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Brooke Hogan

Shimmering Goddess?

6/14/2007 3:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke HoganIs Brooke Hogan actually wearing a gold dress ... or is this a spray tanning session gone horribly wrong?

With South Beach for a backdrop, Brooke Hogan stuffed her girls into this glaring gold evening "dress" and smiled for the cameras. Always the accessorizer, she sadly made sure her handbag, skin and hair all matched.

We dub thee Donatella lite. Get ooooouttt!


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Brooke, when your belly button shows through the fabric of the dress its TOO TIGHT. You are a cute girl, don't go filling in for Paris trash Hilton while she is in jail. Your mom should be ashamed of herself for letting you out of the house in that.

2653 days ago

pro-music chick    

.........OMG, her shoulder pads slipped a little, and......

........and, um, they magically turned into, uh, "BREASTS??!!"

2653 days ago


You know what? Brooke may not be extremely talented...however that doesn't seem to be a prerequisite in Hollywood anymore, anyway.

I think that it is quite refreshing to see a young woman with a NORMAL figure showing off her curves and being proud of her body. Perhaps if more of young Hollywood weren't starving themselves to look like skeletons, more teen and pre-teen girls wouldn't be dying from anorexia in the United States.

Brooke: don't let The Machine tell you how you should look. Be proud of yourself.

2653 days ago


This big girl loves tight clothes. Hire a stylist. If you already have one, fire her or him!!!!

2652 days ago


She's too pretty naturally to wear this stuff. Too much makeup, dress too tight - she needs to look her age - not like some bimbo who hangs out with Paris and Britney.

2652 days ago


You guys are harsh!! Yea she's dressed like a fugly skank and she's obviously been taking makeup advice from her mother (who needs to lose the orange lipstick and fake bake) and she cannot sing very well....but she's still a person, even if she is an amazonian trannie offspring

2652 days ago

chin chin    

This ridiculous, slutty outfit is more oppressive to a woman than being forced to wear a BURKHA!

2652 days ago


Her boobs start at her neck! Bad, bad boob job.

2652 days ago


Looks like she needs to fart.

2652 days ago


She sprayed on the fake boob makeup way too high-who has breasts3 inches under their chin? It looks like someone just burned two big circles onto her upper chest area with an iron.

2652 days ago


you guys are dumb, stop judging her. if you are saying mean things you don't even know a little bit about her. i've seen every episode of their tv show, and she is down-to-earth, sweet, and REAL!!
something FRESH from all these lameasses that are famewhores who are having their carreers go down the toilet

2652 days ago

chin chin    

Where are her clavicles? They must be hidden under her boobs...freak of nature.....

2652 days ago


i think i just threw up a little in my mouth

2652 days ago


Who cares? As long as Tony Soprano is alive, I'm happy!

2652 days ago


YOU GUYS OUT THERE I THINK SHE,S HOT.......................................................................I LOVE A GIRL THAT HAS HAS SOME MEAT ON HER.{NOT BONES} I LIKE THE WHOLE FAMILY, AND I LOVE THE SHOW.WATCH IT .YOU'LL LOVE IT TOO..........................................................

2651 days ago
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