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Britney: Say Cheeeese!!!

6/13/2007 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears had a bright pink message for photogs yesterday -- hit me baby, one more time!!!

Having already flashed her ass and a boob this week, the woman that Jayden James and Sean Preston have to call "mom," completed a public pie-fecta by offering the paparazzi a little "full-frontal" action after she left a nail appointment in Los Angeles yesterday.

Everybody say it together now -- at least she's got something on this time!


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Brit is doing this all on purpose because Parasite is stealing her thunder, she loves all the neg. attention,shes another classless whore of hollyieird.

2656 days ago

just asking    

what's with the nose.?

2656 days ago


I bet she could suck the color out of a marble! Whore

2656 days ago

Beyonce sucks    

Ivona I'm not the one who wrote the comment, but I have to say I agree with them. Anyone who defends Britney Spears needs their head examined. She's a grown ass woman who acts like a whore and craves the attention. People like you who defend her just help her to keep acting whorish.

2656 days ago


I just don't get it... at all... so sad. So has everyone and your mom seen Britney's anatomy by now?

2656 days ago

baby girl    

Say cheese? What the cheese she left on her underwear?

2656 days ago


In most states it is illegal for guys to go around snapping pictures like these. How come the paps are immune from these laws. This is sick Ya'll! Any lady who wears a skirt has had mishaps getting out of a vehicle sometimes. To all you people dissing Brittney How would you like a whole pack of pervs follwing you around just waiting for this moment? And getting paid for the snaps? I admit the pantyless one was totally her fault but what women who goes out to party in a sexy dress remembers at the end of the night the proper way to enter and exit a vehicle to prevent these type of pictures?

2656 days ago

Get off your high horses    

Yes, I'm here again...and once again irritated by all of you judgmental freaks and TMZ. The paps were obviously positioned right there and ready to take a quick snap of her crotch! I for one, know that it's hard to get out of a car without opening my legs for a second when I have a skirt on. Thank god I don't have sleazy maggot paps snapping every single move!

Get a life, you guys. I hope that one day, the paparazzi stalk you like they do Britney, and plaster unflattering pics of you all over the net for the world to criticize...because from what I see, I can assure you, they would be very critical of you, too.

Now get off your high horses, and tell me that you have never ever had a moment that you wouldn't want plastered everywhere in photos.

2656 days ago


It is so obvious that she thinks this is the only way to get attention!
She is old enough to know how NOT to show your crotch when moving around in a short skirt.
If it is NOT on purpose, then she is a complete idiot for not knowing how to move like a lady.

I'm convinced she thinks this is a great way to get attention. To thrive on attention, even if it is bad attention, is something she should figure out with a therapist.

2656 days ago



2656 days ago


mmm....loves DAMN good to me!!! (and you too, if you'd admit it)

2656 days ago

big joe    

thank you brit.

2656 days ago


How else do you want her to get out of the car? She's wearing a skirt...that's what happens!

2656 days ago


She is trying to get a job as the spokeswoman for Tang.

2656 days ago


I agree with # 6. I think the paps purposely take those pics. I mean its like they purposely aim toward her no-no's as I will call it. The first time she showed her hind she was told by her guard to move to the back of the car if you notice because the paps were crowding the space. I mean come on how is she too go to the back with out showing and this pic of her getting of the car I mean the pap had to be right on the floor as she open that door. I mean I don't agree with alot of the things she does but the paps are doing this on purpose.

2656 days ago
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