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Pari$ Hilton Costs L.A. County a Bundle

6/11/2007 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

ParisIt costs more than 10 times the normal amount to jail Paris Hilton.

TMZ contacted the Sheriff's Department to determine just how much money the County is spending on Hilton -- and it's way more than it costs to stay at a Hilton!

Sheriff's spokesperson Steve Whitmore tells TMZ the average cost per day for a female inmate is $99.64. Paris, well, ain't no bargain. It costs $1,109.78 to keep her locked up. The costs include medical treatment and staff associated with her needs.

By the way, if Hilton were under house arrest, it would cost taxpayers zilch. The inmate shells out the cost of doing time at home.

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Captain Tina    

I was pretty happy and laughed alot when she got sent back, but now this is just getting ridiculous. Upon further research, anyone convicted of this "crime" wouldnt have spent more than 5 days in lock up, IF at all! They are trying to make too much of an example out of her and its being taken way too far! Let her go, seriously. If its costing THAT much, than its not worth it. trust me, im not a Paris Hilton fan, but like I said, this is just getting RIDICULOUS! Lest we forget that Michelle Rodriguez spent 3 HOURS in jail for the same crime? This has gone too far!

2657 days ago


it's the special treatment that she's getting that is skyrocketing the cost. Send her ass to the general prison population! WTF!!!

2657 days ago


The fastest ever record for getting "God" while in the click.. the idiot.

2657 days ago


oh please let her out frist it costing u to much

2657 days ago


You all could really learn something from #20.

2657 days ago

disgusted with her    

Send her ass back to Lynwood. Why does she get special treatment...hanging out in a nice room with phone privileges and special food costing us big bucks. She doesnt seem very 'sick' to me..quite the contrary according to her 'press release' She can 'reflect' a lot cheaper at Lynwood...

2657 days ago

Princess Ali Baba    

it's worth every bit of that money to keep that moron in jail! too bad she won't be transferred back to Lynwood too! She deserves that!

2657 days ago


Paris pays that in taxes every minute - so all of you whining about how much of YOUR tax money it is costing can just shut up. She is paying for her own stay with as much as she has to pay out for her income. You probably should be thanking her for your foodstamps and medical coverage.

Let them charge whatever insane amounts they want - it's THEIR fault it's costing so much because the let the baby tell them where to put her. There is no reason why it should ever cost that much for one person in jail per day, period.

2657 days ago


Hey, I'm miffed by a comment Mr. People Court man himself (Harvey Levin) said on the Today show. He said he didn't value the comments left on his website because "a certain type of person" comments on WHAT?!?!?!? Is he high?

2657 days ago


oh please let her out

2657 days ago


Oh pullllleeezzzeeee #2!!!! Get a life! Paris isn't going to listen to you or anyone else. She's too stupid for one thing, and she'll do exactly as she pleases.

No, I'm not mad or mean....I just think you picked the wrong forum to post your "letter" on. Even if it's in jest....or r u serious????

2657 days ago


NO, the cost would not be "zilch". Sheriff's office already commented that they'd need around the clock deputy service for house arrest, per their own admition. Any excess costs here can be paid for by Paris or her family at any time they choose to do so. And for that matter...LA County's jail costs are certainly much higher than they'd be were our country's borders more controlled. The much larger population due to the loose borders increases crime rates simply because the population is higher. IF you assume the same rate of crime from the increased population you'll see what I mean. Per some officials a higher than average percentage of the illegals aliens have criminal records back home...I wonder if they get into more trouble in the US or not.

2657 days ago


1k a day is totally worth it. If that's what it took to finally get through to this spoiled brat, that's what it took. She's finally stopped throwing temper tantrums and resigned herself to the fact that life can be unfair once you get in the system, so the best thing to do is stay out of the system if you can.

She'll pay society back that much and more once she gets out and starts devoting her life to charity and stops her "dumb act".

I'm not holding my breath, though.

2657 days ago


Why is it ok to charge someone who gets lost in the woods for their rescue and not ok to charge this stupid bitch for her high maintenence jail time. We need to change the laws that when these rich people get arrested they pay for any excess they cost the good hard working people of the world. If she doesn't want to be with the regular people in jail than she can opt to pay for it. Commit the crime do the time with the rest of us. Is justice really blind I think not. She has taken off the blind and she is looking right at Paris Hilton.

2657 days ago


Now tell me, how do all you taxpaying citizens feel now?? Either way you look at it your paying for her special treatment in jail. Now, if she was on home detention she would be footing the bill not you. She doesn't have to spend a penny. I know she can afford it but can you?? Only in Calif.

2657 days ago
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