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The Rich

Just Get Frickin' Richer

6/11/2007 8:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Candy Spelling Candy Spelling rocked Vegas Friday, June 1, by winning hundreds of thousands of dollars at the slot machines.

Vegas spies tell TMZ that Spelling, whose legendary fortune is reportedly in the $600 million range, was playing the $100 slots at the Bellagio Hotel when she hit it big by winning the $100,000 jackpot! But that wasn't the end of it! Spelling kept winning -- $36,000 here, $32,000 there. She was up $325,000!!!

Candy didn't leave well enough alone. She began losing ground and at 4:30 AM Saturday, when she called it quits. Her winnings -- $200,000!!!

But wait -- there's more! On Sunday, Candy held a raffle for her Charity, L.A.'s Best (an afterschool program). The grand prize was a Prius. Candy bought tickets for everyone on her staff and kept one for herself. She won! She told TMZ, "I'm gonna drive it!"


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Come on think about it... Its all the law of averages she may have put that amount in the machine in order to win... you have to spend it to win it.

2689 days ago


ohplease you are a bitter jealous idiot. The IRS doesn't give a crap if you're rich. They want their damn money. I mean it's not as if rich people have never been in toruble for tax fraud or tax evasion. They was rich peole's money because there is alot more of it.

Sound like all you bitter poor ass people on hre are the real losers!!!! Who cares if she has 600Mil in the bank, if she won she should keep it!!

2689 days ago


If she put her Players card in she'll get some free buffets too!:)

2689 days ago


Eh....I live in Las Vegas and can assure you guys there is no way in hell the machines were rigged. 1) They are all run by random number generators, 2) modifying the machines would majorly be against Nevada Gaming Laws (and I doubt MGM Mirage would risk losing their multi-billion dollar gaming license) and 3) No casino would willingly want someone to win that much.

Just thought I'd throw that in.....

But yea, she shouldn't have kept the prius. haha.

2689 days ago


Smells like a setup to me. That raffle was rigged. If it wasn't, she should have passed and had them draw another ticket.

2689 days ago


chess, lies, and videotape...

2689 days ago


WHATEVER... Who Cares????!!!!

2689 days ago


# 17.......I'm sure you've been wronged by some big-bad-rich-tax-evading-bastard in your lifetime, but anytime you win over $1,199 on a slot machine you have to fill out a W9 form before you get paid. You have the option to pay your 30% tax portion on the spot (which most slot players would do), or at the end of the year to try and prove that you lost that much in gambling (by way of players card reports, sports betting slips, etc). One would assume that she probably opted for option one since most slot players do and seeing as how her $200k winnings are a parsely 1/3,000th of her total net worth.

$5 says she walked out of Bellagio with $160,000 in cash or / check.

2689 days ago


This is proof that there is no god

2689 days ago

Boo Hoo    

She hit the big one when she married Aaron. If she never met Aaron, she would be sitting on her fat rump with fuzzy slippes and a bag of chips watching Jerry Springer.

2689 days ago


Is anyone surprised by this? Candy Spelling is GREEDY! She could have done something truly magnaminous and donated the car to the charity, or given to a staff member, but instead she is so self-involved and such a disgusting pig, she kept it. Like you can really visualize her tooling around town in a Prius! Like she cares about the environment either. She makes me sick!

2689 days ago


To holy cow,
You also must be some ignorant rich snob! When your worth 600million dollars you don't need to keep 200,000 dollars and a friggen toyota prius,give it to charity. And yes if i did win a million dollars tommorow i would give a portion to charity i might not be rich but i still think that each of us can make a differance in the lives of those less fortunate.
get a life,

2689 days ago


You have got to be kiddin me!!! What a rich old bitch!!! To keep the car she won in the charity that SHE put together is totally classless!! She should have told them to choose another ticket so that somebody else could have won. I really would have liked to be reading about that instead. Citizens from foreign countries hate us because of crap just like that. Just makes me ashamed to be one.

2689 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

I didn't think the person running the raffle could enter it. And she won? I wonder what Candy would tell Candy (thru TMZ of course) if Candy won her own raffle?

2689 days ago


Candy must have good Karma

2689 days ago
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