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ADD Is What Ails Paris

6/11/2007 5:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris HiltonTMZ has learned that Paris Hilton suffers from extreme Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and claustrophobia, and these conditions may have triggered the Sheriff's decision to spring her from Lynwood Jail last week.

We're told Hilton is taking Adderall for her ADD. Although our sources were not specific, we're told Hilton was not receiving all of her medications at Lynwood. As a result, Hilton was having severe panic attacks in jail. There were times she was so debilitated, she could not push the panic button in her cell.

As for how she's doing today, she's depressed but not really crying. She has a pencil and a pad of paper and she's spending her time writing down her thoughts. We're also told she's losing weight -- although she's no Nicole Richie.


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Wouldn't you agree, Ms.Miller?

2690 days ago

NuKiNg FuTz    


The known dangers of Adderall

Since the FDA first approved Adderall in the 1990s, reports of adverse events experienced by Adderall users suggest a number of increased dangers of Adderall use. The known dangers of Adderall include:

A high potential for Adderall abuse ~ The FDA requires that all Adderall labeling contain a black box warning about the serious dangers of Adderall abuse. Misuse of Adderall may cause sudden death and serious cardiovascular adverse events.

Psychosis ~ A worsening of pre-existing mental illnesses and certain medication conditions are serious potential dangers of Adderall use.

Drug interaction~ Combining Adderall with MAO Inhibitors and other medications can cause adverse reactions.

Possible decreased growth and weight loss~ The dangers of Adderall may pose a threat to children who take this ADHD drug for an extended period.

CARDIOVASCULAR SIDE EFFECTS The dangers of Adderall may increase the risk of heart attack, high blood pressure, and stroke in patients using this ADHD medication.

SUDDEN DEATH Several cases of sudden death have been reported in patients taking Adderall.
Pregnancy and breastfeeding the dangers of Adderall during pregnancy may increase the risk of a child being born prematurely or with a low birth weight. Adderall can pass through breast milk; therefore, nursing moms are urged not to take Adderall.

Existing heart problems The dangers of Adderall are greatly increased in patients with pre-existing heart defects, high blood pressure, blood vessel disease, and other cardiovascular conditions.

2690 days ago


As an adult female whose life changed as a result of a post-50 ADD diagnosis - and medication - I am offended by the anti-ADD comments and misinformation posted here. (Some plays on the ADD acronym were quite humorous and apropriate). ADD is not gender specific - although it has been thought that the ADHD may be more prevalent in males. The inattentive females sweetly smile during school and do not disrupt class, so they have often been overlooked - for decades. (Insert sweet smile here...)

People who have ADHD-ADD are ordinarily very intelligent and creative. I have seen no evidence in Mz. Hilton's behavior to reflect that she is either. (The Doggy clothing line may have been sent out to a ghost designer...)

Adderall - and other ADHD-ADD medication does not have the same effect on a person who does not have the condition. Adderall IS an amphetamine - although not all ADD medications are. Adderall does have a generic substitute equivalent - us middle and lower income people buy that is a lot less expensive - although it is not available in the extended release version.

Claustrophobia? I don't see that either...Limos and sports cars would probably be impossible to even consider entering with that phobic condition.

Paris broke the law in a very serious manner multiple times. She has not shown respect for the law or herself. She needs help - not the enablement more media time will afford her. If your mother, father, child, best friend or spouse were mowed down and killed by this inebriated, spoiled "celebrity" because she was in a hurry to get to the next party, would you really feel sorry for her?

In her present state, she is an accident waiting to happen - over and over. She will never be forgiven by me for using ADD as an excuse. ADD is not a disease - it is merely people processing information differently - some need / use amphetamines or otehr medication to slow down and focus - others use biofeedback, cogitive behavior therapy and/or positive self talk. Paris needs to learn discipline, will power and self respect. She will not come to a good end if she does not wake up and fugure reality out soon.

2690 days ago


To be honest I pity Paris Hilton. Not because she is in jail but because of the life she is living: people all over her to make a fortune with her name, no real friends, no real sense in life, no self esteem, no privacy. People on top like her should as we'd guess be happy because they are rich, famous, good looking - just strange that so many are freaking out, taking drugs, destroying themselves.

Problem is the system we live in, the "race". You need to be the richest, most famous, best looking, most powerful man/woman in the world. And even if you make it to the top you will always be in fear that you are loosing your status. So in the end all taking part in the race loose - the rich and the poor. The most important thing in life is simply to be satisfied. All you usually need are a few good friends, enough money to live and a project to keep up your self esteem - be it your own children, charity, your own company, sports - whatever. Do not take part in the race. Try to stop being jealous because your neighbor has a new car and such and try to be an optimist. Live "the better life"!

It probably wouldn't be a mistake either to care less about other's life and simply make the best out of your own life, you might be surprised how much you are capable of if you just try, gain self esteem doing so and live your life satisfied and with a smile instead of feeling useless or being paranoid someone has more, looks better - hey, that's life!

Don't waste yours on the race! Accept that you will probably never be the richest, most famous, best looking and most powerful guy/girl in the world, just make the best out of your life and enjoy it as long as it lasts.

Just An Observer - it would need (in case it's true, because ) quite a bunch of guys with your attitude in politics to make the world a better place - just unfortunately very few are crazy enough to do so.

PS: Sorry @all for any grammar and spelling issues, no native speaker here.

2690 days ago


I would like you all to be heavily educated before you write a blog about some blonde!

2690 days ago


ADD? How about ASS!

2689 days ago


So the Hiltonstein has ADD - so do half the kids in this country and they still manage to go to school, church, the movies, dinner, etc. Some are medicated, some are not. But since when is ADD so serious that it requires PH to spend her time in a medical facility? ADD is not even close to diseases such a Juvenile diabetes, cancer, AIDS/HIV, cerebral palsy, heart disease, world hunger, animal conservation, etc. I bet half the people in the jail could be diagnosed with it too. This is becoming - scratch that - IS so ridiculous.

What will those Hiltons think of next. Maybe next week Paris will have an allergy to wheat. I still say she a bad case of ASS!

2689 days ago


She suffers from congenital stupidity. You can't buy IQ points, people.

2689 days ago


I totally agree with the people who say she is suffering from ADD....she is going through a severe lack of attention right now, being locked up and all. If only she could remain in this state forever, my life would be complete. I feel no sympathy for her or her kind. ADD....More like WFC....withdrawl from Crack!

2689 days ago


again tmzn harvey U Suck N Kiss OUR ASS Retire scank ho paris n family U.S.A did OLSCHOOLVETREN

2684 days ago

G L L    

Oh, for God's sake....why isn't that insipid, daft rich brat serving the ENTIRE 90 days?!!!! Again, the rich and privileged are merely slapped on the wrist! If it were you, me, or anyone else that wasn't wealthy OR in the public eye, we all would've gotten the 90 days....

Oh, and Babs, will you shut the hell up!!!!!

For the record, I was damn happy to see the "Parisite" get her ass hauled back to jail!!!! Yay for a Judge with common sense, even IF it is the land of nuts and fruits!!!!

2683 days ago

Andy Hilton    

I have suffered from ADD, ADHD and anxiety for over 30 years.
I am 37 now.
It is no joke. I have been on over 15 meds in the last 3 1/2 years. I have bad reactions to all of them.
I have had to file for disability a few months ago due to these diseases.
They are no laughing matter. They are destroying my life...

2681 days ago

todd lissner anti adult anti wholesomeness activist-----(    

welcome home paris add iz baloney 2 drug kids (and parises lol)into submission but try 2 smoke a little...oh never mind they got her so high on obediance inducing add meds in jail that she dropped her much deserved appeal and became all dossil like shes being i call 4 paris whitney hilton 2 show they didnt get away with that by reporting 2 tmz or sum other online source by 10pm pst that shes FILTHY STINKIN DRUNK!!!!!!!!!!

2677 days ago

todd lissner anti adult anti wholesomeness activist-----(    

claustrophobia iz real jail is cruel and unusual punishment that y they were supposed 2 let her go home weeks ago

2677 days ago
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