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Get Inside Larry Birkhead's Head

6/11/2007 10:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comBig daddy Larry Birkhead opens up to FOX News' Greta Van Susteren tonight -- about how he's gone from behind a camera -- to being a paparazzi magnet himself.

Just a year ago, Birkhead was an unknown celebrity photographer, now he's as famous a blonde dad as Brad Pitt, after prevailing in the tumultuous custody battle for his and Anna Nicole Smith's daughter, the ecstatic Dannielynn.

Larry discusses diaper duty and how much his life has changed since gaining custody of his daughter.


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What's wrong with her face in this picture?    


Do you know Larry personally? You come off as such a know-it-all. Rain it back in sister........... You don't apparently see how ridiculous you come off. To the other posters having problems with this one - DANG>>>>>>>>>>>> this girl is messed up!

2657 days ago

laughing so hard    

All I can say is Larry ruined a love story about Anna and Howard. Shame on you Larry.
Anna was devasted at the loss of her son. Shame on you for what you did. You will not
make Dannielynn proud of you. She will see what you said about her mommy, when she
watches the trial held in florida over where her mother should be buried. She will run right
into the man her mother called her father. Dannielynn will read about the emails you sent Anna. Dannielynn will watch the video where Anna calls you a "scumbucket". Oh it will happen faster than you think. Dannielynn will hate you for what you did to her mother. When she needs the truth and the love, she will go to the one person her mother loved. She will find him and love Howard. Larry, we the people, will never forgive you.

2657 days ago


#73 Couldn't have said it better myself. Well done. The looser will eventually loose DL and I hope it happens soon.

2657 days ago


#73 Couldn't have said it better myself. Well done. The looser will eventually loose DL and I hope it happens soon.

2657 days ago


Wow! She really grew! Before she was way too small, now she is getting proper care!

2657 days ago


I am disturbed about how Larry is holding the baby she is not yet one year old. Being a mom myself my best guess is that her nanny is standing by the camera. That's the mom she wants to go to not Larry.

I know men who after parenthood became "gay" and were wonderful parents- kids are wonderful parents themselves and not gay. True some of Opri's deal sounded sour grapes- but folks you were sold down the street. So much of Larry's statements were to cast a bad light on ANS and how wonderful he was - well he wasn't - he was living in a dink apartment in Burbank chasing after the million dollar dream -- in his case baby.

2657 days ago


Hope, posters 73, 74, 75: You all are freakin' nuts.

Howard K kept Anna DRUGGED while she was pregnant, VIDEO TAPED HER HIGH AND PREGNANT and then said HOW MUCH MONEY THE FOOTAGE WOULD BE WORTH!!!!!!


Howard K is a PARASITE AND A PIMP!!!!

Thank GOD that Larry Birkhead has retained rightful custody od HIS DAUGHTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2657 days ago

Just leave Larry alone and let him do what he thinks is best    

The baby is cute and looks very happy and healthy. Larry is the biological father, the baby belongs with him. Hopefully, no harm has been done to her by her mother taking overdoses of drugs while she was pregnant. If Larry were truly, gay that apartment would not have been dirty and have mismatched dishes, in my opinion. I know gay guys and they are usually very neat. Larry can't be completely gay. Completely gay guys just don't sleep with women. They just do not sleep with women no matter who that woman would be. Larry and Anna saw each other and were together for quite a while. There are bi-sexual persons (apparently Anna was bi-sexual, she as much admitted to Larry King that she was in an interview), but I am not saying Larry is bi-sexual either. I don't think we really know for sure. So trying to spread stories would not be ethical. Larry was poor and of course Anna liked the idea that the baby would be pretty, because she liked Larry's looks. But Anna did not like the idea that Larry was poor (according to Anna's standards). Anna wanted to find another older man like Marshall to be with, that way she would have money. As far as dirty houses go. I was rasied on a farm. And things get pretty dirty on farms. Out of 8 kids, we are all are exceptionally healthy. Experts have said that it is important not to have things too clean for a baby or child, because coming in contact with germs when a person is young helps the immune system. If you don't believe me check it out. Germs are good for kids. I think that Larry only wanted visitation and the acknowledgement that he was the father when Anna was alive and Daniel was alive. After Daniel died, he became concerned, because of what happened to Daniel and that is when he started thinking about custody. I don't think he wanted to take the baby away from Anna. He just wanted to be a part of the babies life. But now that Anna is dead. It is important that Larry raise D-Lynn. We don't really know how Larry feels about Howard right now and we may not find out for a while. I think Larry is just keeping things as sane as they can be right now (and, yes, they are not sane completely right now, because of the Opri things among others). But it would be worse if he dealt with Howard right now. Things will come out later. I am sure that Howard it trying to do everything he can to twist the situation in his favor. NO HOWARD SHOULD NEVER, NEVER HAVE THAT BABY. TWO PEOPLE DIED ON HIS DUTY AND THAT IS ENOUGH. And I truly think Larry should watch his back too.

2657 days ago

orig JMO    

Hope: No one cares what you post. You are a loser, with a big "L" on your forhead. You are the example for everything bad. You are the most un-intelligent person on this board and the most un-informed. Your post are laughable, ignorant and un-inspiring. Please don't waste any more of our time. I, for one, will not be reading or responding to any more of your post. Your posts are ridulous and are un-deserving of any attention of any kind. Only you know why you are here, it certainly is not for anything good or positive. You post like you are on Howard's drugs. Delirious, numb, zombie-like, non-intellectual thoughts.... I am done with you. No more food for the trolls.

2657 days ago

Let sleeping bodies rest in peace...........    

Why is it Larry can NOT stay out of the news with the baby ?

How much money does this con artist need? Keep the baby off the tv and OUT of the news so she can grow up normally. You've had your 15 minutes of fame, now STOP.

2657 days ago


He seems so happy as does Dannilynn. He also seems like a kind good hearted person and father. Serious kudos Larry.

2657 days ago

Just leave Larry alone and let him do what he thinks is best    

Brad Pitt and Angelina sell pictures of their kids all of the time. As do most of the stars who recently had babies. And I am sure they get paid for them. The Larry bashing is not fair. Anna wanted a pretty baby and she thought a baby with Larry would be pretty. It was Anna that used Larry and thought she could get away with it. After she was pregnant, she didn't want Larry because he was poor. So she shopped around and tried to say B. Thompson was the father. Anna was the ally cat here. Anna was a really, really far gone drug addict. It is better for DannyLynn to be with her biological father. She looks very happy and healthy. Being poor is not a crime. The Hiltons love Paris to parade around and have her picture taken. Nothing wrong with having a kids picture taken and if there is a lot of money - so what. Why do you think parents and grandparents keep those pictures in their billfolds. Because they want everybody to see those kids. If the pictures are taken privately ... nothing wrong with that.

2657 days ago

orig JMO    

Larry has been exposed for what he is. And that is... A nice guy, a good person, an honest person, a loving person, a great father, never quits for what is right, a handsome guy, and did I say, A LOVING GREAT FATHER.

2657 days ago

Let sleeping bodies rest in peace...........    

In Debri Opri's petition, which you can read on, it says that after Anna died Larry didn't really want to pursue the paternity lawsuit anymore. He was just going after the baby to "show Anna".

After Anna died he didn't really want the baby. Maybe because Anna was no longer alive to pay him the child support he had wanted to get from her.

2657 days ago

Boo Hoo    

The kid is looking fat. What are they feeding her, pepperoni pizzas for breakfast? They better watch out, the kid has got the fat gene, like her mother.

2657 days ago
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