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'Real World's' Frankie

Dies at 25

6/12/2007 6:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0612_frankie_realworld_sd-1Frankie Abernathy -- the punked-out, boat-phobic rock chick of MTV's "Real World: San Diego" fame -- died at the age of 25 on Saturday at her mother's home in Shorewood, Wisc.

Abernathy suffered from cystic fibrosis, though an official cause of death has yet to be determined, according to MTV News. During her stint in the "Real World" house, Frankie exhibited symptoms of cystic fibrosis, such as difficulty breathing and immune-system impairment, and it was a significant part of her storyline on the show.

Frankie had some tumultuous times on the show, and ended up leaving the house before the end of the season.


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First of all some people w/ CF take very good care of their self and still die. So to those of you that do not have a clue about the disease try Googling it. It is a very difficult disease to manage and with no cure in site a lot more life's will be lost. If some of you would spend more time doing something positive our world would be a lot better off. And to all of you guys with your heart felt concerns GOD BLESS YOU!! Trust me us CFers are dying all the time and we go unnoticed so to those of you who really feel for Frankie go to and learn more about the disease because KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. I know us CFers could really use some more support..R.I.P. FRANKIE MAY GOD BLESS YOUR FAMILY AND HELP THEM THROUGH THIS VERY BAD SITUATION!

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So Sad! RIP Frankie!

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I did not personally know frankie but Ive bumped into her several times in the westport area in kansas city...she seemed very nice! Rest in Peace!

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lot's of love Don't need the attention, it was just a posting. I heard 2 close bro's from my old unit went down recently. I was just a thought at the moment, go easy.

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R.I.P. That is sad and for her to only be 25. To anybody else that has lost someone recently my condolences.

2691 days ago

A Man Who Knows!    

Isn't that horrible.... To all her friends and family, she's at peace now, please take comfort in that. Beautiful girl! R.I.P

2691 days ago


RIP Frankie. You were our favorite on the RW San Diego.

2691 days ago


Oh No!!! That is terrible, no wondered she was so troubled on the show. Frankie, may you be in peace in the after life, in the way you could not be in this messed up world.

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Martin Hand    

For everyone, who wants to know, how hard her life and death really was, here are some of her posts form the FC forum:

Well, i can see i missed out on some fun... However, as ironic as it is that my question is about drugs, and i do have a very sarcastic sense of humor, my question is one that i am serious about.
Pain Killers... Who takes them? What do you take them for? How often do you take them? What kind do you take and how much? When do you take them? How willing is your Dr. to prescribe them? etc...
The reason i ask... When i have been hospitalized, the dr.s and nurses taking care of me have had no problem giving me pain meds whenever i ask for them. They have always made it very easy to say, "i'm hurting. Can i have something for pain?". When i am not hospitalized, however, it's usually like pulling teeth to get a dr. to give me a perscription for anything.
i will admit that my pain levels are higher right before i get sick and sometimes right after, (depending on the meds i am on and how long i am on them) but as i have gotten older, i swear my body feels like it's 80 years old, whether i'm sick or not. In the morning, when i first wake up, and at night, when i lay down in bed are the times that it is the worst. i have conditioned myself to ignore it on a daily basis, but pretending like it's not there makes me really cranky and not fun to be around. My family definitely notices a difference in the way i carry myself and my mood when i have them.
So, i was just wondering where others with CF stand on this. i really would like to see what's what by slight comparison. (i know that everyone's case is different, but, a little reassurance never hurt anyone). Thanks. - f

Anyway, weed makes me really paranoid. My hands get really cold and then i convince myself i'm dying. i used to be able to smoke weed no problem, but ever since i graduated from high school, it's a big no for me. i also hate not being in control, and losing track of the time every 5 minutes drives me batty.

i used to get migraines a lot, so, i would take ibuprofen religiously. i think my body is kind of immune to it now, as it takes at least 800mg to do anything at all. i accidentally cut my finger off a few years ago (long drunken story) and they sewed it back on, but the healing was excruciating. They gave me vicodin for that, which helped a little. It kind of made the pain go from horrible to bad. First pic line was my first dose of morphine, and Luke, i am so with you, it is a beautiful thing. My veins are really tiny and they are super over reactive, so they clamp and close in a milli second... which makes pic lines that much more fun. So, when i got pic lines, i got lots of morphine. Eventually they had to do my pics in special procedures and they used some kind of pain killer that i can never remember the name of. That stuff was nuts. It was like they would inject it in my IV, everything would spin and echo and suddenly the lights would look like the Las Vegas strip, and then out. i would wake up in my hospital room. When i was discharged, they would always send me home with percocet, which is my favorite after morphine. Percocet does the trick. It hardly ever makes me nauseus(?) and it gets rid of my pain.
After i got my port put in last December, something new started. See, my port is in a weird place. i wanted it under my arm so that i didn't feel self concious going out with a low cut shirt on. Well, doing the vest while my port is accessed is painful to say the least. SO... Last December, they sent me home on IV morphine. i took 2 mg before a treatment, and 2mg after, every day, 4 times a day, for like two months. At that time i was also on Oramorph (instant oral morphine) and Morphine CR (controled release) and percocet for break through pain. After i stopped my IV meds and my port was de-accessed, the morphine injections stopped. But new pain started.
i don't know if the pain is from taking IV antibiotics so long, or if it's from morphine withdrawl, but my bones start to feel dry and achey. Seriously, it hurts so bad, i can't get out of bed some days. When this happened last December, my Dr. gave me percocet until the pain stopped, so that was another month of it at least. i started seeing a chiropractor to help, which it did a little.
This time, i have this new Dr. since i moved. She sent me home on the IV morphine, and percocet. Now my IVs are over (so goodbye morphine) and that damn pain is back in full swing.
Sometimes i just lay in bed and cry, it hurts so bad. And my lung function is way down too, so my back is killing me. So, my new Dr. gave me percocet to try and help, but when i told her that i might need refills on it, due to how much it hurts, and how long it lasted last time, she said i'm just going to have to deal with it.
So, i'm trying to conserve the ones that i have left... but it's weird. It's like the day will

2691 days ago


how sad!! i will pray for the repose of her immortal soul.


2691 days ago


That is so sad, I remember her on the show and I remember her saying that she was probably gonna die in the next few years and she knew it. I really pray for her family and friends. I wonder how her boyfriend is that she had while on the show. Wasnt she going to marry him? RIP

2691 days ago

RW Fan    

This really saddens me. She was one of my favorite castmembers ever. I pray for her family.
R.I.P. Frankie

2691 days ago


I'm sad :( I loved Frankie!

2691 days ago
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