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The Catwoman Cometh

6/12/2007 1:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Catwoman is a big ol' mess -- and we're not talking about the Halle Berry bomb!

Feline-featured New York society monster Jocelyn Wildenstein proved cats and dogs can get along, while making her way through LAX on Monday. Comedy and tragedy! Meow!

The 66-year-old plasticine queen, dressed in a leopard print belly-baring top -- more suitable for a kitten than a cougar -- handled her pooch as she tried to shield him from the sight of her kabuki-meets-Michael-Myers-"Halloween"-mask-face! Arf!

It takes millions of dollars -- and a team of insane doctors -- to look this good!


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Oh please cover up!!! Make it stop!! This is why I'm so glad belly shirts are going the way of the dodo...sadly most people that wear them, shouldn't!!

2687 days ago


Why is she compared to a cat? I don't get it.

2687 days ago

pattie in cali    

thanks sally ann. clearly a woman with issues. as longs she likes it. its beyond me why.

2687 days ago

Grumpy old man    

I see a good proportion of you feel sorry for her, and her issues that she's going thru that would make her do this to her face but, why is it that Michael Jackson can't get the same sympathy as this woman??? They're both dealing w/ what looks to be the same mental issues that made them do this to themselves?? They both were pretty damn good-looking before they did ths to themselves but, MJ is a freak while she deserve sympathy??? I'm not an MJ fan by far but, either feel sorry for both of their mental issues, or kkof them both as freaks who don't any kind of sympathy at all. It can't be feel sorry for one but, condemn the other

2687 days ago


thats just plain NASTY!!!! i'd ask for a refund!!

2687 days ago


O MY GOD! Sorry I meant “o my DOG!” Who let that dog out the pound? If she loves plastics so much, she may consider the ultimate plastic procedure………….put a green garbage bag over that mound of nipped and pulllllllllled face, apply heat from a “mane” dryer and presto you to can look like Gumby damn it! LOL

Shoot it! Before it get to the kids!



2687 days ago

Marshall Jefferson    

Her face is so puffy!

2687 days ago


#70, maybe cuz MJ is a freakin' pedophile??? Makes it kinda hard to feel sorry for him...

2687 days ago


No wonder her hubby ditched her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2687 days ago


Well - whoa - that is just really sad. She must have really deep-seated issues to want her appearance altered in such a drastic and hideous manner. I find it reprehensible that any licensed cosmetic surgeon would perform work on this obviously ill woman for any amount of money. Such greedy, money-grubbing bastards to prey on this poor lady's insecurities like that. She needs counseling, not scalpels.

2687 days ago


There's got to be a time when Dr.'s just say NO!!!!!! However, money talks. Oh, my. That is just WRONG!!!!

2687 days ago

Grumpy old man    

#74, ppl were calling him a freak based on how he looks since '87 (long before, the pedophilia charges were brought to light). Therefore, I stand by what I posted earlier.

2687 days ago


Michael Jackson's issues are different than this woman's. He was still very young and quite good looking when he started his campaign of self-disfigurement, and seems to have had a desire to alter his appearance to look as un-African-American as possible. Her husband cheated on her with a younger woman and made her feel old, ugly, and undesirable, even though she was still plenty attractive. When one is cheated on by a spouse, it affects deep down at a very visceral level, and some people are willing to do drastic, desperate things in an attempt to make things "the way they were before". Plus, Michael's unhealthy propensity for pedophilia is probably a major reason for lack of empathy towards him. This woman was wounded where she lives, and lacked the self-esteem to get on with her life as God intended her to look. It must suck to be her.

2687 days ago


All the physicians who worked on her face need to be sued. This woman has obvious mental problems, and thinks the knife will fix them. She looks horrible!!

This woman looks horrible and should wear a mask, so not frighten children.

Shame on all the doctors who have profited off her mental state.

2687 days ago
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