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A Nightmare on Opri Street

6/13/2007 12:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Larry Birkhead used an appearance on "Larry King Live" last night to compare his former lawyer, Debra Opri, to the demonic character from the "Nightmare on Elm Street" movies. Flattery will get you ... to court.
"It's kind of like one of those Freddy Krueger movies when you try to get rid of somebody and they keep coming back," Birkhead said of Opri when asked about her lawsuit against him. "Carrie" might have been more fitting.

Before the interview, photogs spotted Birkhead making his way into the studio with daughter Dannielynn, curled up in a blanket in his arms.

All together now, "Awwwwww."


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Virgie is fat    

Thanks, Ocean

What does this mean?

"LB said, if ANS had lived she probably would have come around, and he and she and DL would all be together now, with Howard. He put it this way, "I'd have had to deal with him, anyway" (paraphrasing).

The four of them together? Or Howard and Anna and DL with Larry having visitation to the baby?

I think Larry is nuts telling everybody Anna and he would have been together in the future if she had lived. That is when he begins to sound really weird.

2686 days ago


Hi Again,

It is Father's Day, 2007!

I realize this is weird, (hey, so what?) but something REALLY COOL just struck me...and hey...why keep it to myself?

Hey Larry, if you are listening in...just in case....

There is Lionel Richie song that is SO BEAUTIFUL today. It is from his latest "Coming Home" CD, which some of us still call "albums."

PLEASE take a listen to "I Call It Love" for me, for you, and for your sweet baby girl.

That's all Folks....Happy Dad's Day all you Fathers!!!

2686 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    


LB did say he felt ANS 'would come around' in the context of acknowledging him as the Dad. He did not make it clear though if he thought he and she would get together again like a usual couple or if he would have visitation or he would just be 'Daddy' among a group of people living together.

I actually got the impression he felt it would be a large household with many people living together as in the past as he describes his time with ANS in the same house he's living in now. ANS plus HKS plus the 'inner circle' all in the same house. No clear delineation of who is with who except that ANS was in charge of everything and HKS handled her affairs.

After all, ANS had other men at the same time as LB.

2686 days ago

Virgie is fat    


That doesn't make any sense. Anna went to a great deal of trouble to set up living arrangements with Howard in the Bahamas and specifically for Dannielynn's future there.

I'm not sure Larry ever really believed that he and Anna were a real 'couple' altho her lifestyle had been as you described and as he described--it really was quite different in the Bahamas. Seems to me she had settled 'in' so to speak in her new life. There are some MSNBC videos of Brigette Neven and Eric Gibson that discuss their observations of Howard and Anna and what the Bahamas mean to Anna--the peace and quiet she was seeking from the paparazzi. Also the E! documentary has some of that.

Sometimes I have to wonder about Larry when he is asked these kinds of questions by Greta and Geraldo and has difficulty thinking through his responses--probably because he does not have, as yet, any insights into what has happened and his role in all of it--a primary rale--

Geraldo and Greta want fast answers for TV ratings and therefore ask the kinds of questions that put Larry on the spot. Not that he has to answer to their ilk, but he does open himself up to such questions by accepting these interviews.

I'll check tomorrow on Fox website for photos/video and transcript.

Thanks--I really didn't feel like watching another interview with Larry--on the repeat timeline.

2686 days ago


I thought that what Larry meant was that after paternity had been established Anna would come around to letting Larry be a part of the baby's life (the battle would end) and they would have an amicable relationship - Anna and Howard together with the baby and Larry as the biologcial father who had visitation rights and maybe joint custody.

That might have happened but I think if Anna was alive there would have been a big battle for sole custody of the baby and Larry would have taken Anna to court and called her an unfit mother, a drug addict, in order to get DL. That's how I saw it going before Anna died.

2685 days ago


Anyone who watch Life/Death Anna Nicole,its ashame Anna didn't used birth control,now this sweet lil girl will someday see what kind of mother she would of had,also that girl she was kissing at the Xmas party,who said she had to go home and masterbate was "Margret Cho" she's on the the View right now,YUCK,guess Babs didn't see the bio on her.

The Geraldo interview wasn't at Anna's house,you can see its at some apartment complex by the back ground shots.

Depri verses Birkhead,you should both keep your mouths shut,and fight this out in court,not on TV,it makes you both look bad!

2685 days ago

Virgie is fat    


"Larry would have taken Anna to court and called her an unfit mother, a drug addict, in order to get DL. That's how I saw it going before Anna died"


That is exactly what happened when he filed suit in October 2006 and again added the affidavit from Laurie Payne calling her an unfit mother. This was widely publicized at the time.

Towards the end, Anna stated on ET that she would indeed come to terms with the paternity action IN THE BAHAMAS where Opri was also subpoaeing her in the fraudulent birth certificate case.

The night before she died, on February 7th, 2007, the LA court ruled (and it was widely publicized) that the extension that had been given to her was now over and she HAD to do DNA either in the Bahamas or LA and even set a date (Feb. 21st) for a deadline. No pun intended--she was already dead.

Larry is now coming to grips with his role in all of this, the fragility of Anna Nicole Smith's mental and physical condition following the death of Daniel, his own actions prior and subsequent to her death and is apparently having a hard time with all of it.

Maybe he could use some therapy now. It's a good thing he broke off relations with Opri--she had a lot to do with all of the above--.

2685 days ago

Virgie is fat    

2685 days ago


She's bitter because he got rid of her and didn't require her services anymore and that was a blow to her already inflated ego. There's still legal issues for Larry to sort out and now she can't keep billing and charging him for every little thing. She's knows he going to get alot of money being the father of Anna Nicole's baby and she wants to cash in on it herself.
Hey Larry I wouldn't let Howard K. Stern get to close and comfortable in your inner circle. That guy is creepy and belongs in a horror movie. I wouldn't leave him alone for one second with your daughter

2685 days ago


Dannielynn looks heathy with her little chubby legs. All men do not hold their children the same way but he has both hands on so why would anyone say a negative thing like he's smothering her.What a stupid remark.I think Opri should have to pay him since she left him mid stream of the proceedings. She needs to get a new life. With so many dead beat dads out there, why bash one that has been thru what he has just to be with her. He fought for his daughter the whole way. come on, lets give the guy his dues.

2684 days ago

howard is a user - always using other people's name.    

===================HOWARD IS A MURDERER....SUE ME!!======================

2684 days ago

yvonne adler    

That's right, Whatajoke: People, read D. Opri's suit against Birkhead. Read what kind of a real scumbbag he is. I am not fan of Opri. I find her abrassive, hysterical and counter-productive (in the media sense). But he used her and she paid and paid until even her credit card limit was nearing its end. Birkhard needs to pay his mooching off of her. Of course she's holding the monies in an escrow account until he sign off of his bills to her. Please, please, read Art Harris's upload.

2683 days ago

Buckeye Girl    

This comment only pertains to Dannielynn.

I believe it was ok magazine that has new pics of Dannielynn, and that baby is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS...........If possible, she looks even prettier than she did on TV.

2678 days ago
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