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Simon to Ryan

I'm the American Idol


6/12/2007 2:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Simon Cowell added fuel to his bitchfest with Ryan Seacrest, by claiming the more airtime he gets on "American Idol" the better the show's ratings are. Settle down, ladies!
simon to ryan
The dueling divas took to the airwaves on Tuesday
, when Simon called in to KIIS FM's "On Air with Ryan Seacrest," after news hit that Ryan jokingly said the drop in "A.I." ratings this season were all Simon's fault. Sanjaya say what?!

Ryan believes if Simon wants credit for the show's success (which Cowell does claim), he also has to take the blame when it fumbles. Seacrest added, "Plus, there's a little bit of ego that's getting out of control with you." Ya think?

Simon, who is more vocal during the audition episodes, hit back at Ryan by saying, "When I'm allowed more airtime we get 34 million viewers. When I say nothing -- and you're talking -- we get 12 million less."

Oh for the love of Dunkleman, just hug it out already!


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Ryan is a no talent douchbag. He doesnt contribute anything to the show. He could be and still AI would have high ratings.

2656 days ago


I like all 3 judges, but find Simon's honesty and bluntness very refreshing. Too many people are sooo afraid of hurting someone's feelings and not being politically correct. Unfortunately, that seems to start with the toddler years now-a-days, and these young adults can't handle any kind of criticism (I'll tell ya - they'd never last working for trial lawyers!).

Ryan has a tendency to get carried away with himself (example: the bitch comment when Paula injured her nose) and his sense of importance to the show. He needs to practice more of "a closed mouth gathers no foot". I wouldn't mind him being replaced. If they want somebody stupid/funny, call Bob Saget (Funniest Home Videos former host) - at least he's not crass.

I really hope they change some of the aspects of the show for next season, mainly the voting procedure. I wish they would show more of the "good" auditions as opposed to the supposedly "funny" ones. The show is supposed to be about undiscovered talent - not circus sideshows. They also need to cut down the results shows timewise. There's so much "fill" even us diehard fans are getting bored.

Still, all in all, we're looking forward to Season 7.

2655 days ago


Seacrest is an annoying twit. Ratings were down because 1) Sanjaya and 2) Doolittle getting voted off when she should have won. I'll shoot myself if I watch any of it next year.

2655 days ago


Simon is the hottest man on television. He is the ONLY reason that the show has had the level of success that it has. All of the other shows with judges have the requisite "nasty Brit" in order to imitate idol. Love him or hate him, the impact that he has had on reality television worldwide has been incredible. I love you Simon!!

2655 days ago


LMAO Its funny to see how Ryan see's or thinks he is important to the show!!!!!!! The show wouldnt miss a beat without him and Simon is Simon and he is right the show would suck without him telling it like it is. No Simon NO show. Ryan pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, youd be missed like Sanjaya was ...NOT AT ALL>

2655 days ago


Simon has gotten out of control. I've watched from the beginning and fo the first few ears he was just veryhonest in his judging. Now it seems like he practically scripts wht he will say to make it sound like a criticism and then ends with a complement. Andhe was so grumpy about Sanjaya, well the judges put him into the finals not the voters. On the other hand Ryan is very nice to the contestants and their families where Simon practically cant manage to even listen while the contestants sing.

2655 days ago


Simon IS American Idol...without him there would be NO show. He has a gift for recognizong talent and a gift for recognizing idiots. should be ashamed of yourself....Ryan WHO before American Idol.....

2655 days ago

My Kids Mom    


2655 days ago


I agree. THere is a big difference between constructive criticism and the ugliness that Cowell exhibits contstant,y. Singer Aretha Frankiln is a very heavy woman, and is one of the most successful lendary singers of pop music. Let Simin take a swipe at her and make fun of her weight and call her fat as if that has anything to do with her ability. . . If a persons singing isnt good, they need to be told, But the other impolite, improper, just plain rude remarks that Simon makes to people is just awful. Anyone who thinks his meaness is okay, I agree is probably a mean person themselves. Or just a numbskull. i have worked in the entertainment business in film and music. I have run into no one as big an ass as Cowell. But there are always numbskulls ready to defend someone like this.

2655 days ago


Ryan Seacrest can kiss Simon's ass and thank him for putting him in the spotlight.
I've been to an American Idol taping and seen Ryan this little skinny midget man. He is so friggin fake on camera. What a little asswipe. The teleprompter is huge, yet this twirp either can't read the words and have it register to the brain and out the mouth in time, therefore, all the weird facial expressions when he's READING EVERY FRIGGIN WORD.

Ryan and Paula should join Barney & Bailey as a midget act. I heard they're hiring and if they apply not, they can tour this summer.

I love Simon sooooooooo much.

2655 days ago


Simon is sexy. So are the dead mice found in my neighbors attic the other day. THere Simon, If you want to be low class to people, the same can be done to you.

2655 days ago


The success or non-success of the show is related to who are the contestants. If the Contestants are good, they get good ratings. Yeah Simon adds to the show, as does Ryan-But without good Talent people lose interest.

Oh and the Taylor/Katherine Final was NOT the most viewed-that would go to The Second Season Finale.

Kelly is the only one who has had success? Yeah she is very successful-but so are others. Carrie has sold 6 Million with her debut album. Not to mention that she has won just about every Industry Award out there. Clay has sold close to 5 Million Albums and is a Tour Headliner. Chris is on his way to being successful. (I know he is selling a lot of albums, but I'm waiting to see how well he sells when he Tours Venues that are larger than 750 seats)

Not a Fantasia Fan, but she is starring on Broadway to rave reviews.

2655 days ago


I don't know who Ryan Seacrest knows, or is dating... or whatever... but he is so vanilla, so boring, SO pedestrian. How is it possible that he subs for Larry King and has stayed on American Idol.. BOOOORRRRIIINNNGGG.... I think he would be good for radio or something... but in terms of his tv personality... really people... can't we do better? Seacrest is a big zero...snooooze ...zzzzzzzz

2655 days ago

TMZ reader    

Stop bashing Ryan! Geez! His on-air delivery shines. He is very poised, articulate, enthusiastic, attractive and very genuine! He deftly has a great way of creating suspense on the show during the elimination rounds. He and Paula are the heart of the show, in that they are both very compassionate, and help offset Simon's bluntness and lack of compassion. Everyone on the show compliments one another. Therefore, I can't imagine them making any changes to the show whatsoever, in terms of personnel. (By the way, Carrie's album has sold more than 6 million copies. )

2655 days ago

Yeah right    

Ryan is a bore and Simon is the only one who DOES tell it like it is. The show would be nothing without Simon.

2655 days ago
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