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Oh Barry,

You Came and You Posed For a Photo

6/12/2007 10:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Today, we salute Barry Manilow. Why? Because Barry Manilow rocks.

TMZ caught the Copacabana singer leaving Mr. Chow last night, signing autographs and posing for photos. When one guy put an old Manilow album cover in front of him, the guy who writes the songs quipped, "Oh you just ran home ... to your grandmother's house to get that!" How can you not love this guy?!

On the opposite end of the machismo spectrum, Iron Mike Tyson and Sugar Ray Leonard also hit Chow's place for some grub last night.

Meanwhile, at Joseph's in Hollywood, Alfonso Ribeiro and Wilmer Valderrama partied with a pantied-up Britney Spears.

All this and more in today's "dress cut down to there" edition of Star Catcher.


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Helen Holdun    

You people are so rude. Yes I am a fan. Barry appears to be a very nice, very real, classy gentleman. I guess you guys can't ahndle that. Something all of show biz could use a lot more of. He is never dragged through the mud by doing something or saying something crude and stupid. He is very talented and has stood the test of time. Lets see how many people who are popular now will be around in 30 years. Lastly, what gossip papers have you seen him in? His most loyal fans don't have any of the info. you all have. Gay not gay, fat girl, young girl ... It must be wonderful to be perfect like all of you.

2627 days ago

Princess Cushy Toes    

I saw Barrys girlfriend in Las Vegas at his shows and she was lovely. We knew she was with him because of the attention she got from security and they told us "yup. She's Barrys girl". She was sporting a rock the size of Texas and was very beautiful. I always tought he was gay too because of what the gossips say but you know who cares who hes with as long as hes happy. Fat or thin, gay or straight we all have that right to happiness. If she is Barrys lady then good for them both. She's a sweetheart and you rock Barry!! PCT XOX

2626 days ago

Princess Cushy Toes    

We can handle his classyness just hope he can handle his wifes ass. :o)
That will teach Barry for stealin other peoples bitches. Makes out hes Mr Smoothie when in reality he aint no better than a dawg sniffin round married women.

2626 days ago

Princess Cushy Toes    

The lady whom you're all bitching about happens to be one of the nicest people out there. I've looked after her in my salon and she's just fine. More beautiful inside and out than ANY of you will ever be.

As for Barry Manilow; he's a gentleman through and through.

You're all a bunch of jealous idiots.

Karen Williams - Beverly Hills

2626 days ago


At last!! Thank you for your post Karen. I have dealings with the lady in question and she is the sweetest most caring young woman you could want to meet.
Her beauty shines through and through, which is more than can be said for the people who posted their vile comments.

2626 days ago


You all are too funny!!! Barry is an incredibly talented musician and performer. He is not awkward on stage and if you think so, you apparently haven't seen him since the 70's! He doesn't look like this in person, believe me cos I"ve been up close many times. The man is 63-soon to be 64 and looks great! I've been a fan for well over 30 years and no one I know knows anything about him with any woman and certainly not a married woman.
Go check out a concert in Vegas and you'll see!

2625 days ago


I think it is terrible to post such mean comments about a person. But, out of curiosity (to Karen and to Mary who seem to know her), can you share some valid info about this young old is she, how did they meet, are they serious, does she live in Palm Springs or Malibu with Barry, etc.??? I wish them the best!

2625 days ago


Just another thought...are there any photos of them together? I would think that instead of showing up at the Pre-Grammy Party with longtime friend, Lorna Luft, he would show up with his girlfriend. The same at other events...we keep seeing him show up with Suzanne Somers, another longtime friend. One would think he'd take is girlfriend, even though he's very private about his life.

2625 days ago

I KNOW    

All I can say on this matter is there is no truth to any of the bull that has been put on here about the "SO CALLED GIRLFRIEND". First, there isn't a celebrity yet that can hide a relationship from the paparazzi if they go out in the public eye together , no matter how private they try to be. Why haven't they been seen at the Las Vegas Hilton Together. Barry's 2nd home. He goes into the lounge there on a regular basis usually with his friends, but no one of this description. Why didn't he take her to the Emmy's with him? Why did he escort his backup singer to Barbara Streisand's show in LA? I would hate to think I was in a relationship of so many years with someone that didn't take me to the special things in his/hers life !! Just think about it !!!!!! One last thing.......Barry IS very PRIVATE and his security would never tell someone, "YUP" that's his girlfriend. Sounds like someone is a WANNABE Mrs. Manilow !!!!!!!!

2625 days ago

Princess Cushy Toes    

Not everyone knows everything about him. I certainly don't and I don't profess to. I agree, I don't think his security would blab, especially to fans but what I can tell you is that he's extremely happy, his friends, male and female are wonderful and his partner is one of the nicest I've ever had the pleasure to meet and work for.

As for him not taking her to parties, events etc, sometimes it's easier not to do that but who's to say she hasn't been there - just not as his escort? Once those party doors are closed nobody knows who's there. I have had many celebrity partners come to us for pre-party/event preparation and they haven't been attending as the +1 or been known about in the media. It happens - all the time.

Even when Barry was publicly with his long time partner, Linda Allen, he used other ladies as escorts. It's up to the individual how they run their public life. Part of my job is to prepare clients for public and personal appearances and also to help assist those who may need a little extra help in looking their best, whatever the occasion.

There is an A list movie hearthrob - right now - promoting his batchelor status and availability. He's actually been married to his childhood sweetheart for the past six months now. Hollywood is as good at keeping secrets as it is betraying them.

In the words of one of my clients, who's wife I take care of: She belongs to me and to us. Not the world at large.

I'm not concerned about who believes and who doesn't. What I wanted to address was the general nastiness about people who can't answer back on this board. It's uncalled for.

Karen Williams - Beverly Hills

2624 days ago

Cranial Boy    

Who in the hell cares???????????????
I don't give a rats ass if he's sleeping with his band, his brother or married to his job his wife his sister or his dogs.
Fact is hes a talented guy period. Geez people you need to get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Theres always gonna be wannabe Mrs Manilows for gods sake. Hes a handsome guy. Just like theres wannabe Mrs Brad Pitts. My mom is 74 and still thinks Barry has an ass ripe for squeezing LOL

2624 days ago


Hi Mary and Karen
You seem to know Barry's girlfriend. How old is she about and is she skinny or big??? Can you give any info on her??? Do you think he will marry her? How long do you think they have been together??? Do they live together??? I keep thinking he is back with Linda. he did mention it now that he is not working on the road anymore and they hooked up again.
Just wondering as Donna asked a couple of questions and you did not answer any of them that she asked. we are just curious. I have been a fan of 32 years now and Barry is the best!!!
Maryanne from NJ

2623 days ago

Princess Cushy Toes    

Hi Maryanne,

I apologize but I didn't see Donna's questions -

I do know the lady in question but I'm not willing to go into candid personal detail on a public board. But I stand by my statement that she is a charming, beautiful and gentle young woman.

Karen Williams - Beverly Hills

2621 days ago


Maryanne, please think twice about believing any of this stuff on this website. I can't believe I'm even a part of it. I checked a very reliable source ( and she, as well, called this stuff trash and there's no truth. One thing we are sure of: Barry has admitted that he has many friends (both male and female) and yes, he is very private. However, and think about this, which makes sense...IF he had a steady lady, I, for one, would bet my last dollar that she would be by his side for those select events that he does attend. While there's nothing wrong in escorting female friends, I cannot imagine a real girlfriend not wanting to be a part of such events. Don't believe any of this nonsense. As for Linda, from what I have read, she is married but they are still friends. What has been written above is true Hollywood gossip, all of which Barry probably pays no mind to.

2621 days ago


Hi Donna
Thank you for answering to my post. I know a lot of people make up things about Barry, but he is back with Linda. A friend of mine ran into her in the ladies room at one of his concerts, and Barry himself actually said it . If you go on the German website he did an interview and he was talking about Vegas and always being home now and how he enjoys his friends and of course Linda now that they are together. Hey he has known her for so many years. and at least he is happy . I don't know what Mary and Karen think they are hiding.
Thanks for ;your comment though.It as nice to hear from you.
Maryanne from NJ

2620 days ago
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