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K-Fed and Mama Spears Ganging Up on Britney?

6/13/2007 9:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Butt-baring Britney Spears is still in a bitter feud with her mother Lynne, and look who might on Mama Spears' side -- none other than the Fed-Ex himself!

So says a report this morning in Life & Style (via MSNBC), which claims that Brit has cut off all ties with her mom, that the Spears family actually "loves Kevin," and that Lynne only sees her grandchildren with K-Fed alongside. One "pal" says, "Brit's paranoid that her mom and Kevin are working to take the kids away from her."

Of course, Lynne doesn't sound so estranged from Brit in a new interview with Us Weekly. "I can see Britney's life picking up, and it's just going to hold great things for her. Everything is going to be really good," says Mom. And if a new report in People chronicling her Monday ladies' night out is any indication, life's good.

K-Fed Going to Be a Daddy Once More?

Speaking of K-Fed, could his seed be planted yet again -- in his first baby mama, no less?! Cindy Adams reports that another K-Spawn could be on the way via Shar Jackson, who gave him his first two kids. Adams claims that Jackson is "into her seventh week, and at the instant I write this he doesn't know." And she cites Shar in Star, saying that she's hoping "this brings them back together as a family."

Mariah to Eminem: Shut Up, Shady!

Eminem and Mariah Carey just can't seem to stop griping about each other. The latest round in their ex-lovers' quarrel gets played out in OK! Magazine (via Gatecrasher), which says that Eminem's new album is mining his fling with Mariah six years ago for material. "There is more than one track that goes into really specific, intimate detail about what went on between Em and Mariah," says an "insider." In fact, Mariah's so mad about the new tracks that she's asked the head of her record label to intervene, and wants to sue Eminem for slander.

Party Favors: Wentz, Made-Up Thug? ... Loose Cannon Rather Goes Off on CBS Boss ... Tony's Goomar Still Loves Him

"Fall Out Boy" frontman Pete Wentz wears makeup, but that doesn't mean he won't mix it up if provoked. He says on that a punch he threw in Chicago was in self-defense, after a heckler grabbed him. But just to prove that he's not a thug, Wentz says, "I'm not as big as Akon and haven't written as many good songs." ... Dan Rather is on a tear. One day after taking a potshot at Katie Couric, he blabs that CBS CEO Les Moonves "doesn't know about news." ... Tony Soprano -- silly? Despite being continually mistreated as Valentina, one of Tony Soprano's many girlfriends on "The Sopranos," actress Leslie Bega tells Diario Xalapa's Jay Bildstein that James Gandolfini is actually "very quirky," and that he does have "a silly nature."


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somebody's mama    

It only cost $300 for a vactocomy, $30 a pop for the depo shot, and $12 for a good size box of condoms, so why not take responsiblity for your own self?

2690 days ago

I love taco bell!!    

Britney never got involved on there relationship they were already broken up. He was the one that went after britney's money & screw her up. They are both untalented goldiggers!!! Oh did you forget she was a nobody & K-fed was a back up dancer to britney..LMAO She always was envi of Britney that's why now she & K-fed have sum of her money..but britney is talented & rich. She will never be as talented as britney is, She worked hard for what she has and it's not right for 2 scum bags to be enjoying what doesn't belong to them,and after all the damage that they did to her now they want her kids to..OH why so britney could pass child support to them and they could keep living of britneys money....Oh yes if he has custody by law she needs to pass money to him for the kids,It goes both ways. That's a shame they still want more money. I have no respect for thief like them 2.

2690 days ago


I agree 100% they are both gold-diggers. They took advantage of her and want to continue to live off her. very sad indeed!!

2690 days ago


Shar! No respect for you at all..........and even less for Federgone. Seems like those 2 planned this from the get go.

2690 days ago


Skanks will be Skanks...Brittanys days of stardom are OVER.. she is left with showing her ass...and that's really a sad time LONG LONG ago she had talent....real talent....but not, Brittany go away and act like a mom..... you have more money than you know what to do, just disappear...!

2690 days ago


1. Shar Jackson was never his wife. She the momma of his two baby (sic). Wife=someone you respect enough to marry. Shackup=someone you just make baby with and leave when you feel like it.
2. Shar Jackson is on that new bonehead program, The Ex-Wives Club, masquerading as an ex-wife, when she's not.
3. Being knocked up by her baby daddy again will not exactly give more credibility to her telling other women how to get over their man. Maybe she should be explaining how she got UNDER her man (oh wait, he's not her man...we don't know who's man he is...can we even call this baby maker A man?)
4. Shar Jackson doesn't pursue Mr. Stud for child support, which would mean he'd have to abandon his "career" and get a job. She isn't looking out for her kids. The child support is for them. If she doesn't need the money now for them because of this new TV gig (which will be cancelled soon), put it in a college fund for them. Then they can go to college and overcome the "brilliance" of their mothers and father.
5. K-Fed should really get together with that other dimwit who thinks she's a wife, Angelina Jolie, and they can have every single baby in this universe, since both are quite fond of making or adopting babies, but neither knows much about parenting after you get them. Kevin just keeps making them with whatever receptacle is available (and heaven knows, Britney flashes her receptacle everywhere every day), and Angelina just keeps handing them off to Brad Pittless and going to find another one on her "a baby from every country" scavenger hunt, in between making movies. Yeah, that "staying home" technique is working real well, lady. You don't even know where HOME is because you're never there long enough.

2690 days ago


Brit’s got as much talent and sense as my right pinky toe! All she could do was shake her jailbait ass for any 45 year old man who would give her a lollipop. She’s all used up now and she looks beat down. She better pray for a comeback (doubt it!); she has K-Fed’s real family to take care of now. Ahahahahahahahaha….Sucker!

2690 days ago

Avenging Angel    

Dear Jesus. Please restoreth Britney's awesome lip-syncing skills.
We NEED someone right now!

2690 days ago


God, Shar sure is stupid!

2690 days ago

baby girl    

Meow why are you yelling????

2690 days ago


I really hope the rumor about Char being pregnant isn’t true. Kevin Federline needs to settle down, he is far too old, with too much responsibility to be out partying every night of the week. This is not the type of man to pick for the father of your children at this point in his life. He needs to get a steady job and be with his family/families on a more regular basis.

Char, I think your great, but the idea of having a baby with a man who has problems with commitment and monogamy isn't really a great idea, especially one who left you while you were pregnant the last time. It would be best to see if Kevin is going to get his act together, then try and work on getting your relationship with Kevin stable, after that you can bring more children into a stable and loving marriage. Yes, I said it, marriage. I am old fashioned I guess, but I think children deserve a married Mother and Father (However I do understand in certain situations divorce is necessary.).

I am tired of seeing all these "baby's daddies" running around creating children with one woman after another as if they were making popcorn instead of a new life. I can't just blame the men only though, women, please respect yourselves enough to wait to have children with a man who will make a lifetime commitment to you, use protection, the pill and a condom if you have to. It will be better for both the children and you in the end.

2690 days ago


Shar, dream on if you ever think Kevin is going to be faithful to you for the rest of his life. He just wanted to get him some from a familiar territory & you're enough of a ho to think by getting pregnant he'd come back to you. Boy, you're naive. Ha! Ha!

2690 days ago

Say No - To the Immigration Bill    

Why all the hate for Shar Jackson she is just a pawn in K-Fed's life just like Britney was. I don't believe she was in on a plot to get Britney's money. It's the way her relationship ended with K-Fed. So why not try to work things out with 1 of her baby's father. Since she also has 2 other older children with another man. I just heard about this last week and now this.

2690 days ago


I almost feel bad for Mariah Carey. He clearly keeps doing this becuase it drives her crazy. If she would just stop responding and pretend it didn't bother her then he'd lose interest and go back to only bashing his ex-wife and mother. I'm not a fan of Eminem but I think I would know better then to get into a war of words with a battle rapper. You won't win.

K-Fed is so gross. Why do women keep having unprotected sex with this guy?

2690 days ago


Ya gotta admit--K-Fed's loyal in his own little, warped way.

2690 days ago
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