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Pam Turns 40, Breasts Still Underage!

6/13/2007 2:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With the big 4-0 just two weeks away, Pamela Anderson started the festivities early when PETA threw her a boobieful birthday bash in Fort Lauderdale on Tuesday. Look at those puppies!

America's favorite middle-aged Canadian blonde bombshell can still rock a nipple-icious off-the-shoulder boulder-holder gown -- and her breasteses don't look a day over 18! Hmmm, wonder what her secret is?!


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Can't even screw the hard-looking twit without protection. She's just like Paris Hilton, a sex symbol (in their own minds) that would give a guy their diseases if he rode them bareback. Fugly skanks are a dime a dozen, Pam is even cheaper. And she's a lousy mother, as all narcissitic aging losers are. Pam's trolling for her next sex tape mate. Yawn.

2687 days ago


. 40 is not old. whats the big deal? 40 is not 60. how stupid people are, why are there so many pedophiles?

Posted at 1:17PM on Jun 13th 2007 by Ginger
Silly statement..makes no sense at all. 40 is not 60 but it sure ain't 20 or 30, 60 is not What's your point? 40 is not old but 60 is old? Are you an authority on what is considered old? If you have money and a good plastic surgeon you can look good at any age whether you are Pam Anderson or Sally Smith.

2687 days ago


Looks like she put a grill in front of those things. Might be straped to her back holding um up.
Hope her short shorts & belly shirt days are over . They say not to wear those things after age 12 months.

2687 days ago

Tila is nasty!!!    

ughh i wish tmz would quit talking about this nasty plastic has been she should be the next std spokesperson. she looks retarded. and she looks really bad for 40 makeup can do wonders. She was on that show celebs caught on tape with no makep and looked absolutely horrific!!!! Growup already stop waring trampy clothes especially in front of your kids and their friends. Your a disgrace as a mother.

2687 days ago


can't understand why any woman would want such ugly baggage like's ridiculous nad her nipples aren't even where they should be. Hey, do men really like this?

2687 days ago


She still looks good so she is aging well.

2687 days ago


I actually feel sorry for her. What she is mostly known for are her breasts. To me that is the ultimate in objectification. She doesn't seem to mind it, and even encourages it, but I think the clock is ticking as to how long her breasts will keep her in the celebrity lime light.

2687 days ago


her boobs will always be young with so much implants...

2686 days ago

Mr Miles    

Is it just me or is Pamela Anderson starting to look like OLD CAT?

2686 days ago


So for all you boobs donating money to PETA, note that the money goes towards throwing birthday parties for celebs that can well afford to throw their own.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go eat some sausage, scrapple, and perhaps a side of bacon served on a slab of beef.

2686 days ago



She officially hit the wall YEARS AGO. I cannot believe she is only 40 !

2686 days ago


Please - this woman is an embarrassment! My gosh who in their right mind wants to carry around those fake implants?? You can't lay on your back, you can't buy clothes that fit right, and you look like a blow up doll.

I am 48, had 4 kids, and am proud to be small busted. I'm nearing 50 but mine are natural and just fine. I'm not sagging to my navel or have awful stretch marks like friends of mine who are 38DD's. I 've had a few friends get breast reduction surgery because of neck and shoulder pain and reoccuring headaches. When I was younger I used to be jealous of my bigger busted friends. NO MORE!!!

Ms. Anderson - get a life and get rid of the artificial life preservers. Be known for something else other than how you fill out a sweater. How shallow.

2686 days ago


they put the nipples on wrong when she had her last boob job, they look like they are going to fall off

2686 days ago

I have to stop myself    

she looks like an old stripper.

2686 days ago


happy b day pam, don't listen to the hater's u are still smokin hhhhhoooootttt!!!! ( want more kid's look me up)

2686 days ago
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