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Francis to Paris: Et Tu Caesar

6/11/2007 2:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ received the following letter from "Girls Gone Wild" creator Joe Francis. He is currently incarcerated in Nevada:
Joe Francis and Paris Hilton booking photos
June 10, 2007

RE: "American I-Cons"

Dear TMZ,

I returned to my cell the other day after a leisurely walk through the Washoe County Detention Center yard and received a message from Deputy Keast, the Public Information Officer, that you had called. To be honest, I was hoping that my penpal, Candy Spelling, had written me again, but to my dismay I was told that you just wanted to know how I felt about Paris being released from jail early. I was then handed a article titled "American I-Cons". I just thought since I seem to have some extra time on my hands these days that I would like to take a moment to set the record straight.

The "American I-Cons" title is a very clever play on words, but unlike in Paris's current situation, the title does not apply to me. I am not in jail because I have been CONvicted of a crime, but am merely awaiting a chance to vindicate myself.

Paris's early release from jail did not surprise me, nor unfortunately, did her return to jail a day later. My heart goes out to Paris, not only because I consider her a friend, but because I have experienced first hand that incarceration is not set up for high-profile people. In my experience to date, when jail personnel are told to give no special treatment to an individual because of who they are, it normally results in them getting far worse treatment. I must however tell you that this has not been my experience at the Washoe County Detention Center, where my treatment has been fair and where the staff is very considerate. However, the stark reality that I've encountered in the five previous facilities I've been in is that celebrities are segregated from other inmates, and it can be quite a lonely existence with no human contact. It seems as though Paris is seeing this first hand now that she's been sent back to jail to serve her original 45 day sentence. If her name was Jane Doe and everything else in the case remained unchanged, she would never have served a day in jail. As Los Angeles County Sheriff Baca said on Friday: "The special treatment appears to be her celebrity status. She got more time in jail." I empathize with Paris, because I believe I too would not still be in jail were it not for my "high profile status."

Your story also outlined 3 other things: living conditions, food, and free time.

When you discussed my living quarters, you brought up the fact that I was in my own cell until I passed my tuberculosis test. Well, I studied hard and took a Princeton Review crash course and passed it with flying colors. I also passed my HIV test and my hepatitis test as well, so feel free to post the rest of my confidential medical history on, as you and others have done on in the past. I wouldn't want your readers to be getting any incomplete information.

My living arrangements are more than adequate. My cell is actually nicer than my USC dorm room. Yes, it doesn't have cable, but it doesn't have the cockroaches either.

When you discussed food, you mentioned that I was eating "catfood sandwiches, a mix of ground turkey mixed with mayo, and franks n' beans." Well, those two delectable dishes, among others, are offered free of charge to all inmates, but the WCDC also offers inmates the option to order from a local restaurant - "The Burger Barn." My diet actually consists of mostly chicken-Caesar salads with crisp romaine lettuce and half-dressing (my trainer would be proud) usually with a Diet Coke. If I really want to splurge, I may order a Powerbar or two for dessert.

This "free time" thing took me by surprise. I would love to know who gave you the information that I'm out of my cell 8 hours a day. It's probably more like half that. It is during this time that I have the fortunate privilege of meeting new "friends" such as car thieves, drug dealers and murderers. It should make for an interesting night at HYDE when the "gang" and I get back together for a reunion.

Feel free to post a mugshot or two (this one is by far the best). Blue is my color over bright orange for sure, but please remember one thing: In this country anyone who stands accused of a crime is innocent until proven guilty, even if they are a celebrity. I urge that there be no rush to judgment, because you may be wrong. I am still an innocent man standing accused, stuck in jail not because I've been CONvicted of a crime, but rather due to a legal quagmire. I have faced far worse things in the past and I am confident that I will prevail again.

Your friend,
Joe Francis

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Well, at least Paris never hurt anyone other than herself. She never sexually exploited young girls. She was never accused of rape.

People like Joe Francis making millions upon millions is why terrorists want to bomb our country. I hope they throw away the key.

2658 days ago

Avenging Angel    


Doubters often say that there is no proof of God's existance.
Maybe they just take Him for granted?
Maybe they ignore the intricicies on a dragonfly's wing?
Maybe they can't see God's hand in having Paris call her Mother

You can call it coincidence... but I think we all know the truth.

Barbara is sharing the words of Paris with the world right now.
It's a blessed moment.
Embrace this gift from God everyone.
Don't be like the Sodomite wife of Lot and defy your Lord.

2658 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

So what would you have the court and jail system do Joey Francis? Create a special system and facility for celebrity jail birds? We'll name it in your Honor " The Jail system Gone Wild.

If the likes of you and Paris Hilton have such an aversion and distain to the jail system; you should have thought about the consequences long before doing the crime.

2658 days ago


She broke probation TWICE!!!!!! I'm sick of people saying that the average person would not be in jail. Do your homework.

2658 days ago

Ivana Jercough    

I think Perez Hilton has a better take on this stuff that thye Pandering Levin

2658 days ago


This guy is a scumbag loser

2658 days ago


I can picture paparazzi somewhere trying to figure out a way to
1-get arrested and get sent to the same facility as Paris and 2 how to smuggle in a camera or bring enough cash to bribe a worker to take a couple pics of Paris for them.
Sick. Soon people who wrote Paris in jail will be getting responses back from her (she's got lots of time to write) and sell the return letter to the media or on ebay.

2658 days ago

Shame on you    

The 'celebs' whine and stomp their feet when they don't get special attention paid to them, then they whine and stomp their feet when they HAVE to get special attention because of their status. It doesn't matter how rich and famous a person may be, it comes with consequences.

2658 days ago


These calm and under control words from a man that almost lost it when he was first put in jail......GIVE US BREAK are a joke and a menace to society...both you and PH deserve everything that you have received and more...................

2658 days ago


Joe, it's funny how you neglect to mention that the charges against you in Florida stem from an apparent attempt to smuggle contranad (drugs) into a correctional facility. As any experienced con can tell you that's a real rookie move, get you a felony charge every time.

2658 days ago


My, my it looks like Joey is working awfully hard to look like none of this is bothering him, esp. what is written about him on TMZ. If that were the case, he wouldn't need to bother himself with this site, which he is clearly reading. Considering what charges he's facing, let him take his cocky attitude to court. We all saw what happened to him the last time he did that.

2658 days ago


I just want to remind people that there are lots of people in America that have such horrible home lives...that a two week stay in isolation sounds wonderful to us. It must be great to have such a fun, stress-free life..that you would scream and cry not to be removed from a court room. I am saying all this so that people will take a moment and thank their lucky stars that their life is going well enough not to WANT to go to jail.....and their are plenty of us that would welcome being alone in a cell. I would have to beg for an extra blanket though....!!! burrrrrrrr..............

2658 days ago


This is the blind leading the blind!

2658 days ago


Are you still bawling like a little bitch every day, Joey?

2658 days ago


I wonder what song he'll be singing when he DOES go down for some of the stuff he's accused of. A reunion of the gang at Hyde----what a bunch of assholes that crowd HAS to be.

2658 days ago
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