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Nicky & Stavros Get VIP Treatment at Paris' Jail

6/11/2007 11:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It doesn't matter where they go, Hiltons don't wait in line.

With just about every single media outlet on the planet trying to shove a mic in their faces, Paris' sister Nicky and on-again off-again-who-knows-what Stavros Niarchos rolled down to Twin Towers Correctional Facility in Los Angeles yesterday to visit Paris -- waltzing right into the building without having to wait in the ridiculously long visitors line. Family members and friends of other inmates complained that they had to wait for more than three hours. But TMZ has learned that the two were ushered in during a break in the normal visitor schedule, due to Paris' "special needs" situation.

While she didn't say a word about the situation on her way into the jail, Nicky opened up on the way out of the 30-minute visit, telling reporters that Paris is, "being strong" during her second stint behind bars. As usual, Stavros didn't say a word.

Nicky's boyfriend, David Katzenberg, drove the pair down to the jail, but Paris was only allowed two visitors. He waited in the car.


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11. Harvey Levin says he disregards the comments posted in this site but trusts the polls

He also said something like ...because a certain kind pf people post on the blog.....wonder what kind of people he means. It was an insulting comment IMO

2691 days ago


Yeah I totally agree with you, Melissa. Sure, the Hiltons don't deserve special treatment, but I wouldn't want the swarms of paparazzi hanging around if I were visiting a loved on.

2691 days ago


this is the inmate locate used on the website of the lasd.

it says her permanent place was the twin towers and was decided on friday, when she went back to jail. they knew she wouldnt leave that spot. bunch of crock.

2691 days ago


#59 Wow - You are so right. How rare to find rational remarks on this site. Both sides are so extreme and the facts gets totally distorted. Just like in politics. Everyone loves to bloviate but so few have the insight, education or intelligence to do so effectively.
Come to think of it, Paris herself should limit her comments to the press. She is clearly lacking in insight, intelligence and relevence.

2691 days ago


ok, that one didnt work....

go here

on the lefthand side roll over "Inmate Info" and then inmate locator and type in paris hilton 02/17/1981 in the spaces.

sorry about that

2691 days ago


Too much hatred in this website. Faith is entitled to her opinion. You don't have to curse or call people names. Maybe I should ask everyone this questions:

Do you think you are a good person? Do you know the Ten Commandments? Do you think you've kept the 10 Commandments? To see how much we have sinned against the Law of God, we will go through some of them—Do you love God and worship Him only? Have you ever told a lie? Have you ever stolen something? Have you ever lusted after another person? Have you ever hated someone? If you answered "Yes" to these questions, you admit that you are a idolater, lying, thieving, adulterer at heart, and you have to face God on Judgment Day! If you have used His name in vain, then you are guilty of "blasphemy" -- you've substituted God's holy Name for a curse word. Perhaps you've hated someone, then the Bible says that you are a murderer. You have violated God's holy Law, and on Judgment Day, you will be found guilty and end up in Hell. If you don't believe in hell, well the bible said there's hell and it's a horrible place to be. Hell is everyday torment 24 hours a day where there's weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Please follow this prayer. and mean it from your heart

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2691 days ago


Stavros is so good looking. I would love to see him marry Paris and have babies.

2691 days ago

Could it be TRUE?? ONE can only HOPE    

To Faith....

I have a family member this is a deputy, works in a jail...THEY do get days off.....relax...

Jail employee has the the right, just as you do , to use His/ her "free" time as she / he wishes.

2691 days ago


People hate Paris ok...but lets look at the situation...because she is famous there have to be amenities made when it comes to her visitors who also are in the public eye and could possibly be put into a dangerous situation in a mob of prisoners visitors. I don't agree with everything Paris does but I have sympathy for her as a human being on this planet. I have had the good fortune of special privileges from time to time cause of my boyfriend's professional status. And people can complain as much as they want....but anyone would accept privileges if they were handed out. You can't tell me that if someone in that visitor room at the prison was offered a cut in line they would not take complain all you want but I won't believe it .

2691 days ago


How terrible you are calling me idiot and names. I am not talking to you, I am talking to Harvey and the jail employee.

Harvey you have not answered my questions.

Jail employee, if you are really a jail employee, I apologized to you for being hard on you.I thought you are one of those employees who are stealing time from their employers that's all. To tell you the truth the reason why I asked you the questions I asked is because I got in trouble with my boss for letting my employees used the internet for personal use and stealing time. That's the first thing came from my mind when I saw your comments. Thanks.

2691 days ago


10. Why Shouldn't they be treated differently. They are not criminals, they are "upstanding" citizens . . . can't punish the family for the daughters crimes. Wait isn't that how they do things in the middle east . . . another step backwards for the USA

Posted at 10:21AM on Jun 11th 2007 by Why Should She?

So then what you are saying is that every other inmate in the facilities family members are actually criminals right? Stavros and Nicky may not be criminals, but they should have to wait in the visitors line just like every other family member of the other inmate's have to wait! That would be why they should have to wait! It is not punishment of the daughter as you put it, it is what is right and fair by every person that was at that jail waiting in line for 3 hours to see a family member. Those people waiting are not criminals either and they had to wait! Are you ignorant or what?

2691 days ago

richard sanz    

The Hiltons are totally insignificant, living shallow and phoney lives devoid of any meaning. Why not focus on women such as Jane Goodall, the ethnologist who is responsible for saving an endangered species--the chimpanzee--and has devoted her life to these animals? These are the people who have substance, not superficial movie stars or sport stars whose have probably never read a full-length book during their lifetimes

2691 days ago


They must not have wanted to miss Paris' ping pong game!

2691 days ago


It's odd that Katzenberg and Niarchos both dated Mary-Kate Olsen and now they're involved with the Hilton sisters. The men must get along????

That Mary-Kate gets around doesn't she????

The Olsen twins starve themselves and wear oversized clothes in an effort to look like girls... all in an effort to appeal to teens and tweens. But their nicoteen addiction is making them look older than the 32 years they actually are. They look and dress like little old ladies.

2691 days ago


Oh my gosh, I listen to Barbara Walters on the View this morning and of course when Rosie was there the truth would have come out but since she is gone, Ever time Joyce or Kim would make a funny remark Barbara would get this stone face or more or less let them know that she didn't like it. Without Rosie, Barbara has no spine no guts and talks out of both sides of her mouth. I will not watch her show again. She got to talk to Paris on the phone(Paris's mom is Barbara's friend). And all the cry baby story got taken out of context and she is not a cry baby. Just the fact tht she is not at the same jail has everything to do with how she is feelilng. Barbara says she does not take meds but on cnn it was confirmed she does take meds. She said she will not appeal but the truth is she can't because the judge would throw it out. Finally a good judge stand up the the rest of us Pions.

2691 days ago
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