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Britney: No Bras in Oz

6/12/2007 12:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears was hangin' out in Hollywood on Monday night ... all ovah the place!

Wearing a satin sheath purchased from an Emerald City garage sale, the pop mom gave peeps a peep at her pups, then she flashed her rear while getting into her car. Lil' Sean and Jayden's mama was sans brassiere, but mercifully wore panties. She's a giver.

At least her weave was held in place by her Christmas paisley scarf, bringing a Gypsy flavor to her floozetastic ensemble. Top it off with hoop earrings and a gold purse, and she's ready to party, y'all!


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Save Joe Francis     

Dear Britney,

I've been a fan of your musical assets for a long time now. I believe you and I can fly to a magical place together. Call my cell, my digits are: 1800-SEX-ME-BABY

A little acquaintance of mine (let's just call him K-rap) informed me that you like
to experiment with waterworks and scat fights. I know you're feeling trapped in the closet and these are just a few of my specialties so I'm sho we can enjoy a little bump n grind.

Oooh baby baby, I can't wait to stick my key in your ignition and poo all over you..

R (p on u) Kelly

2600 days ago


Well, I guess she has to get our attention somehow, cuz she sure can't sing!

2600 days ago


She's a singer?!?

2600 days ago


Make. It. Go. Away.

I am sick of seeing Britney as Trailer Trash. The woman doesn't have an ounce of class. I wish we really could vote people off the island. In Britney's case the Western, Northern and Eastern parts of the planet should be completely off limits to her.

2600 days ago


I wonder what's in the cup?

2600 days ago


I'm sorry, #91, but how can we NOT make fun of her wigs? She shaved her own head during a fit of pique, she didn't lose her hair to chemo! So HELL YEAH, we're making fun of the wigs! She sets herself up for it, and like a misbehaving child, ANY attention is attention, whether it's negative or positive! Besides, with the kind of money she has, she could afford GOOD wigs.

2600 days ago


Just when I thought Britney was keeping out of the spotlight (and therefore not doing anything STUPID) long enough to salvage her career... She shows up and does something stupid without trying... Good god woman get it together.

2600 days ago

Annonymous -    

My god, what on earth is she trying to please, her fans saying she's another paris hilton, bitch give it up - cover your body with clothes and not flash us anything, were not please with you since the wild stint you once had since the hilton days of partying - your kids someday will see what there mom was up to yrs down the road- there gonna look for their father and run to him instead of living with your sorry ass - if youre a good mother then prove to us that you are -

2600 days ago


I'll tell you whats in that cup....Sizzzurp!
Yo that chick is sooo freakin ugly!!!! Her ass looks like an old white mans ass, gross!
K-fed, you got out just in time man.

2600 days ago


GOT MILK ???????????????

2600 days ago

yes the girl IS dumb as a rock    

Christ, she isn't getting it. She just doesn't get it. Know why y'all? Cuz she doesn't listen. She's ignorant. She's stubborn. And she has self-destructed right before our eyes. KaBOOM!!!

2600 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

Britney Baby......Crash and BURN already......You are so tired and old looking.......Following in Anna-Nicoles foot steps? Hurry UP!!!!

2600 days ago


When one boob pointing west, and the other one pointing east, honey, I would invest on some really good bras!

But I guess you have got to do what you need to do to be in the public eyes.

And you had a nervous breakdown when they were after you???

2600 days ago


I'm so sad for her two sons. In the not-too-distant-future those boys will have to go to school and hear all the ridicule from their classmates about their mother's behavior. Or, they'll go online and Google Mommy...only to see these kinds of photos??? That's disgusting and wrong!
It is true that a mother doesn't need to give up her entire life after having children but it is a parent's responsibility to set good examples and be role models for their children.
This is another prime example of tasteless and tacky. Yet another cry for help from the Britster.

2600 days ago


On the plus side, however, I'd like to thank Britney for giving us all something to read about OTHER than Paris Hilton!

2600 days ago
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