she'll do her time where she is and won't be transferred back to Lynwood. Finally, she is "shocked" that she is in the middle of a political tug-of-war between the Sheriff on the one side and the judge and City Attorney on the other.


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Check It!    

Statement by Baca: When I got the money from her folks I assumed that phone privilages would of been included. I assumed judge did not want her to use her phone to make a example of her. Yes I know I'm and idiot and I look like a gargoyle. What do you mean she's not allowed to use her phone many of our imaginary lesser offenders use their phones. These are also the same inmates that have a mysterious condition that allow them to leave jail early.

In short- Blame someone else.

2690 days ago


HEY PEEPS.. The issue about the phone, most holding cells, which is where Paris is, is a form of holding cell, in a secure area, away from general population has a COLLECT Phone inside the cell, usually used to arrange for bail, lawyer etc.. BUT calls are COLLECT, MONITORED, and have TIME LIMITS per call on use. She is being treated like anyone else housed in a holding cell. So remembering she is in a holding cell and it's Paris Hilton, you better believe her calls are strictly monitored and recorded.

Yes!! Levin any chance to get or bribe the med list out of someone as to what Paris is on?

So Paris will not be going back to jail, but remain confined where she is getting medical treatment, I have no problem with that.

SO rich bitch is throwing a tantrum at mommy and daddy for not doing enough to save her from the bad DA man... he is sooooo mean. Welll Paris grow up, this is the first time in your life you have rules, restrictions, and consequences.. Welcome to reality. Maybe you just might grow up a little.

2690 days ago

oh no, not Rosanne    

Oh!! Come on now, she gets to use her phone?????? Does everyone in that facility get to use their phone as well?????? Plus, she will be spending the full amount of her time where she is and not in a cell???? Someone has been paid off big time here.

2690 days ago

f*ck the rich bitch    

14. I guess this completely screws the SHERIFF!

His position that she has a SEVERE MEDICAL CONDITION was obviously not true!

Posted at 5:45PM on Jun 10th 2007 by Jenny Justice

that was clear from the start

2690 days ago


and where are her two brothers?
hanging their heads in shame???:)

2690 days ago


please....her phone...
let's hope that someone tells the judge and then he can haul her back into court and change the order to add no cell phone...
pushing the emergency button while she was in the first lockup is considered bad behavior...and she'll most likely get off for good behavior...
lastly, why was the sheriff so favorable to of her attorneys ROBERT PHILOBOSIAN, is the former sheriff of los angeles county!!!!!!!!!!

2690 days ago


Since she's allowed to use her phone, I assume it takes incoming calls, too. Can someone just call her and ask if she needs anything - some takeout from Koi, a little Grey Goose in Lindsay's water bottle, some Charmin, anything? As for it being bright and noisy in her room, hospitals usually are - to say nothing of jail facilities. Just enjoy the pill cart while she can! Xanax has to be the next best thing her Blow!

2690 days ago

Lily Campbell    

I'm glad that paris is doing better.
But I'm wondering why she is allowed to use her phone?
C'mon, shes supposed to be in JAIL.

2690 days ago

Mary T.    

Posted at 6:05PM on Jun 10th 2007 by You still are idiots

SHUT UP.........

2690 days ago


PHONE? are you kidding me? So what if she is eating now, she could have eaten all along. I'm totally disgusted with the entire scenario --- rich spoiled kid (ADULT) throws a temper tantrum and gets her way. Every single person who is in jail should call the ACLU and file a class-action suit, what's good for the wannabe "princess" should be good enough for ALL.. In fact, I think that I will file the suit on behalf of all the ladies and gents in jail right now for the very same offense... parole violation and see what happens.

Totally disgusted with the ParisHilton BS!

2690 days ago


Its not HER phone its the phone in her room- not a cell phone, jeez people! And all inmates have the privledge of using a phone if they are in the twin towers facility.

2690 days ago




"THAT'S REAL" stay cool paris


2690 days ago


"And she gets to stay in the hospital instead of at the jail"

the hospital is IN THE JAIL at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility in downtown LA

2690 days ago

f*ck the rich bitch    

18. Her phone?? ....And she gets to stay in the hospital instead of at the jail. Guess grandpa's contribution to Sheriff Bacca's election campaign as reported by the UK Daily Mail paid off. Why hasn't TMZ reported this?

Posted at 5:47PM on Jun 10th 2007 by MizQue
there was mor than a political contribution.....that sheriff is as crooked as they come.....he shouild have to sit in same cell as paris

TMZ doesnt report this stuff cuz they too get paid off

2690 days ago


Farrah-Fallon Get a life!

2690 days ago
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