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Brangelina -- Screw the Press, Bring on the Fans!

6/14/2007 12:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Angelina Jolie banned press from the premiere of her film last night -- but when it came to the fans, she showed nothin' but love.

Both Brad and Angie signed photos for almost everyone who showed up to the premiere of "A Mighty Heart," starring Jolie and produced by Pitt. Looks like having AP and USA Today pull themselves off the red carpet allowed for a bit more time with the autograph-hungry crowd!

And though she obliged with plenty of John Hancocks, Angie didn't give the crowd anything more to go wild about -- pulling off a classy exit from her SUV and narrowly avoiding a Britney-esque moment.


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Angelina, Brad, Tom, Britney, Paris, and O.J. and the rest of the Hollywood bourgeoisie are nothing more than everyday disfunctionals who happened to make it big... and we put them there. These hypocrits are no better than you or me but they have managed fell into a puddle of crap and come out smelling like a rose everytime. Knowning that, they start to think that they're better than us... they start to figure that they're above the law... they start to figure that their opinions and causes mean more than ours... they start to figure that they should "lead" us along on their enlighted path. There are are few who are well grounded but they are few and far between.

Angelina's actions this week demonstrated the hypocrosy that is the Hollywood elite. Freedom of the speech to bash the war on terror and the commander in chief but not allow Fox news on the red carpet. Adopt a child from a god forsaken country but leave crack babies here in the country to rot in foster care. Shrill about global warming while traveling in limo's and private jets.

It'll keep going on like this until the common people had enough and revolt against Hollywood like the french revolted against King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. We did it to Paris Hilton last week... We can do it again.

2652 days ago


Jennifer got screwed. If Angelina cared so much about the less fortunate, why is she buying baby clothes at thrift shops? I donate my belongings to thrift shops and I don't intend it to be sold to the filthy rich.
Give me a break, that woman is using Brad and the media for publicity.

2652 days ago


#15 You're right, Angelina is beautiful as long as there's enough makeup.

2652 days ago


I live in the same area that Brad grew up in and his family still live there. It's common knowledge that there's not a lot of love between Brad's parents and Angelina. Jenn was a frequent visitor to this area but apparently Angelina is to good to visit here. What makes me mad is why doesn't she adopt some poor homeless child in the US. She's just a media ho!

2652 days ago


After a disastrous 1-2 years in public relations, Angelina Jolie is now Pimping out daughter Shiloh for some "spontaneous" photographs AND talking - NOT DOING - publicly about reconciling with her father. Is this her last desperate act for Damage control? Is there anyone this vile creature will not use or hurt in order to salvage her crumbling image.

This woman committed a mortal sin in the eyes of WHO MATTERS MOST (GOD)! "Thou shall not covet my neighbor's wife/ it what ever you want!

She needs to accept responsibility for her mistakes and actions. Trying to cover sin after sin is the wrong approach, and it is an act of a coward. She will eventually be punished. She is not to be respected until she aknowledges her short comings and ask for forgiveness for what she has done. This is the only way the stories and cruel comments will stop, for good!

2649 days ago
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