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Sean Stewart

Arrested for Alleged Brick Bashing Attack

6/13/2007 1:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sean StewartThe son of rock legend Rod Stewart was arrested and thrown behind bars bars yesterday, after cops say he used a brick to beat the crap out of a man and his wife in the Hollywood Hills nearly two months ago.

26-year-old Sean Stewart, star of A&E's reality show "Sons of Hollywood," spent nearly an hour locked up in a Hollywood police station, where he was charged with four felonies, including two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, one count of vandalism and one count of throwing substance at a vehicle. Stewart was released on $60,000 bail.

As TMZ first reported, Stewart and a few of his buddies allegedly began throwing bricks, rocks, a mailbox and even a trash can at a random Ford F150 that was driving by a house near a party they were denied entrance to, around 4:00 AM. According to a lawsuit filed by the couple inside the truck, an enraged Stewart began "swinging his arms, punching, throwing bricks and other items."


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Sean Stewart is a sad example of a father who let the child run about the home as the parents were doing drugs and basically Rod was too narcissistic and Alana Hamilton-Stewart former wife of George Hamilton before Rod destroyed that marriage has no self-esteem and the validation she so desperately sought after resulted in her marrying men who cared nothing for the children and she only cared about pleasing the men in her insecure,insignificant life.Clearly Rod Stewart and Alana Stewart are to blame for exposing children to scenes out of Caligula, drugs and alcohol, it's a fair assumption in Rod & Alana's impaired states that the tots were doing what Mum and Dad did because any parent bragging tells you how little Johnny does exactly what Daddy does.Raise a child with groupies, whores, drugs, sex, booze and hired help just as stoned as the Stewarts were, Sean Stewart is a miracle child because he did not OD (overdose) as a toddler.Rod Stewart uses negative reinforcement when all he has is a broken son who only wanted his Dad to love him and play with him the way he see's the press taking video of his baby brother Alastair playing for the cameras and wondering why Rod Stewart did not play with him (Sean Stewart) like that.The parents are the ones who damaged this child.All Sean seeks is love and validation like most normal children have.If Rod Stewart were such a great parent perhaps he would have had his Tour Personnel give ear plugs to the irresponsible parents of the 2 year old boy and his 4 year old sister he took up on stage May 9 ,2007 with noise levels that Nordoff-Robbins for people suffering hearing loss would have publicly made statements protesting his blatant disregard for these children when ear protection is readily available back stage, even members of The Who may have had some harsh words as well.The end result having Rod tossed over for the upcoming Concert for Diana.SEAN STEWART WOULD HAVE TURNED OUT BETTER HAD HE BEEN RAISED BY A PACK OF WOLVES.Nature versus Nurture (or lack thereof).Get the child out of the hip spots globally and let him do an intense program in Wyoming or Massachusetts in the boondocks for a year to begin the healing process this child dies as a result of a Mum doing drugs during the pregnancy.I don't think I have ever given such an ice cold stare to a performer as I did that night out of pure disgust for being a sperm donor more than a Father and a Mother so desperate she married 2 of the most self centered men in the entertainment industry.Sean seems to have a good heart that has been disappointed so often he is afraid to really trust anybody including his own family, that makes Sean the saddest little boy I have ever seen.

2694 days ago


How come everybody seems to be blaming the child?.It was a pair of screwed up parents that did the damage.How would you feel growing up with a Mum so depressed suicide attempts were made, while the absentee sperm donor/father was keeping half the hookers and struggling actors or actresses in high heels!.IF YOUR PARENTS RAISE YOU RIGHT, YOU HAVE A CHANCE,IF THEY DON'T AND THEY ARE RICH YOU BECOME Sean Stewart, that kid has never had true parental love which is unconditional.His parents deposited both he and his sister with hired help then schools acted as babysitters between the childrens appointments with their shrinks.

2693 days ago
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