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Britney -- What an Ass!

6/12/2007 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears just loves showing off all that junk inside her trunk.

The mother of two was spotted outside Joseph's in Hollywood last night, where she gave the wildly snapping paparazzi an eyeful of her once taut tush as she hopped into her car. The crowd of paps can even be heard groaning as her ass made its very special appearance. At least she wore panties this time!

Britney did manage to keep one embarrassing feature somewhat covered though -- holding her hands over her nasty hair extensions on her way into the restaurant/club.


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You know, I have to say.. I'm not a huge hater of the media, normally.. but I have to say that after having two children, she looks pretty damn good to me. I wouldn't mind looking like that and I think it's pretty nasty that TMZ berates her all the time. I know with Paris in jail they don't have a lot of targets and I guess Brittany makes a pretty good one, but it's sad.. and you'll bitch and complain if she loses a ton of weight too and complain that she's anorexic.. gee.. I wonder how they get that way when everytime they read something about themselves it's negative.. I'd have to wonder how you guys would like someone following you around constantly and criticizing the way you look, act, smell, eat.. I wonder why stars have self esteem issues.. wouldn't be because of .. YOU, would it?

2692 days ago

Get a Grip    

She is a trainwreck and completely out of touch with even a small amount of reality. She should start with the therapy fund for her sons right now because she is screwing them up just like her parents screwed her up. Being rich/famous means nothing when your soul is completely down the drain.

2692 days ago

What's wrong with her face in this picture?    

The girl couldn't get out of her car due to those RIDICULOUS photographers. She made the mistake of moving inside the "PRIVACY" (yeah right) of her OWN CAR to meet her friend and got snapped by a rude and intrusive photographer.

LEAVE THE GIRL ALONE. Enough is enough. She is working on getting back in shape and getting her life back. Give her some space. She couldn't even get the car door open. Look at the video - not just the picture.

I am not a Britney fan, but believe that a human being should be treated with more dignity.

2692 days ago


Ok,I know that sometime in her life someone has taught her to be ladylike......surely,I mean ,who in the world just bends over in a dress & doesn't try to cover up their behind???

2692 days ago

old news    

you guys are just juvenile jerks/haters. If you watched the video you would see SHE COULD NOT GET OUT THE DOOR! She 1st went to go out the door and could not open it. SO she climbed over the seat. What would you have had her do? And her kids are way too young to be up at that time of night so why, if she can afford it, shouldn't she pay someone to stay with them? I don't see the problem.

2692 days ago

Enough is Enough    

Britney, please honey, stop this madness. You are a mother . Think of your children, they will see these pics one day soon. Get help please, something is wrong if you can't see this. Let Paris get all this trashy attention, rise above this garbage. Enough is enough..

2692 days ago


I bet her ass smells like stale Doritos.

2692 days ago


Wow, TMZ.....MEOW. What a mean spirited piece (I mean your story about Brit) Anything you actually LIKE about her?

2692 days ago



2692 days ago


Ever since she hooked up with KFed, she's been in a
downward spiral. Too bad she had to bring innocent babies
into the equation.

2692 days ago


I'll bet her ass smells GREAT!!!

2692 days ago


Okay so she gets out of the SUV to get back into the SUV to climb over the seat to the back seat?? What is this stupid skank thinking?? All she had to do while she was out of the vehicle was open the back door and get in. Her poor kids all this pics of their skanky mom's ass is going to be on the internet for all of their friends to see...

2692 days ago


I'll bet her ass smells GREAT!!!

2692 days ago


Although I think she should be home with her children most of the time it is ok to go out once in awhile (maybe it is Kevin's night with the kids so she wouldn't be with them even if she was home). I do however think she should be more careful, especially when she knows the photographers are everywhere she goes. As for it being a fat, flabby or gross butt, I think she looks pretty damn good for having two kids under 2 . AT least she has an ass that isn't flat like most of the skinny little twits in hollywood

2692 days ago


What?? She looks good, her ass is ok, at least she has one, not a purchased one aka KimK. Nuff said. Brit you look good kid.

2692 days ago
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