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Pari$ Hilton Costs L.A. County a Bundle

6/11/2007 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

ParisIt costs more than 10 times the normal amount to jail Paris Hilton.

TMZ contacted the Sheriff's Department to determine just how much money the County is spending on Hilton -- and it's way more than it costs to stay at a Hilton!

Sheriff's spokesperson Steve Whitmore tells TMZ the average cost per day for a female inmate is $99.64. Paris, well, ain't no bargain. It costs $1,109.78 to keep her locked up. The costs include medical treatment and staff associated with her needs.

By the way, if Hilton were under house arrest, it would cost taxpayers zilch. The inmate shells out the cost of doing time at home.

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No Avatar


Harvey is making himself look stupid for his blind defense of Paris.

2655 days ago


TMZ make up your damn mind. You want her in JAIL or NOT?!!! Her ass belong exactly where she is, I know she's a damn actress she's not in jail, their spoiling her ass just as her parents does. She's not doing her time, she buying time playing freaking crazy!!

2655 days ago


Harvey Levin head in so far Paris' ass, he probably has herpe sores on his neck.

And it wouldn't cost LA tax payers all this money if she would just go to jail like a normal person and not acted like a spoiled little brat, crying and have temper tantrums.

2655 days ago

Steve Barry    

Levin is a angry homosexual.

2655 days ago

Sarah Silverman SUCKS!    

I am so tired of this already! Paris Hilton has now found God and is a changed person. Good for her if it is true. However I am not buying it quite yet. At this point I feel that all that her jail time has done is make her a bigger celebrity. In that light...the tax payers have paid for the best pr money could buy.

2655 days ago

No Dignity    

Hey Babbs I agree, treat her like anyone else. Make her server 45 days of a 90 day sentence for a second violation of DUI sentence - in with the general jail population like others are doing right now in LA. This whole I am born again crap won't last. Will she quit Simple Life? Will she take on a philanthropic lifestyle? Will she become a respected and dignified role model? Will she stop the obscene consumption and grandiose display of her wealth?

Time will tell and I truly hope she does but I wouldn't bet on it.

2655 days ago

L.A. Native    

A big part of the crowding in the County Jail is the parole violators held there and also there is quite a big population of illegals.

First ~ within 24 hours turn the parole violators over to the state.

Second ~ Call the federal government and let them come pick up the illegals. Why is the county dealing with people who have broke a federal law!

2655 days ago


It is totally "worth it"

* If she is just let free with no punishment, the damage to the credibility of our justice system would be far higher.

* The Hiltons are experiencing a hit to their stock value. It could be a good investment for them to just pay the cost and then get it back and then some in terms of better stock values and hotel business.

* The Hiltons can write a check to the county any time they so choose.

* The very suspect "medical needs" here are what jumped the cost up. Many are not confident these are true medical needs.

* If Paris DOES do charity work which helps society at her own expense and using her star power and all it cost was some jail time, society may be way ahead. I mean if 5 years from now the Paris Hilton Playhouse (like Ronald McDonald House) is doing it's thing...well that would never have happened without this jail time, right?

* If Paris' actions match her present words then she will no lunger drive under the influence all the time and occasionally be caught doing it. Safer roads, fewer at risk.

2655 days ago


Why the hell does she get to have "her phone"? I thought you were only allowed to make collect calls from jail from a pay phone that records ALL CONVERSATIONS???

Yeah, she doesn't get special treatment though.

2655 days ago


Move her into the regular population or bill her for the extra charges.

She's obviously well enough to do press releases and interviews - she's doesn't need to be in the infirmary anymore, the life threatening condition has passed.

2655 days ago


Looks at that freaking ass nigar, looks like he just got of the slave boat.
Good I need my cotton picked where can I buy few?

2655 days ago


They could cut the costs if they made her visitors wait on line in the lobby like ALL OTHER inmates.

They could cut costs if the THREE EMPTY beds in Paris' private four person room were occupied.

Many other examples.

2655 days ago


I'd like to know why PARIS HILTON lives right there - on the street! In view of all and sundry!
Any IDIOT could climb over!
Why doesn't her mom and dad try to get her to change her mind about where she lives?
If that was my celebrity daughter, I'd want her up in a gated community, or even still, a castle with a moat and armed guards!
I feel something bad could happen to right there on that street!

2655 days ago


Kathy Hilton made her children this way , more so than Rick Hilton.
She wanted her daughters become famous and look how they become.
This took 26 yrs for Paris to be like this , its going to take another 26 yrs
or longer to be change , it doesnt work like this overnight.

Kathy Hilton should never raised these kids like this , Spoiled them ,
whenever the girls wanted ,
12 yrs old or so , they recieved credit cards , no children should
of had a card just to charge clothes , etc. They're way to young
for that .

Paris never graduated from high school , at this point she should've
a "Real job" working 8 hours a day like anyother person .
Plus she should of went to College , she could of went to any college
in the world , had a good education .

There's millions of young adults wished they had there college paid for.
Many of them all have to work to pay it off , student loans
or grants , they dont have family just to pay there college .

You would thought millionaires would help those who's not wealthy
enough to pay for college.
Many of these organizations you can't just go and try and get any help ,
Like Bill Gates program , you've to have connections with schools , let's
just say its not that easy . What a sad shame.

Paris can do alot to help others, if she put her mind to it

Paris feels Citizens of USA is mad at her or don't like her
I don't think thats the case , They just want her to change
and be a better person , parthing isn't the answer .
STaying busy in a good way is the best . Like Charities
modeling , and whatever is her Interest.

Speaking about College ..... My daughter she's in college
we're lucky enough to pay for her college so far , but once
she's in this program , the expensive will be more .
We will just work harder and longer to pay for it .

Paris you can become a better person if you put your mind to it .

2655 days ago

L.A. Native    

...take the phone out of her cell, that would save a couple of bucks! Also, why do they have an officer assigned personally to her?? Upsurd, plus a great expense!

2655 days ago
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