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A Nightmare on Opri Street

6/13/2007 12:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Larry Birkhead used an appearance on "Larry King Live" last night to compare his former lawyer, Debra Opri, to the demonic character from the "Nightmare on Elm Street" movies. Flattery will get you ... to court.
"It's kind of like one of those Freddy Krueger movies when you try to get rid of somebody and they keep coming back," Birkhead said of Opri when asked about her lawsuit against him. "Carrie" might have been more fitting.

Before the interview, photogs spotted Birkhead making his way into the studio with daughter Dannielynn, curled up in a blanket in his arms.

All together now, "Awwwwww."


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Mary T.    

You need parenting classes. The way you carry the little girl, all the noises you make, taking her on a talk show tour. She is the million dollar baby you fought so hard for, now learn the basics of parenting. This child does not need all the media coverage. Don't you realize what is happening in the world today, talk to David Letterman.
She needs to be talked to, on the floor learning to crawl, pull up, and eventually walking. Every picture shows you on the bed or couch with her, you have to let a child do things to learn.

As far as your bill to Opri, you stated on Greta you have paid ALL your other lawyers. Well you hired OPRI, instead of filing a lawsuit against her, meet with her, reach a settlement and PAY her. This does not make you look to good in the eyes of the people.

You have sued two or three times in the past , do you want that to be your trademark????
You say you are worried about what Dannielynn will learn about all this later in life...Well, she will learn all about it and I can't imagine what or how she will react.
She will know you and her mother did not get along, that her mother went to another country before she was born and even when she died had not agreed for a DNA test. There is a reason for that and the world may never know. But if it's something about your lifestyle ..come clean..people come out of the closet everyday.

You have the responsibility of a beautiful little girl, keep her out of the spotlight, be a responsible parent. You can take the pictures and let the world know what she looks like. You cover her up going into the Larry K. Show, but then you put her on display for the world on the show.

This child deserves the best life has to offer, I know you may think you're doing right, but remember it's all about Dannielynn now, NOT YOU. The more you say on these shows, the more she will have access too.

Grow up Larry. Stay out of the SPOTLIGHT and help you daughter grown and learn to live the best life possible.

2686 days ago


Everybody will have plenty of time to see "precious " Dannielynn together. At least for the next fourteen years . That's when she will make the first of her many forays into rehab. He should get Britney or Lilo to raise the baby,it will save several steps .Straight into rehab with her inherited whorish ass....

2686 days ago


by the real jojo:

You have the only intelligent comment on this story.........well done!

All you Larry-bashers - read his lawsuit before you put him down!

2686 days ago


I find this very hypocritical. If this was Howard Stern, he'd be attacked by most of you posting as pimping out this baby. But Larry can do no wrong can he? He is obviously trying to drum up money and support for his battle with Opri. And he is using Dannielynne to do so.

2686 days ago

give me a break,,    

I love to see pix of Larry and the baby,, I think she is cute as a button,,
and he is too,,
He will forever be in a spotlight,, because the public will always hold an
interest in Anna's baby,, with such a sad end of her life with such a beautiful
baby she left, I feel this child will be there in a spotlight for years to come
and he is her father,, her true father,, so he will be there too,, I feel he will be a great
dad,, and love to see photos of him and her,, they are both cute cute cute,,
and I wish him the very best!!!
If you find it sad to see him or her, then you have issues,, What a story that has led up to this little girls life,, and the spotlight she is in,, Whoever would not wish her and her father well are just mean mean sad people.
Keep it coming TMZ I love updates on Larry and his beautiful baby!

2686 days ago


"sperm donor", - you're WAY off. Any "fame" he has is because he fought for his daughter and didn't give up. I know you're jealous, but you need to swallow it and give this guy his due.

2686 days ago


Virgie has a parenting tip for you Larry ---

Careful of them dang loaded guns in yer purse -

Now can I watch over her money?

2686 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

Take a real hard look folks. Funny how Larry Birkhead is traveling without any hired help; a nanny, family, a lawyer.

That's because he has to foot the bills now. And, no longer has Deb Opri's credit cards and purse strings to use and abuse.

The unknown facts about Larry Birkhead that people just don't want to read. I highly advise people top read the court documents.

He used and abused many people to get what he wanted; Dannilynn and a means to get into Anna's pocketbook for the rest of his about the goose that laid the golden egg.

Read the court documents folks and the evidence within them. Larry Birkhead is not the man he portrayed himself to be:

2686 days ago


I totally support Larry! Opri is a betch that needs to be stripped of her attorney privileges. It's amazing that she is trying to justify robbing a man. Larry, the baby is beautiful and happy fathers day! keep up the good work!

2686 days ago


by what_a_Joke:

What a one sided comment you make. Read Larry's suit as well....

If Larry abused Opri so much financially why'd she keep putting out the money?

2686 days ago


Larry Birkhead was great on the show last night! I remember hearing Debra Opri say on TV that she was representing him Pro-bono! I cannot believe that she billed him! I hope that Larry wins in court!

2686 days ago

Larry wanna a cracker?    

30. All you Larry-bashers - read his lawsuit before you put him down!

Already did. Now your turn.
Read Opri's. Not on this BIAS site but over at And read all the pages describing who and what Larry really is all about.
If it's all lies then, guess we'll hear the Prince is suing for libel, defamation, slander..........right? (lol....kinda doubt it, because Opri is telling the truth about that bum.)

No question about it, Larry is a con and lazy deadbeat.
Birkhead, get a job, a *real* full-time job and stop living off a BABY.
(I laughed how vague you were when Larry King asked you about your ~job~.)

toodles, TMZ
another pathetic Prince Larry article. Gee, Harvey Levin, not too surprised Opri says Larry is feeding you self-promoting *garbage* about himself. "Sources", my ass. lol

2686 days ago

Robin Givens, Toronto, Canada    

He DOES look like he's suffocating her. Why doesn't he put on a Halloween mask like Whacko Jacko.

2686 days ago


I'm not sure whats going on about the mud slinging with Opri but I'm wondering why he's bringing his daughter to do an interview with Larry King.

2686 days ago

searching for truth    

In his interview with Greta, Larry was holding D.L. face outwards so everyone could get a good look at her face, but D.L. was obviously uncomfortable and squirming in that position. Here again he is doing it.

He doesn't like to put her over his shoulder because her face would not be in the photo. This type of "pose" only works with a child if you are sitting down. Plus when standing it actually endangers her as she struggles and could be accidentally dropped.

2686 days ago
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