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Britney: Say Cheeeese!!!

6/13/2007 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears had a bright pink message for photogs yesterday -- hit me baby, one more time!!!

Having already flashed her ass and a boob this week, the woman that Jayden James and Sean Preston have to call "mom," completed a public pie-fecta by offering the paparazzi a little "full-frontal" action after she left a nail appointment in Los Angeles yesterday.

Everybody say it together now -- at least she's got something on this time!


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Sarah Silverman SUCKS!    

I truly hope this is not intentional but it looks like it is. I would think that motherhood would have changed her for the better. Britney along with a lot of other celebrities, need to think more about how their actions affect their children.

2605 days ago

Haha suckers...    

I don't think that's her.

2605 days ago

gee whiz    

what a SLUT!!!!...I feel sooo sorry for her kids...someday, her boys will see what a slutty tramp their mom is....I hope she is proud.....Get some class, Brit and GROW UP!!!

Someone needs to take her kids away from her!! Hopefully Brit's mom will step in and give those boys the guidance and morals their mother and father don't have!

Do your kids a favor, Brit and become a MOTHER....NOT a SLUT!!!

2605 days ago

All American Girl    

Gross! She hasn't learned. This is the only way this cluck gets attention! She has no other talent.

2605 days ago


Britney please make a mental note to yourself..."do not wear skirts or dresses in public".

2605 days ago


PLEASE!!! I am so sick of the boob/ass/crotch shots this girl is providing us on a daily basis. I understand she is young, but for crying out loud, she is somebody's mother! Does she have some kind of physical infirmity that prevents her from exiting a car without hiking up her so-called skirt and flashing her stuff? If she wants to show it off that badly, perhaps she should give Hustler a call. Meanwhile she should do us all a favor and keep that mess to herself. Her poor little boys...anyone from DCFS watching this?

2605 days ago


Wow, now I know why they call them "paps"'s short for pap smear.

2605 days ago


When you're in grade school your mother teaches you to keep your legs together, when wearing a skirt or a dress. Guess Britney wasn't listening to common sense even then.

2605 days ago

Beyonce sucks    

Ivona, I find it honorable that you want to see the good in Britney, but come on. The paps don't make her clothes fall off while she walking, they don't make her show her ass while climbing in the backseat, don't make her not wear underwear, shave her head bald, drive with her baby in her lap, marrying losers, the list goes on and on. Do the paps play a role...yes, but Ms. Spears does not help her own situation at all.

2605 days ago


I'd love to stick my face in there!!!!

2605 days ago

Oh Canada    

Tell me "Mr. I don't read what people post on TMZ Harvey Levin" is it possible to cut Britney some slack. The young woman is so obviously going through a tremendoulsy rough time. It so unfortunate that she does not have anybody who loves her enough to help her through it.

TMZ I'm tired of all your stories about that spoiled brat that's in "jail". How about using your site to do some good, how about rounding up support for Britney Spears.
She wasn't born with a silverspoon in any of her orifices like your buddy the skank Parisite Hilton, Britney wasn't born with that feeling of entiltment that is obvious in the Hilton "family". She's a person who has perhaps lost her way.

Parisite Hilton is a publicity Ho, she is a self serving bitch. Remember how she used Britney a few months ago when Britney appeared to be going through what appeared to be PPD. What kind of friend/human being is that?

Britney doesn't need to be beaten down further. I for one do not want to see her end up like Anna Nicole Smith.


2605 days ago


what i dont understand is that photogs keep saying that they are sick of seeing people do this stuff, or being overexposed, yet the only way we know about it is through their prying bs... if you saw the video yesterday, you would see that she was trying to get out of the car to get in the back, but yet again, the photogs were blocking the door and she couldnt get out, so she had to climb in the back seat. and today again, so sick of her, but yet they point their cameras down. i'm not even a britney fan , but to call someone a whore for this and say she should have her kids taken away is a little much. half of us on here wouldnt even be able to hack the pressure of fame - so if the worse thing she does is accidently flash once in a while, whats the big deal? ....

2605 days ago


You women saying it happens...are IDIOTS. It is NOT THAT HARD to keep your legs together while exiting a car. Even if the paps are on the ground, IF YOUR LEGS ARE CLOSED, they have NO SHOT! I would guess you... like Britney.. have such a hard time with this as you spend most of your time with your legs spread!! Britney is PATHETIC and since her career is down the tubes, she needs ANYTHING to keep herself in the news! All she has to offer is ass and breast shots as they are ALWAYS hanging out! Can you say serious SELF ESTEEM ISSUES??? Her poor boys!

2605 days ago


Typical white culture

2605 days ago

yeah ok    

that is a poser - scroll down and look at the picture of Britney and compare the nose - no way

2605 days ago
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