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Brangelina -- Screw the Press, Bring on the Fans!

6/14/2007 12:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Angelina Jolie banned press from the premiere of her film last night -- but when it came to the fans, she showed nothin' but love.

Both Brad and Angie signed photos for almost everyone who showed up to the premiere of "A Mighty Heart," starring Jolie and produced by Pitt. Looks like having AP and USA Today pull themselves off the red carpet allowed for a bit more time with the autograph-hungry crowd!

And though she obliged with plenty of John Hancocks, Angie didn't give the crowd anything more to go wild about -- pulling off a classy exit from her SUV and narrowly avoiding a Britney-esque moment.


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If anything, this non-story blown way out of proportion will intrigue people to see the movie. BP and AJ are media savvy. Instead of reporters getting a sound bite about their personal lives, attributing quotes AJ said about herself and applying it to other celebrities, the table has been turned and journalists are now the story. The issue becomes tabloid journalism versus media that is out for the truth and un-bias reporting. The sad fact is that mainstream media has crossed the line and has started printing tabloid lies and rumors as facts. I admire BP and AJ. They got my support and I will see “A Mighty Heart”.

2697 days ago


Hope this movie "A Mighty Heart" will not make through the rating. Hope they will come down in fifith or sixth place instead of at the top this weekend. This is just "Hollywood" politics. And FOX NEWS NETWORK will not go away. They are still number 1. Shame on Hollywood! I am not a big fan of Angelina and Brad.

2697 days ago


WTG Associated Press and USA Today, its nice to know there are still standards in reporting. Tired of the butt kissers.

2697 days ago

lolo hydar    

If they ever make a movie about the man eater Brangelinia it will be called An Evil Heart and Mr. Jolie could co-star and direct it.

2697 days ago


angelina way to go , i heard it was just faux news ,it's her movie she can do what she wants

2697 days ago


Aurthur, I don't if you know this, but it's not just a movie. I know its hard to believe, but he was really murdered. I don't need some movie star to make a movie to keep me up on current events. Try something other TMZ, you might be surprised.

2697 days ago


They are so awesome. Brad and Angelina know that their love really comes from the fans and NOT the cameras.

2697 days ago


FOX News and tabloids that present heavily biased views are not "reporters" and most definitely not journalists.

2697 days ago


Wasn't Daniel Pearl a journalist??? That's the media, duh. Angie is no Marianne Pearl. Marianne would never behave the way Angie has! She is such a lady. And why won't Angie adopt an American kid? There are so many kids right here in our own country. If she wants to see poverty, why doesn't she go visit the Hurricane Katrina survivors in their poor mobile homes.

2697 days ago

TMZ=jackals, and jackasses    

Jealous much? Fatass American women....hating this magnificent creature won't make your cellulite-clogged asses any smaller.

2697 days ago

Mary T.    

Angelina.....I bet BRAD REGRETS THE DAY HE LEFT jENNIFER FOR a selfish b*t*h like you....................She has so much you don't and NEVER WILL.....Whose husband you gonna steal from your latest movie?????????

2697 days ago

L.A. Native    

...she is absolutely beautiful!

Angelina has brought back the "Old Hollywood Glamour."

Others should take note!!

2697 days ago

TMZ=jackals, and jackasses    

I'm a fat whore....don't mind me!

2697 days ago


for FULL info and details check out,2933,282173,00.html

2697 days ago


Come on people,,,I wouldn't put tabloid hounds in the same category as serious reporters. I'm certain that the tmz staff and others on the "entertainment beat" are not committed members of Journalists Without Borders... Daniel Pearl would not be on the red carpet with his mike in a person's face, harassing him/her with all sorts of personal questions that have nothing to do with the event at hand. And I'm sure all you folks dogging the movie have not even seen the movie, (unless you saw it abroad), considering it just premiered last night. And I seriously doubt you read the book. Jolie told the tabloid whores that if they could not focus their questions on the movie and the memory of Daniel Pearl, then she would have nothing to say to them. Good for her...

And for those of you who thought that Aniston would have been a better choice for the role...I don't even know how to address that ridiculous notion. She is not only typecasted now...she so totally lived, breathed and absorbed the role of Rachel that she is unable to get out of the box she unfortunately cemented herself into. She should take herself off the radar, do theater and learn the basic acting skills she was never able to exhibit. I wish her well.

And as for you "linguistic experts" out are you able to form your opinions without seeing the movie? Surely you aren't basing your opinions on the movie trailers, are you? I guess you are better positioned to spew your expertise than the linguistic consultants who worked on the movie and Marianne Pearl herself...?

2697 days ago
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