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Britney -- Victim of Pap Smear?

6/13/2007 3:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The vagina effect. Simple. Shocking. Effective. But is it intentional?

As you may undoubtedly recall, Britney Spears has had a few "oopsies" over the last year -- oopsies that left her no-no special parts "accidentally" exposed. But who's to blame? Oversmellous paps? Or an attention-craving exhibitionist?

Take a look at the evidence -- and decide for yourself!


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Look at her face... she's just retarded and clueless.

2599 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

Don't confuse acting your age with being trashy and slutty

It's an "on to the next whoe" kinda thing

2599 days ago


LOL! You people just crack me up! Just have to wonder how you would like to be the constant, neverending focus of a gaggle of have your every single move recorded for all posterity. How well would you fare knowing that a camera lens was continually aimed at your mug or other anatomatical feature?

There you are, pumping gas. *Click* There you are eating lunch. *Click* Need to run to the store for a gallon of milk? *Click* Visit a friend or a relative? *Click* No matter where you go or what you do, there's that infernal camera.

Innocently hug a person of the same sex? *Click* There you are on TMZ with the headline, "THE CAMERA DOESN'T LIE! XXX IS GAY!" Hell, never mind if you were hugging your sister, your brother, your father, Aunt Matilda. You're GAY. TMZ reported it, thus it must be true.

You stop to ask a police officer for directions. *Click* HEADLINE NEWS: "XXX BUSTED!"

And God forbid if any ot these pictures are taken when you're not dressed to the nines, wearing perfectly applied make-up, with nary a hair out of place.

Go out to eat? *Click* Damn, you must have a weight problem! Yep, just look at're packing on the pounds!

DON'T eat? *Click* Damn, you have an eating disorder! Gotta be anorexic or bulemic!

Want to go for a drive in your car? *Click* Muhahahaha! Just TRY to get away! The dimwatt paparazzi will be on your tail, all for the sake of getting that prime shot. (A tunnel in Paris, France comes to mind.)

Really, how well would you fare?

Sadly, the media coverage is right there in your face, (or elsewhere) whether you want it or not.

"Every move you make, every step you take, they'll be watching you."

2599 days ago


Okay, enough already. Britney Spears is an embarrassment not only to herself, but to her children, who will one day see what a piece of trash they have for a mom. She is so unbelievably NASTY--TMZ, you are better than that! Show something worth looking at! YUCK. You are making me scream,"MORE PARIS HILTON PLEASE!!" And that, in itself, is a sad, sad statement, but come on, Britney is ugly, beat up from the feet up(literally) and just plain gross, oh and she can't sing either! All around, she sucks. Have a nice day. BRITNEY, IF YOU CAN EVEN READ, READ THIS: PLEASE, PLEASE GO BACK TO WHEREVER YOU CRAWLED OUT FROM!

2599 days ago

tooth fairy    

Her face got so fat. Her face looks like a 39 year old aging man.

2599 days ago

little bit of info    

Wardrobe malfunction? No! Intentional? Yes! Come on...enough already. Britney's photo is next to the definition of trash in the dictionary. She is more than old enough to know better. She needs serious psych evaluation and help. Her children should not be further exposed to this behavior nor should the rest of us. Please refocus the lenses on something or someone of substance.

2599 days ago

We have seen enough......    

Well, I'm thinking some of the blame goes to what's in that cup. Of course, she isn't an alcoholic or depressed, just sad with a little ADD. Hey! Know anybody else who's in jail with those symptoms? And, of course, Lindsay and Nicole don't have substance abuse problems either. Shouldn't they all go to rehab together? I think I've heard of one over in Egypt named "Inn de Nile."

2599 days ago


Who is taking care of her children when she is out showing her stuff? Is she totally lacking in common sense?

2599 days ago


put on some jeans or something...she knows the paps are looking for that 'money shot' and she gives it to 'em at every opportunity...

2599 days ago


2 BIT WHORE !!!!! NEED I SAY MORE!!!!!!!!!!

2599 days ago

Enough Already!    

Come on all know shes feeling a breeze there..........if you are feeling a breeze you are exposed. This broad is loving every minute of showing this body part then that. Truly sad she had those two little boys, I dont think Britney Spears will ever be emotionally available to them. Shes just so warped

2599 days ago


Put on shorts--- you do not know how to dress-----------------find some hot pants maybe the style will come back --------YOU SURE THE HELL NEED TO PUT THEM ON!!!!!!!

2599 days ago


Oh, you mean the same way that TMZ works with "Fart in a Mitten"?

2599 days ago

are you kidding me?    


2599 days ago


More proof that money doesn't give you class. White Trash is still white trash. Too bad someone along the way didn't teach her how to be a lady. Her poor neglected (except by nannies perhaps) children; the dysfunction will continue. Her children will be so proud to have a slut for a mother. I just hope she stops the breeding.

2599 days ago
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