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Paris Hilton Says, "Cheerio"

6/10/2007 6:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris HiltonParis Hilton may be in a somewhat better place than the Lynwood jail, but one thing hasn't changed -- the food sucks. Hilton is only eating cereal and bread.

We're told she is doing a lot better today, mostly because she is on her meds and the facility is better than the cell she called home for a few days.

She is still having a hard time sleeping, because her room is bright and noisy. She is alone for the most part, but is allowed to use the jail phone. We're told she is still crying but a lot less today than the last two days.

Paris Hilton gallery: Click to launch photosToday is family day, but she is only allowed two visitors. She chose sister Nicky and on-again, off again boyfriend Stavros Niarchos. Her mom and dad will visit on Tuesday.

We're also told that it is a done deal that she'll do her time where she is and won't be transferred back to Lynwood. Finally, she is "shocked" that she is in the middle of a political tug-of-war between the Sheriff on the one side and the judge and City Attorney on the other.


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Great job on Mrs. Paris Hilton.

2634 days ago


man why couldn't they make part of her sentence a public viewing where we the little people could go and stare at her and point like a monkey in a cage,instead of throwing peanuts we could throw cocaine rocks.

2634 days ago


Read it right before you bash!! no where in there does it say she has her cell phone with her. Everyone gets use of the in house phone. If you are tired of listening or reading about her then don;t look for it... walk away and shut up.. all you haters are nothing but mean spirited ugly people. Get your own life and leave Paris alone cause with you or without you she will come out just fine. Remember if God was so mad at her he wouldn't have blessed her with all she has... and she has... I am sure that if she came to your house and offered ti buy you a car or get u out of debt you would take it now wouldn't you??? making you a two faced sob. We know the true facts and you are not getting half nor a quarter of the truth thru the media so if you have don't have the facts don't judge... it makes you look ignorant.
To all that support and see the good in her and in all people in need I praise you!!

2633 days ago


Paris is being treated unfairly! Just because she is a spoiled rich kid does not give the judge the right to take out his being mad at the sheriff on her. I'm not rich and have no money just in case your wondering so go back through the court records and see what "normal people" received and you will probably find that it was no jail time.

2633 days ago


Paris Hilton's grandfather the man behind the Hilton money and i.e Hilton hotels
was a devote Christian, he would be mortified, how his children and grandchildren have turned out.
God Rest his soul.
He worked hard to build his fortune and his children act like rich, little brats.
I can't speak for the man, but based upon what I have read about the man, he would agree Paris needs to take he medicine.
Or p.s many people have ADD my husband, my son,einstein to name a free never didnt drink and more excuses we are all equal under the law..and we are all equal in God's eyes...I hope Paris has turned to God...I hope she doesnt turn back away from Him when she is released.

2633 days ago

Big Bear    

We have not heard from that sperm burping road whore Babbs. Where are you Babbs?

2633 days ago
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