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Prince Harry:

Who's My Daddy?!

6/14/2007 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For years, rumors have swirled questioning the paternity of Great Britain's Prince Harry. Red hair say what?

While reports have always suggested that Diana's flame-haired ex-lover, James Hewitt (left), may be the late Princess' real baby daddy, author Christopher Anderson claims in his new book "After Diana," that now Harry (center) himself wants to take a DNA test to put the rumors to rest. Over the Queen's dead body!

Although Harry and Hewitt both share a carrottop likeness, it should be noted that Diana's brother, Earl Spencer (right), is also a redhead. So there is some red in Diana's blue blood!

Should Harry decide to go ahead and take a DNA test against the Queen's wishes, he might want to stay out of Parisian tunnels.


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I think he's Charles's son.....he's got both Charles's and Diana's ears (yes, hers stuck out quite a bit), but the close-set eyes he gets from Charles. The red hair comes from Diana's side of the family.

2657 days ago


Yeah that tunnel comment was pretty stupid. How long did your staff had to pull their heads out of Paris Hilton's backside to come up with that little joke. I didn't "respect" you guys to begin with but that's tacky... Diana was a good person, not like some of the trashy celebrities (or dead people, hi Jerry!) that you cover...

Harry's pretty cute... If Diana did have an affair, she had better taste in men than Charles has in women (Camilla Parker-Bowles... /shudder).

2657 days ago


Put a dark wig on Harry and he'd be the splitting image of Charles. No doubt whatsoever who the father is. Diana's brother having red hair means the red hair runs in Diana's family ... (that is for all of the morons who think TMZ meant Diana screwed her brother).

2657 days ago


to the person who wrote the comment about eye color... if you actually paid attention in biology or genetics, you would know that it is completely possible for a brown eyed person to have a blue eyed child... as long as they carry the recessive gene for it.... 2 brown eyed parents, if both carry the recessive gene (Bb & Bb) have a 1/4 chance for a blue eyed child... just clearing that up....

2657 days ago


William looks like Diana whilst Harry looks like Charles.

2657 days ago


Didn't we go through this with the whole Birkhead mess? Even if Hewitt were Harry's bio dad, Charles would still be his legal father because in British law a child produced in the marriage legally is the husband's child?

Anyway. Two brown eyed parents can have a blue eyed child.

2657 days ago


#3 is only genetically impossible for 2 blue eyed people to produce a brown eyed child. Brown is dominate but it happens all the time..My sister, brown eyes, her husband, blue eyes, both kids blue eyes...2 brown eyed people can also have a blue eyes...unusual, but possible.

2657 days ago


These two are absolutely father and son guaranteed!!! Brown eyes don't always dominate, my husband has brown (almost black) eyes, I have blue. Our child has blue, blue eyes.

2657 days ago


He looks like Prince Charles regardless of hair color. Do a split screen!

2657 days ago


He looks too much like Prince Charles to be anyone elses kid. Unless theres a twin no one knows about. Damn y'all desperate for a story or what?!

2657 days ago


you know...they probably do DNA tests on royals as soon as they are born...*nods*...makes sense to be positive

2657 days ago

old bill    

Prince Harry has a right to red hair. The great-grandmother of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, was Queen Alexandra, wife of King Edward VII. She was a beautiful red-haired woman.

2657 days ago


I've always thought that Harry belonged to Hewitt and Diana. The "dominant Eye Color" is simply a strong possibility but, far from reality. I myself have brown eyes. My husband has hazel eyes. Our three kids have: green, blue and blue/gray. Not one has hazel or brown. Further, both sides of my family (maternal, paternal) have blue or green or hazel eyes. The only other family member besides me to have brown is my father's sister. Brown is dominant but, not an absolute override in eye color.
I think Harry's biological father is Hewitt. To make any potential DNA testing public would be an unbelieveable, history changing mess. They should leave it alone.

2657 days ago


Its pretty obvious to me....William Looks like his Mother and Harry Looks like his father, Charles looks a little red himself.
They seem like nice boys too.

2657 days ago


Harry looks like his uncle. My son is a splitting image of his uncle and looks nothing like me or his father. looks like my brother gave birth to him instead of me. I was looking at the noses, which is where the similarities between harry and diana's old lover ends. But harry's uncle has the same exact nose with some slight differences because he's bigger, and they have the same exact color eyes.

guess what im saying is that, harry took his mothers genetics more than he did his father, and yes, the ears are a dead giveaway, they're just like prince charles'.

p.s. diana didn't meet hewitt til harry was 2 years old.

2657 days ago
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