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The Rev Tells The Sheriff: Paris Exposed "Unfairness"

6/11/2007 8:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rev. Al Sharpton met with Sheriff Lee Baca today to discuss recent events surrounding Paris Hilton and how they relate to other prisoners in the jail system. Sheriff Baca is the guy who reassigned Paris from a Lynwood jail to house arrest, under a s**tstorm of controversy.

Sharpton, founder and president of the National Action Network, met with reporters after the meeting, saying, "I told him what prompted this is the feeling that ... there is an unfairness in how reassignment and early releases have been meted out."

One reporter asked Sharpton the burning question everyone wonders about whenever the Reverend intervenes in a story: Why are you here? To which he replied, "If I lead a national organization, and citizens in the county who are members of the organization call for us to get involved, the question is, 'Why wouldn't I get involved?'" Touché.


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Bettye Dodson    

My God People when will we get over this? Paris did mess up and the Judge felt it was time for Ms Hilton to pay for her misdeeds. This is not about race this is about money and this time she cannot buy her way out. Mommy and Daddy can't buy her a "GET OUT OF JAIL CARD" do the crime do the time.

2697 days ago

Theologian from meridian    

I think this is just another opportunity for "Rev. Al" to get some publicity and use it for some financial benefit for his organization. There are far more important issues for a "man of God" to address for the greater good. There are some things you just don't get involved in. With al due respect, Al-but out!!!!!

2697 days ago

algenoid henderson    

Al S. and Jessie do not speak for anyone but themselves. They should leave somethings alone. Al S. made a fool of himself with the black girl rape story. Everyone has forgot that Jessie put chicken blood on his shirt and flew to Chicago and said, "This is Martin's blood from when I held his head." And by-the-way where is his side woman (and his kid) at now.
I am black and 61 years old and I think Paris was done wrong. Why are there so many player haters (why can't a white girl be a player; which she is).

2697 days ago

Gloria Wray    

Have any of you ever seen someone killed by a drunk dirver or someone using drugs and drinking.?.. This is a serous offenee driving is not a right, it is a prividge. Paris is lucky that she did not kill someone. She deseves to spend time in jail to think about her actions. All the money in the world cannot bring back a human life. Hopefully she will learn a valuable lesson from these days in jail. It does not matter what race you belong to,drivng while drinking is a NO NO..So America don't drank and drive.

2697 days ago


Reading these comments is very revealing. You all tell more about yourselves than you know. First, the presumptuous question "Why are you here"....Like Rev. Al has no right to be involved....Hell, TMZ is involved what right do they have to be involved is a better question. Rev. Al told their a$$es right. "When my constituency is concerned I am concerned" and very well he should be. This case shows in the most stark of ways that the justice system is blantantly unfair. How many among Rev. Al's constituency have WORSE psychological problems than fair Paris that are NOT being addressed. Before you all open your mouths, open your minds and look around you. It is plain to see that minorities bear the brunt of the justice systems inequities. As Richard Pryor so wisely said "When dealing with justice system that's what you see... JUST US!

2697 days ago

The System is serious    

I still don't see why he decided to but his 2 cents in s**t. Paris got what her a** deserved because she was stupid to think playing sick was going to get her a** out of jail. HA-HA pampered princess yo a** got to do even more time the hassle. They should have given her 6 months dat b**ch think she can what she wants its time hollyhood got a taste of the real hood and see what it's like to walk on the other side of being discriminated on by the judicial system.

2697 days ago


You old BITTER thang

2697 days ago

Speaking the truth    

Al has made mistakes but he is necessary. A lot of public policy has been changed due to his protests and he shows no fear in situations most of you COWARDS would run away from!! I bet you will think of Al when you or your loved one gets their ass beat or shot by some rouge cop- then you will call on him also! Only Whites and Uncle Toms have this deep seated hatred for Al because he challenges the satus quo; it is not your job to tell Blacks who they should listen to-- I assure you that Black people are smart enough to challenge anyone when their actions are not to our benefit. Leave Al alone and check yourself!!

Ps When has Al aharpton caused any riots?

2697 days ago


Rev. Sharpton is correct in this matter. He has a duty and an obligation to speak out against injustice or unequal treatment under the law, as do all of us! Much of the criticism being lobbed his way is from individuals who are uninformed and biased in their own right. Paris is definitely getting preferential treatment, and the group being discriminated against happens to cross ALL echnic groups - the poor! Rev. Sharpton is not raising a race issue here, but it IS being raised by a lot of ignorant people in this forum. As for those wishing disease and death for the Rev., God does't like ugly, and He has a way of turning curses meant for others on the cursors instead. They would do well to read about Haman in the Book of Esther, in the Holy Bible. Rev. Sharpton is not wrong to exercise his right of free speech. He makes mistakes, like all the rest of us, but he is more often right than wrong. When he shines a light on an injustice that some people are perfectly comfortable with, they go on the attack. But he does not back down, and I am glad about it.

2697 days ago

Donald I. Lee    

I don't understand all this animosity being displayed against Al Sharpton. Why are some people calling him a racist? I personally have never heard Al Sharpton utter one racist comment. If the reason he is being labelled racist is due to the fact that he believes Black people deserve their fair share of the "American Dream"; which no one can tell me we haven't been denied, then you can call me a racist too. Contrary to what the current hype says, racism still exists in this country. Until we all face the reality of this fact, there will always be "Al Sharptons". NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!!!

2697 days ago


there are people who don't do anything but complain and never stand up for any thing. why don't they get alife.? black folks should embrace Bro.Al. freedom.

2697 days ago

I press    

I don't see why she is so popular... blond hair and blue eyes don't make you beautiful... she has weird eyes, she has HUGE feet, and she never graduated highschool... what a role model for other bimbos...if she didn't have the last name Hilton... she would be the poster child for a trailer park.

2696 days ago


Hey Al, you say just want the same treatment for everyone. You say you are worried about medical care in the jail system and in this country. Last week, a women died on the floor of King Harbor emergency waiting room. She was throwing up blood and NO ONE helped her. The janitor even cleaned up the barf, but not one person came to the aid of that poor women. Her family even called 911 from the hospital asking for help. The 911 operator was rude to them. Al where are you?????? Why aren't you screaming loud and clear about this injustice?? Why aren't you standing in front of King Harbor and yelling your yell, calling for an investigation, calling for change, spouting your racist comments. Oh, I forgot, the women who died wasn't black and you only speak out for black people. Hey Al isn't that racist????

2696 days ago


and you can take that to the bank

Read My Lips

F Sharpton

2692 days ago
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