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Stewart Fires Back: I'm Rich, I'm Famous, I'm a Target

6/13/2007 9:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sean Stewart

Rod Stewart's son believes that the couple suing him for allegedly bashing them with a brick during an alleged early morning attack a few months back are only after him because of who he is.

One day after Stewart was arrested in Hollywood on charges of assault and battery, his lawyer is firing back in a statement to TMZ:

"We have conducted an extensive investigation since these allegations were first raised. We have interviewed numerous witnesses who were at the party on the night of the incident. Our investigation has revealed that what occurred on the night of the incident is much different than what the complaining witness has alleged.

We will share our investigation with the prosecution at the appropriate time. Our investigation has shown that the alleged victim only named Sean Stewart as a suspect after hearing that Mr. Stewart was at the party that night and that the alleged victim had a financial motive to make these allegations against Mr. Stewart.

Our investigation has also revealed that any crimes which may have been committed that night, were in fact committed by the person who claims to be the victim."


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Who The F-isCASH WARREN????    

Like the post YOU just made Michelle#53??????
Who needs the life now beotch?

2585 days ago


This guy couldn't win a fight against a troop of brownie scouts. The guy that put him in the headlock would have ripped his head off if security hadn't saved him.

Rumor has it that he also swings both ways...That could be where the anger comes from. He just can't accept the fact that he likes boys as much as girls.

2585 days ago


I wish he'd go screw himself! I'm so damn sick & tired of these rich, spoiled brats acting like their $#i+ don't stink. Note the show he is/was on is "SONS of Hollywood"---is that short for sonsa bitches? ;-) That title tells you straight up that he & the rest of them couldn't make it on his own merits. Oh, wait, when you are like him, Paris or Nicole you don't need merits or talent. Whatta crock of $#i+!

I hope he gets the book thrown at him. May it be like the bricks he threw & hits him right in his worthless melon! I guess that celebs really need parenting classes! Will he be the next worthless piece of celeb trash to head for rehab or jail? Only time will tell.

Also WTF is the fascination with these a$$e$? I think it's time for America to say, "NO MORE CRAPPY SHOWS ABOUT NOBODY'S & NOTHINGS!!" Whatta you think?

2585 days ago


One thing Sean forgot to add besides being rich (through daddy) and famous (how is he famous again what's he done) he's also a king sized prick.

2585 days ago

not impressed    

Total closet homo, drug addict & alcoholic. Clearly can't control his anger and throws tantrums like a 3 year old.

2585 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Alana Hamilton Stewart and Rod Stewart need to sit down with their son. talkto him.Spend a few weeks with him. Tell him they love and hiswhole family does. get to know him and what is going on in hishea dright now. Help hi,, with their connections , to find a career that HE can excel at. Hint-music is not HIS talent. Maybe working at a talent agency. Being a booker. Finance a business for him like a rock clothing store. HINT- a night club would not be in hisbest interest and that market for his world is staturated. Maybe he can be a bar tender. Go to school for that and he can work at all of the clubs in his world.

This boy is not rich-Rod Stewart is. This boy is not famous. Rod Stewart is. This boy is not a target for these reasons. He is unknown and has no money. Did he or did he not throw a brickat people? No one cna make you throw a brick at people. Looks like he is in trouble AGAIN! That alone is a hint...AGAIN!!!! BTW, Alana Hamitlon's son with George Hamilton, Ashley Hamilton, has also been in trouble AGAIN and AGAIN . What more hints do you think this woman should get...1 son + 1 other son = constant double trouble incourts, etc.

2585 days ago

tooth fairy    

He is not that rich. His rich dad has 7 children. All the money divided by 7 after Rod Stewart dies, this punk won't get enough money to be called rich.

2585 days ago


hey little girl!!! i'll knock you out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2585 days ago


We should pass a law, if your parents are rich and famous and you do not go to college than you must serve in the military for a minimum of 10 years! Then when they get out missing a few body parts, they will be too busy licking their wounds to cause us grief!

However, the ultimate solution is if you are rich and famous you should be sterilzed on the spot!

2585 days ago

Princess Ali Baba    

"This is the life this is the life of the in crowd" that what ur singing loser sean? u want a record contract but can't sing nor perform! your a loser kid! now go walk down S.M. Blvd and "cruise" for some'll find it there! Ahole!

2585 days ago

Sean Bresnahan    

He's hardly worth the angry vindictives being expressed on these pages. It is satisfaction enough to know this spoiled and petulant little man faces a very, very, very difficult future.

2585 days ago



Yet here I am replying.... I've become a TMZ Tool.

I resign.

2585 days ago

kim suck    

BLOW IT OUT YOUR ASS--who ever you are??!!!!!

2585 days ago


The headline needs an edit from

I'm Rich, I'm Famous, I'm a Target


I'm a Moocher, I'm a Wannabe, I'm a Loser

2585 days ago


Why is he wearing make up? he looks like a heroin addict with that under eye shadow. Dad needs to kick him off the pay roll before he kills himself or worse someone else..

2585 days ago
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