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Sean Stewart

Arrested for Alleged Brick Bashing Attack

6/13/2007 1:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sean StewartThe son of rock legend Rod Stewart was arrested and thrown behind bars bars yesterday, after cops say he used a brick to beat the crap out of a man and his wife in the Hollywood Hills nearly two months ago.

26-year-old Sean Stewart, star of A&E's reality show "Sons of Hollywood," spent nearly an hour locked up in a Hollywood police station, where he was charged with four felonies, including two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, one count of vandalism and one count of throwing substance at a vehicle. Stewart was released on $60,000 bail.

As TMZ first reported, Stewart and a few of his buddies allegedly began throwing bricks, rocks, a mailbox and even a trash can at a random Ford F150 that was driving by a house near a party they were denied entrance to, around 4:00 AM. According to a lawsuit filed by the couple inside the truck, an enraged Stewart began "swinging his arms, punching, throwing bricks and other items."


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I've always loved Rod Stewart but his son is out of control. Maybe a few days or more in jail would straighten him out.

2667 days ago

C. Overgaard    

Guess who he was in jail (they did call is a therapeutic boarding school) with?

What did they do wrong at this jail?

What about closing the industry down and letting the police and authorities do their job instead, so such facilities do not create even more of these people.

Some day people will end up dead - Oh, to late. A former inmate from a similar "school" has done this and thinks that the place where he is now, is better than the "school".

2667 days ago


Star????? Bwahahahahahahahaha!!

2667 days ago


OMG a whole hour in lockup? Well that will teach him a lesson...Thanks Daddy for the bail money....

2667 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

Careful SEAN, You might get deported.......

2667 days ago

brian scott miller    

What a piece of $#!T this friggin Brat is, I think someone peed in his Mother.

2667 days ago



2667 days ago


C. Overgaard, thank you for your post. That is a very interesting case. Somebody needs to make a movie about Michael's injustice. I agree about shutting down those private jail treatment centers, including private high schools - like Colin McKeown in Malibu.

F**k Sean Stewart!

2667 days ago


Go to: In 2002 Seanie-boy got 90 days in Jail & ordered to do drug rehab after attacking a man in Malibu...Dean Cain & his brother broke up the fight & Seanie-boy fled..Meanwhile, Cain & his brother reported him to the Police !

Go To: 2006 he's in another brawl & SPIT on a guy and that guy put him into one big headlock ! They have it on Video !

In another situation he was ordered for another rehab stint for possession of a controlled substance...

This little wimp needs a couple good solid years behind JAIL BARS ! He's a disgusting little
puke who couldn't fite his way out of a paper bag !

2667 days ago


I thought I remembered one episode of "Sons of Hollywood" where this kid talked about how he had suffered a massive brain injury sometime in the past. Or did I hear that wrong? At any rate, I noted that he always had a minder/"personal assistant" with him wherever he went--he never seemed to go anywhere without a supposedly "responsible" adult along.

I was shocked when this guy exposed himself to a couple of female guests at one of their get-togethers. It seemed like a totally spur-of-the-moment act. I'm surprised one of them didn't smack him silly.

If this kid is suffering some kind of mental impairment, I think we should cut him and his parents some slack. However, that doesn't mean he should be free to run the streets. He should be locked up in some kind of institution until his behavior is under control.

2667 days ago
71. is racists......    

What he should be saying is my daddy is rich. I never even heard of this guy until they were making jokes about that crap of a show he was on with those other losers. He seems to only talk trash to people he know that are more of a pu**y than him.

2667 days ago


It is a real shame that these young people have had the best of everything and do not seem to appreciate the priveliges they have been given by their parents! Such as going to college and doing something useful or meaningful with their lives! It is a real disgrace!

2667 days ago


He is such a no talent looooossseeerrr. Even his dad thinks he sucks.

2667 days ago

Diane Beaudet    

As we used to say, "the best part of Sean ran down his father's leg"

2667 days ago


Another Trust Fund celeb with no talent,sucking off of his father's fame & fortune,angry at the world that he's such a loser,striking out at by-standers cuz he knows daddy's $$$ will keep him out of jail.The Sons of Hollywood program just showcased what a pathetic "musician" he is.Even with a big break handed to him,he wasn't motivated to really work at writing music & his singing voice was laughable.All he got from daddy Rod was his skinny legs & weak chin.Poor Sean couldn't even get laid without his buddies paying chicks to come over & do him.Sean & Paris should both be in jail,in General Population with all the other criminals.Let them deal with that reality as the rest of us would have to!

2666 days ago
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