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Britney: Say Cheeeese!!!

6/13/2007 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears had a bright pink message for photogs yesterday -- hit me baby, one more time!!!

Having already flashed her ass and a boob this week, the woman that Jayden James and Sean Preston have to call "mom," completed a public pie-fecta by offering the paparazzi a little "full-frontal" action after she left a nail appointment in Los Angeles yesterday.

Everybody say it together now -- at least she's got something on this time!


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jacque assi    

#10 - I agree with you. As soon as I looked at the pic I knew it wasn't her. I think TMZ is wrong on this one. Definitely not her.

2690 days ago


If she thinks pictures of her like this are going to help her bounce back to popularity, she is wrong. A mother of two kids and she's always flashing. I see a whore here and one day her kids will see that as well. Of course, she may teach them that this is OK! What a poor excuse of a pop star.

2690 days ago


While she dresses extremely trashy, I guess I don't blame her for dressing overly matronly. She is still relatively young although she acts way younger. But if she can't manage to wear short skirts and low cut dresses with flashing her boobs, her panties and her private parts, then it is time for her to change her attire and dress a little more conservatively. It just makes her look like more of a mess which is hardly going to help her career.

I really can't figure out why she doesnt understand this.

2690 days ago


I get the picture, OK !!!!! Stop taking the same picture over and over again!!!!!! It's getting old!!! Jeeeze, the girl can't even get out of a car without a camara up her @#&*$.

2690 days ago

Dawn Day    

Talk about leaving NOTHING to the imagination!

2690 days ago


YUK!, I smell raw fish

2690 days ago


she kind of looks like Paris in this photo.

2690 days ago

Naughty but nice :)    

somebody needs to teach this young women how to get in and out of a car, when wearing anything short ! GEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

2690 days ago


what a PIG she is---

not worthy of media attention.

2690 days ago


Is she retarded??? No wonder her mother put her in rehab. If I were her mother I'd disown her. Does she not realise that when her sons start school in a few short years this is the crap that other kids will shove in their faces? She is so dumb it isn't funny.

2690 days ago

Brit is a f*ck up    

Hey Brit, please quit showing your goods to God & everyone and take those extensions out of your hair!! Maybe you wouldn't have to show your crotch to everyone and just be yourself.

2690 days ago

Beyonce sucks    

How the hell can you look in the mirror when your head is so far up Britney's Ass. I bet your one of those idiots who think she is such a great role model...dumb ass. Oh and there is a proper way to get in and out of a car without having to flash every damn thing between your legs. Some of our mothers taught us how to act like ladies. Apparently yours and Britney's mother didn't teach either one of you how. Well I guess whores flock together, right Ivona.

2690 days ago

kim suck    

just another rich whore!!

2690 days ago


I am sure that if the media followed all of us around 24/7 we all would be seen in some less than flattering shots. These trashy photographers need to get a life, a better one that is.

2690 days ago


No wonder K-fed is with Shar, She has class. Just as I've always said Brit-it is white trash with money. She can only wish she was 1/2 the woman Shar is, just keep it up dumb,dumb the only thing your antic's are gaining you is the guarentee of lonelyness.

2690 days ago
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