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The Rich

Just Get Frickin' Richer

6/11/2007 8:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Candy Spelling Candy Spelling rocked Vegas Friday, June 1, by winning hundreds of thousands of dollars at the slot machines.

Vegas spies tell TMZ that Spelling, whose legendary fortune is reportedly in the $600 million range, was playing the $100 slots at the Bellagio Hotel when she hit it big by winning the $100,000 jackpot! But that wasn't the end of it! Spelling kept winning -- $36,000 here, $32,000 there. She was up $325,000!!!

Candy didn't leave well enough alone. She began losing ground and at 4:30 AM Saturday, when she called it quits. Her winnings -- $200,000!!!

But wait -- there's more! On Sunday, Candy held a raffle for her Charity, L.A.'s Best (an afterschool program). The grand prize was a Prius. Candy bought tickets for everyone on her staff and kept one for herself. She won! She told TMZ, "I'm gonna drive it!"


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Allred Tree    

Maybe when Paris gets out of jail and has permission to drive, she will donate her Bentley and get a Prius!

2692 days ago


DANG MAN! She put BACK and Lost $125,000?! Greed Man - Just Dang Greedy!!

I used to work at the casino's and they had a saying..."We don't build these big buildings with people winning!

LOL, to #2 and #3...

2692 days ago

Joanne R    

Isnt she a new widow. She could ACT sad for a bit. I hope her kids put her in the nut house and do something good with their fathers well earned money.

2692 days ago

The Jeffrey's    

It's Candy's money she won it. Good thing it's hers to keep it. Congratulations!!


She won the car also from her own raffle for charity. Too bad she made herself look REALLY GREEDY by keeping it.

She is always giving everyone else advise.

I would like to somehow say, "When it comes to charity sweetie it's about giving and making others happy it's not all about you."

Best Wishes,

2692 days ago


It just goes to show that some people with money are greedy!

2692 days ago


When I feel like life is porking me in butt, I read this, and say "Pass the KY, I think this ride is going to be a long and bumpy one."

2692 days ago


I felt nasty just reading that story.

2692 days ago


... She ran a raffle, won her own prize, and kept it? ......

2692 days ago

mary lloyd    

She gifts all the money to the charity, and other worthy causes. Have some faith, people! Most charities are supported by donations, and it's people like Candy who, even though you may not like them and/or be jealous of their money, support the less fortunate. Just because she has some fun playing along the way, she doesn't deserve the nasty comments.

2692 days ago

Avenging Angel    

How exciting can gambling be,
when you've already got 600 mil ?
Her recent winnings are equivalent to me winning $20

Someone please send this article to Tori.
I'm rooting for a Murder/Suicide

2692 days ago

big joe    

give it to the worker's.

2691 days ago


If I had 300 million dollars already, I certainly wouldn't keep ANY winnings. I'd donate to the homeless, and then some. Anyone ever been homeless? It really is no fun.

2691 days ago


She's a Candy Girl thats why she won the sweet pot. Good things go to good hearts

2691 days ago


ya and she probably lost $millions in all of her gambling so shes $200,000 less in te hole

2691 days ago


Yup, I agree with the poster who said she/he enjoyed the article until reading the part about Candy winning the car in her own raffle.

Tacky, tacky, tacky beyond belief.

Only in Hollyweird.

2691 days ago
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