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Prince Harry:

Who's My Daddy?!

6/14/2007 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For years, rumors have swirled questioning the paternity of Great Britain's Prince Harry. Red hair say what?

While reports have always suggested that Diana's flame-haired ex-lover, James Hewitt (left), may be the late Princess' real baby daddy, author Christopher Anderson claims in his new book "After Diana," that now Harry (center) himself wants to take a DNA test to put the rumors to rest. Over the Queen's dead body!

Although Harry and Hewitt both share a carrottop likeness, it should be noted that Diana's brother, Earl Spencer (right), is also a redhead. So there is some red in Diana's blue blood!

Should Harry decide to go ahead and take a DNA test against the Queen's wishes, he might want to stay out of Parisian tunnels.


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Bless his heart, poor Prince Harry looks TOO MUCH like his father, Prince Charles. He has his ears, the same face shape, a very similar nose, and many of his mannerisms. The young man is without any doubt a Windsor, but fortunately his mother's beauty was able to blunt a little of the Royal Family ugly.

2653 days ago


Thanks least someone is getting it. As far as hair color, the facts are completely different than the eye color thing. There are no exact genetic can be almost any color in any combinations so that's alot harder to even get into. And it really doesn't matter at this point, just look at the pictures.....Harry just looks like Charles and Diana. TMZ we need to go onto something alittle less tacky!

2653 days ago


#5 I don't think TMZ was insinuating that she had her brother's kid, they mentioned that he might have received the family genetics of "Red Hair" only

and YEAH TMZ obviously has nothing better to do with their day since Paris is locked up and Lilo is in Rehab and Brit well she pays to have her pics taken.

Leave the Prince alone.

ps: I think Harry is the HOTEST

2653 days ago


Prince Harry is the second son of H.R.H. Prince of Wales and late Princess Diana.

Sarah who is the sister of Diana, dated Prince Charles for a very short period of time also has "very" red hair.

The ears and hands of Harry are just like his father's. Leave the kid alone and do not believe in the lies of an ex gigolo.

#110 Look at the hair colour of King Henry VIII. It's red! :) I believe that it's much easier to find a red hair in the Windsor family than any other family.

2653 days ago


Prince Harry is favored to his mother 's side the Spencers.

2653 days ago

Dayton Ohio    

who cares

2653 days ago

Mrs Wiggins    

I don't think the tunnels comment was in bad taste.

2653 days ago


Come on TMZ . . . don't stoop this low again. Two young men lost their mother and they don't need this junk. Keep the quality up . . . don't become a Perez.

2653 days ago


Look at the pictures closely: James Hewitt and Harry have the same eyebrows, same nose, same lips, same chin. Harry is James Hewitt's son, Diana knew him before she said she did. She was perfectly capable of conceiving a child out of wedlock, out of spite for the royal family. She was deranged and always did anything and everything she could to embarass them. The DNA test should be done immediately, this comedy has lasted long enough already. Harry would become king if anything happens to both Charles and William, which is not impossible. Question: Why do you think Harry always has a crew cut ? Because with longer hair he would be the splitting image of Hewitt. I want to know the truth, I do not want to be fooled by these clowns. Go for it Harry, you are entitled to get acquainted with your real father James Hewitt, It's about time.

2653 days ago


#126 You are a fool

2653 days ago


My son could pass as Prince Harry's double. (no kidding!)
Should I go after James Hewitt and start testing DNA??

2653 days ago


C'mon man... Lindsey, Paris and Britney ? I totally understand talking trash about the previously mentioned wastes of space, but this is a young man who is serving his country in the military and didn't ask for this. The alleged indescretions of his Mom are not his problem. Lay off.

2653 days ago


you should all look at Diana's sister Sarah . Harry looks more like her. I think !

2653 days ago


Okay, I admit I did chuckle at the tunnel comment. A little black humor is okay...

Anyhow, altho I do see the similiarities between Harry & Hewitt...I have no doubt in my mind that he has inherited Charles' ears...can we all agree on that?

2653 days ago


Give me a break!!!!! Another S-L-O-W news, TMZ?

PA-LEEEEZE...Leave the guy alone! Have you NO SCRUPLES??? Oh, I'm sorry...How silly of me...You wouldn't know what that is, now WOULD you? Here ya' go:

SCRUPLES = A feeling of doubt about what one OUGHT to do, OR a feeling of uneasiness that keeps a person from doing something WRONG.

(Source: Thorndike Barnhart Comprehensive Desk Dictionary)

2653 days ago
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