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Get Inside Larry Birkhead's Head

6/11/2007 10:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comBig daddy Larry Birkhead opens up to FOX News' Greta Van Susteren tonight -- about how he's gone from behind a camera -- to being a paparazzi magnet himself.

Just a year ago, Birkhead was an unknown celebrity photographer, now he's as famous a blonde dad as Brad Pitt, after prevailing in the tumultuous custody battle for his and Anna Nicole Smith's daughter, the ecstatic Dannielynn.

Larry discusses diaper duty and how much his life has changed since gaining custody of his daughter.


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Ford Shelly is a creep    

To hear an angry Debra Opri, tell it, she earned every penny of $600,000 in legal fees she says Larry Birkhead owes her for helping win custody of Dannielynn, blasting back at her former client in a sizzling countersuit filed Thursday in Los Angeles that demands binding arbitration and takes us inside the vicious, legal brawl for the half billion dollar baby he fathered with Anna Nicole Smith.

We’ve obtained a copy (link below), thanks to an intrepid researcher, and it takes us behind the scenes of Birkhead’s million dollar media deals, his secret negotiations with Howard K. Stern during the Florida court showdown and demands that Opri fund the case along the way. She portrays Larry as not only “obsessed” with heri, but so “high maintenance” he required far more than the extreme media makeover she orchestrated to spruce up his “paparrazi” image, and turn the tide of public opinion in his battle for Dannielynn.

Debra Opri Arbitration Demand 6-6-07

According to the lawsuit, Opri had to prepare Birkhead for a child welfare evaluation to determine what “kind of environment he would provide for his daughter,” as ordered by the Bahamas Court. So she hired a former child services worker to visit his apartment in advance and she warned that Larry would flunk if he didn’t clean up his act.

“”The child services worker met with Birkhead on March 8, 2007,” says her counter motion, “did an inspection of his one bedroom third floor apartment in Burbank,” and found it “filthy, not close to being acceptable to an adult, let alone a child, and that it had to be child-proofed, cleaned and overhauled.”

Then there was the mystery roommate named Byron, living there rent free. Opri says she “became concerned about Byron,” who would have to be fingerprinted and background- checked if he were to be in the home with Dannielynn. She says Birkhead promised to give him the boot, “but not immediately. The consultant repeated her statement that the child could not be in an environemnt with someone who was not checked out. Opri later advised Birkhead that she was not going to be any part of any “deception’ with social services…” On one visit, “Byron stated to her, ‘You’re getting too comfortable coming ot OUR home all the time.’ Birkhead refused to discuss Byron after that weekend.”

Opri details spending $3,600 to hire a cleaning crew to sanitize the place, and replace all linens and cooking utensils. “”Birkhead had no sheets, towels were stained and dirty, and pots and pans and plate wear and utensils were all in need of replacement.” She details a trip to Babies R Us “to furnish the nursery,” but Larry said he had no money and “asked Opri to pay for the it,” according to the suit, “promising that he would pay her back. To date, he has not.”

Opri says Birkhead has also refused to pay his Florida lawyers, and describes her negotiations to secure him a million dollar media deal with NBC that reportedly gave exclusivity to the Today Show, Bravo and Access Hollywood for a period of time. At the same time, she says Birkhead was making his own two million dollar deal to sell photos and interviews.

It reads better than pulp fiction, and the author is obviously a lawyer scorned, and, she claims, stiffed.

I want to know "who is Byron?"

2655 days ago

What's wrong with her face in this picture?    

To all of you who are egging Hope on. Just ignore her and perhaps she will go away. She wants attention - positive or negative. That's why she's so over the top in everything she says. I'm not going to discuss her again after this post ....... to Kimberly, Kate, Monica?? and the others that I've forgotten (Robert?) - let's just alllll ignore her.

Hope who?

2655 days ago


Larry Birkhead and Brad Pitt do not belong in the same sentence. LB is a parasite; a Stern hugging, man loving, money chasing, ungrateful piece of lowlife scum. The only thing that separates him from$tern is the murder of a young man. Pay your bill, dawg; and give up New Horizons!

2655 days ago

What's wrong with her face in this picture?    

Is it possible that

a. The baby is cute.
b. It's ok for a parent to make money to support the lifestyle that they will have to have for safety sake.
c. That the networks are paying money for pictures & interviews because people like us are "interested" in the story (whether we admit it or not)?
d. That all of the characters in this saga did right and did wrong?
e. That this has gotten old

Is any of the above possible?

2655 days ago


Kimberely hope you are not a mother...don't worry about my should be more concerned with the type of mother you seem to exude based on your posts..If you are a mother..I feel sorry for your children..people like you are cold and heartless and I have not doubt why you support must be just like him.. Hope you don't use your kids. Welfare cheque maybe??

2655 days ago

What's wrong with her face in this picture?    

I'm not a kid................. I'm 18 and a legal adult. If I can die in our war, I can post without being called a kid~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think Larry is ugly and really love Howard. I feel so sorry for Howard. He's lost everything. Larry shouldn't get it all and Howard lose it all. It's not that Larry is a 100% bad guy ...... he just shouldn't get it all when Howard went thru the pregncy and all.

2655 days ago

What's wrong with her face in this picture?    

STOP picking on me~~~~~~~~~~~~~

2655 days ago

Let sleeping bodies rest in peace...........    

I want to know "who is Byron?"

Posted at 2:57PM on Jun 11th 2007 by the good doc


Byron is Larry's live-in gay boyfriend. He's a make-up artist and hair stylist. They make a good pair. Byron can do all Larry's make0up and hair hi-lites for his media life.

Larry just can't stay off TV with the baby. I guess she won't have a normal life like everyone hoped.

2655 days ago

What's wrong with her face in this picture?    

Larry - I wanted to be the mother of your baby.

2655 days ago

What's wrong with her face in this picture?    

Larry is hot

2655 days ago

Just leave Larry alone and let him do what he thinks is best    

There is nothing wrong with the way Larry is holding the baby. You can hold babies many ways. I believe that Danielynn is almost 9 months old already. Probably pretty heavy already. And for sure very active. She is cute. Yes, I have 3 grown childen and there is nothing wrong with holding a child like that. Some of you people are really reaching for straws. Get a life. I like seeing pictures of Dannylynn. She had grown a lot since the last time I saw a picture of her. My god..Anna and Howard sold Dannylynn's birth on video for the whole world to see. Howard and Anna were always selling pictures of Dannylynn. Can't you Howard relatives stand the thought of someone else getting money. At least Larry will use the money to raise and care for DannyLynn. I am sure it costs a lot of money for a nannie and a guard, security, etc. Dannylynn will probably be a little show-off like her mom. Nothing wrong with that.

2655 days ago

What's wrong with her face in this picture?    

I can't wait to see Larry on Greta tonight :) Poeple r gonna see him for the great guy he is. Just wiat. He's cute, profesinoal and a graet dad. Why cant u all just be hapy 4 him?

2655 days ago

What's wrong with her face in this picture?    

My welfare chek will be here soon and i'm gona send it to larry. He is NOT gay. He is a graet father & i want him to have a good life.

he is so good with danylinn.

2655 days ago

Let sleeping bodies rest in peace...........    

This is getting old Larry. Get that little baby out of the meda. You're exploited your own child and all for the love of media attention and money. You are worse than Virgie ever was. Get your child out of the limelight !

2655 days ago


OK, Ok you got me...Larry is great, really, but he turned me down when I offered him some of this... so I am mad at him!

2655 days ago
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