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Britney: No Bras in Oz

6/12/2007 12:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears was hangin' out in Hollywood on Monday night ... all ovah the place!

Wearing a satin sheath purchased from an Emerald City garage sale, the pop mom gave peeps a peep at her pups, then she flashed her rear while getting into her car. Lil' Sean and Jayden's mama was sans brassiere, but mercifully wore panties. She's a giver.

At least her weave was held in place by her Christmas paisley scarf, bringing a Gypsy flavor to her floozetastic ensemble. Top it off with hoop earrings and a gold purse, and she's ready to party, y'all!


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God, so glad my momma don't act like that!

2693 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

Gee, in her vacation forum with her kids people were saying "what a great mom" "give her a break, she's had 2 kids" "She's adorable" etc . They don't seem to be saying much here, huh?

2693 days ago


At least she was wearing underware!

2693 days ago

Sammy Foster    

I love brit, even though she doesnt always act like a lady... she is still a person. How would everyone else feel if you always had tons of people invading your life with cameras? Not even being able to get to your car... fame does have a price..but no need to smash her name... treat others as you would like to be treated... lets have a web site dedicated to EVERY person in the us... and lets see how you feel having all your moment.. good and bad.. shown all over the world. Get over it... move on to something more important than brits every move... like the war we have been fighting for 4 years now... geeze... our world does not revolve around hollywood.. get a clue.

2693 days ago

southern gal    

I am from Louisiana and no longer proud to say that Brittney is from here. Take a step back girl, and look at what you're doing!

2693 days ago



2693 days ago

Not a Britney Fan    

That Britney will do just about anything to top Paris and Lindsay. Although a nip slip compared to jail and rehab isn't saying much, but at least she has the papps all to her self. Keep up the good work because you know Paris and Lindsay will be getting out ot their jails at the same time. ha ha ha, can't wait for the train wreck there.

2693 days ago


i wish she would drop dead already. she's disgusting to look at and its pathetic i can't escape her b/c everytime she flashes a random horrid body part she's EVERYWHERE. holy crap, put some freaking clothes on. to the person who said "hire a stylist"- no one wants to work with her! didn't her stylist quit or something?. she didn't want to be held responsible for that walking train wreck. k-fed is looking better and better in more ways than one. she needs to keep her mouth shut (don't sing either for the love of God), keep her legs closed and go take care of her kids. or give them up to k-fed. and judging by your track record that would be the wisest choice. i think she's a masochist- its almost as if she wants to be judged badly

2693 days ago

Jamie is a liar and he/she knows it    

TMZ I finally realized why you guys in every single post you do about Britney you insult the hell out of her. You are friends with Paris Hilton. You guys let hilton off and tried to make everyone feel bad for her. Even Levin was on the news and said her sentance was too harsh. You insult the judge (who gave her the right sentence but Levin does not have the balls to admit the judge was correct based on LAW)

yet mzzzzzzz whore hilton who lies to get out of things and then plays dumb (she pretended to have a mental illness and they called her bluff now she is in a psych ward) Come on why did her lawyers not originally appeal (which is what they should have done on the first sentence) was because there was a deal.

She got 45 days for 3 counts each count carried 15 days. Yet Levin and you guys feel bad for her. She breaks up other peoples marriages she is a whore who needs to grow up. I do commend her for finally admitting that she used to play dumb. Yes that is something you do when you try to get what you want from mommy and daddy when you are a little girl.

So Britney used to hang around with Paris and then she stopped. Since then you guys have made fake pictures of her with your photo shop - and used body doubles to make her look what she is not. You follow her around and like you and I when we are trying to get in a car we are not always at our best. But you insult her for that, you insult her wigs, you insult every freakn thing she wears but you paying nazzi photographers to take every picture of her even if she pisses is disgusting.

At least now we know you are out to get her because of the Paris thing. You also were the ones to go after Anna Nicole and Howard (before and after Anna's Death and even Opri) why because you have been working with OMG Jerkhead. Try to be unbiased in your reporting of tabloid crap. MSNBC FOX etc what the hell is wrong with you for using this as a source of news? Would you MSNBC or FOX et al use the National Enq for your news. No well TMZ is a trash tabloid just like them.

2693 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

Britney--you already ran around pantyless and shaved your head for this "What's happening to Britney" Press. Try something new! It's like you dragging that guy onstage mimicing Janet Jackson's "Velvet Rope" tour. Too bad you didn't mimic the rest of her tour and actually sing and dance for 2 hours! Go home, quit drinking, raise your kids and PUT SOME DAMN CLOTHES ON!!!

2693 days ago


I was getting really sick and tired of hearing the "everyone her age does this" and "leave her alone" garbage. I'm glad to see it hasn't been said here.

Anyone with an ounce of dignity and respect for themselves doesn't act like this. Clearly she has neither!! I think instead of rehab, she should have been confined to a padded room in the local psych ward. She's no role model, and any parent who would allow their children to view her as one needs to have their head examined. She's no role model for her own children, and DCFS would be doing those children a favor by removing them from her custody.

She's a pathetic, sorry excuse for a woman. Like they said on Charm School last week, "You can put as much lipstick on a pig as you want, but it's not going to make her a lady." I think that quote applies here as well!!

2693 days ago


#13 she says she is from texas...but everyone knows she is SO california *lol*

2693 days ago

All American Girl    

Geez! Go find a pole and practice for your next job in hickville.

2693 days ago

The Dave    

Jesus, she's starting to look like Axel Rose.

2693 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

I love Britney. She's the ulimate woman, a true Superstar. I worship her. All women wish they were Britney!! All men want her!!

2693 days ago
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