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Electrafyin' Carmen


6/11/2007 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Carmen Electra erectified the crowd with her stripper skills at the first annual Spike TV "Guys Choice Awards" this weekend. The Pussycat Doll danced onstage with The Bombshells during a performance by stone age rockers ZZ Top.

Also appearing on the show: Will Ferrell, Elisha "24" Cuthbert, Mandy Moore, SNL's Andy Samberg, second banana Artie Lange, Donnie Wahlberg, James Gandolfini and Jackass Steve-O.

The "Guys Choice Awards" airs this Wednesday, June 13 at 10:00 PM EDT on Spike TV.


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billy jack    

I'd like that for my birthday next week, please. I don't care if she has a brain or not. I can get stimulating conversation at the office. I need stimulation elsewhere from this lovely piece of perfection.

2630 days ago


Re: #8 from YouPeople - thankyouthankyouthankyou for commenting on the spelling skills of these 'writers' (?). I love the way you put it:)

Note to those folks: If you want to come across as someone who is intelligent and commenting on something at least try to appear somewhat literate.


2630 days ago


#14: Tara Patrick is her REAL name.....Carmen Electra is not. That's what "aka" means Idiot!

2630 days ago

Mrs. R    

one more thing.....stop being a fat jealous b*tch because you are being very obvious!

2630 days ago


I think she looks GREAT !! Healthy, people !!! Still a little thin, but looks great as always !!! At least she has knees !!

2630 days ago

Dawn Lavely    

Don't they call women who take thier clothes off for money prostitutes?? She is disgusting! Put some clothes on whore!

2630 days ago


#14, her real name IS Tara Patrick!!! The Carmen Electra name was given to her by Prince aka "The Human Pubic Hair". She is degrading to herself but might as well look good doing it!!!

2630 days ago

Mrs. R    

No, I just don't sit around and find out celebrities "real" names! I am acutally book smart, I have true intelligence...freak! I am not a sad lonely person who's only friends and entertainment are in my computer. I mean come on, get real! Do you seriously sit around and learn every celebrities real name? Only a pathetic person would do something like that.

2630 days ago


Sheeesh!!! Carmen has always looked great and still looks great. Give the woman credit that she understands the business and is still viable.

She may for all anyone knows be a lot smarter than she comes across. The fact that she is able to change and adjust her career as times change seems to indicate that she has some level of intelligence. And beside what's wrong with being hot at the age of 35. She'll probably still be this hot at 45 and I'd still be more than just interested. She's looking good, still smells good, and probably feels good.

Carmen will get my vote everytime.

2630 days ago

Mrs. R    

hahahaha.......this is so much fun!!!! Ok so I had no clue at all that Tara Patrick was her real I would really know that! I actually thought you were referring to the porn star Tera Patrick and that is why I was a little confused but anywho. No, I am not getting all pissy, I am actually laughing! And no, I am not hiding behind my keyboard :) BTW.....I do have a very HUGE life! I am a wfie, and accountant who is having an extremely boring day at work, and a mother of 2. I just don't understand people who see these gorgeous celebrities like Ms. Electra aka Patrick, and they want to call them trash or whatever. YOU MAKE YOURSELF LOOK STUPID AND JEALOUS! People are going to call you fat jealous cows when you say that! People talk bad about others b/c they have low self's a fact! See, I don't do that b/c I look damn good and I know it. If a woman wants to degrade herself then so be it, who are you to judge but a very jealous person.

2630 days ago


Go Carmen! Looking fabulous as usual! LOL, such anger on here over a body that probably made plenty of people smile that night! ;-)

2630 days ago


what, so now we condone stripping like its a regular respectable 9-5 job? Please!!! Shes a trashy hooker...only one with a little dough. Put some clothes on Carmen, have some respect for yourself. I mean, aren't you in your 30s? Don't you think its about time to grow up?

2630 days ago

Mrs. R    

You know started the BS by calling me an idiot b/c I didn't know what her freakin name was so please....F*** OFF A**HOLE!

2630 days ago

Mrs. R    

I am just giving them a dose of their own medicine! Like this Nikke chic who calls her a trashy hooker, does she know her...ummm no but does she still call her names, yes! Don't judge!

2630 days ago


That just shows you that women that look like this they are only good for one thing..........

2630 days ago
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