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Simon to Ryan

I'm the American Idol


6/12/2007 2:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Simon Cowell added fuel to his bitchfest with Ryan Seacrest, by claiming the more airtime he gets on "American Idol" the better the show's ratings are. Settle down, ladies!
simon to ryan
The dueling divas took to the airwaves on Tuesday
, when Simon called in to KIIS FM's "On Air with Ryan Seacrest," after news hit that Ryan jokingly said the drop in "A.I." ratings this season were all Simon's fault. Sanjaya say what?!

Ryan believes if Simon wants credit for the show's success (which Cowell does claim), he also has to take the blame when it fumbles. Seacrest added, "Plus, there's a little bit of ego that's getting out of control with you." Ya think?

Simon, who is more vocal during the audition episodes, hit back at Ryan by saying, "When I'm allowed more airtime we get 34 million viewers. When I say nothing -- and you're talking -- we get 12 million less."

Oh for the love of Dunkleman, just hug it out already!


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you go girl    

i stopped watching e! becasue of ryan. i cannot stand him. he is the male paris. i continue to watch AI because of simon. ryan is gross, and catty, and every evil feminine attribute possible. and closeted for no reason. bored wiht it.

2691 days ago


The show popularity drop because of the choice of contestants left. All of them, at this moment, do not have the overall package needed to be a big stars. They may have good vocals but that's not enough to succeed as an entertainer and the music industries. The judges that should be replaced is Randy. His comments add no value, only yo-yo.... At least Paula and Simon can complement each other as one does tries to make the contestant feel good and the other provide the genuine truth which to some people may find it hard to accept.

Britney does not have very good vocals in Simon's choice of an idol. However, she can sing certain melody and provide the overall package need to be a big star . As Jennifer Lopez put in the comment that songs must be sang from the heart and it's not just the vocal alone. Christine Aguila does have very good vocal but I still prefer Britney as she really gave her best shots for her album during her heydays. It also such a pity that she has chosen LOVE over career, fans should respect that. I suppose she behaves so badly today because it's her ways to rebel to the bad press and media. Even though she tries to make it up using her website but the media interpreted her true meaning.

With Britney in the American idol, it 'snot going to change much but more criticism. No doubt, I was a little disappointed when I couldn't see her on TV during the last American idols, mislead by the press. However, maybe she can provide consolation to the losers as you can see she is such a passionate person. Ultimately, I think the ratings depend on the contestants that left in the final standing that counts.

2691 days ago


american idol reached its height in talent in season 4, with bo and carrie...since then, it has been in a rapid descent...i'm no longer interested in who is on the show and what ryan and the judges have to say, because quite frankly, not one is an original like bo bice, nor has the talent of bo, carrie or kelly (from season 1). american idol has become a yawn-fest, but i keep watching, hoping to once again experience the spark bo brought to the idol stage - daughtry succeeded to some extent, but in my eyes, bo will always be the ultimate original onstage. and he is still the only contestant simon actually THANKED for being a part of the idol experience. ryan is an annoying host, and simon's comments aren't as focused as they once were, and i still believe it's due to the weak talent many of the contestants have had recently. jmho, of course...

2691 days ago


I DVR'd most of last season. I would watch the contestants sing their song but only a few seconds and then fast forward to hear Simon's comments. Banter between Simon and Ryan would be an extra.

2691 days ago

flower girl    

I think Ryan is pathetic on his E! news show, when he tries so hard to show everyone he's not gay by salivating over pictures of female celebrities and female guests. One time they showed a picture of some model in a swimsuit and Ryan suggested that he was going to go off in private and jack off to it. Giuliana dePandi looked horrified. Ryan, no matter how many over-the-top gesticulations you make, you just make yourself look even more like a closeted homosexual.

If Ryan were taken off American Idol and replaced by someone else, the show would still go on. If Simon were taken off, the show would crash and burn. American Idol would cease to be without Simon Cowell. And even if Simon is unduly harsh sometimes, his comments are still right on. He knows talent.

Ryan gives me the creeps. There is something the matter with him.

2686 days ago
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