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Brangelina -- Screw the Press, Bring on the Fans!

6/14/2007 12:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Angelina Jolie banned press from the premiere of her film last night -- but when it came to the fans, she showed nothin' but love.

Both Brad and Angie signed photos for almost everyone who showed up to the premiere of "A Mighty Heart," starring Jolie and produced by Pitt. Looks like having AP and USA Today pull themselves off the red carpet allowed for a bit more time with the autograph-hungry crowd!

And though she obliged with plenty of John Hancocks, Angie didn't give the crowd anything more to go wild about -- pulling off a classy exit from her SUV and narrowly avoiding a Britney-esque moment.


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Nothing but class and generosity. I love this couple, and wish them and their family nothing but the best.
Mission: "She should go move to one of her beloved third world countries." - At least she is doing something to make the world a better place. I admire her for doing so, and you should be ashamed of yourself for comdeming her for that. Charity work has no bounds, whether it's here in the States or around the world to these "third world countries". It's still charity work.

2656 days ago

Socialism has no place in this country    

She's an asshole.

2656 days ago


Jennifer Aniston doing this movie?????
You've got to be kidding me.....
I can't stop laughing.
Every one of her movies bombed.
She had to resort to sponsering water for god's sake because she has no talent.

Still laughing.

So instead we have an oscar winner doing this movie who has a ton of talent and looks.

2656 days ago


hey Ramira - did you see the movie?

2656 days ago


Cool. It's part of her job that is.

2656 days ago


I am so beyond bored with these two. First Angie Steals Billy Bob from LAura Dern, then Steals Brad from Aniston. She's a really charming gal. I wish the press would abide by the wishes of both she and her perpetually unwashed boyfriend and never report on these two again.

2656 days ago


Please...Why are you giving her so much credit! She's a whore who calls her baby a blob.No real woman calls her child a blob. Finally, they made her hold her own child and carry her for a photo. So she would look like she cared about Shiloh...Sad very sad. I won't go see this movie even if they paid me. Reports are that who knows really how much money is really given to charity.

2656 days ago

kim suck    

go back to YOUR favorite third world country bitch!! hope your perfect kids treat you the way you treat your own father!! FREAK

2656 days ago


#15 sorry i am not familiar with marianne pearl's real accent. what i am familiar with is angelina's horrible fake one that fades in and out. if tmz message boards are so infantile, maybe someone of your enlightened and intelligent stature shouldn't frequent them.

2656 days ago

African girl    

Who to blame for Angie coolness, the American press, they were very mean to Angie in the beginning. They acted as if Angie was the first person to date a man who did not want his wife. The press forgot about similar stories like Tori Spelling, Julia Roberts, J Lo, Briney Spears, and the list go on. They are only showing the faces now because the world respect Angie. Good Angie dump the American press, that is what they deserved.

2656 days ago


Wow! She's beautiful, classy, gracious, generous, elegant, an earth mother??? She is just a woman who can afford to travel the world adopting children (not a bad thing) and has the ability to convince her fans that she is a candidate for sainthood. What bothers me is that she and boyfriend believe the hype.

Thankfully, I will never be in the same room with her. I wouldn't know whether to curtsey or genuflect.

2656 days ago


I am no longer a fan of these two. I will NOT be seeing the film.

2656 days ago


Omg Angie is as skinny as Posh She's looking like a skeleton.

2656 days ago

ooh that hurts good    

She is probably using Brad to cover her affair with her own brother. She is so crazy. I remember seeing them make out at one of the award shows. It was so gross

2656 days ago

Funny Answers    

All of you people who keep saying why not adopt a child from the united states, stand up and tell us if you, yourself have adopted a child from the U.S, or even done foster care???? None of you, then shut up. And no, Jennifer is a good actress, but cannot do dramatic work yet. She will, once she trains, just like it is hard for see Jim Carrey or Robin Williams do drama. Not that they cannot do it, it is just strange for us who enjoy the comic actors/actress. You no longer have to pull sides, Jennifer or Angelina, they are two grown women, who have moved you, so should you. Jennifer has had a couple of guys, yet you refer only to Brad. Move on, there ladies have.

2656 days ago
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