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Thousands Tell County -- What's the Deal with Paris?

6/14/2007 6:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A TMZ user fired off an e-mail to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, complaining re: Paris, "Money talks, regular folks stay locked up." Here's the response he got from the Sups:
LA County Seal, Paris Hilton
"Thank you for your note regarding Paris Hilton. We have received thousands of e-mails from members of the public on this matter. Please know that the Board of Supervisors shares your concerns and has asked Sheriff Lee Baca to make a public report next Tuesday, June 19. The Sheriff has been asked to provide the reasons for the premature release of Paris Hilton from the Sheriff's Century Regional Detention Facility, including the reasons for not placing her in an appropriate medical facility such as the jail ward of the LAC+USC Medical Center. As you may know, the Sheriff is an elected official, so the Board of Supervisors has limited authority over that department."

Carol V.


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vajayjay rimes    

Impeachment? That's hot.

2695 days ago

Karen Walker    

Everyone post nasty comments on Kim Stewart's journal!

2695 days ago


The recall effort has begun. Sheriff Baca was served with the Notice of Intent to Recall.


2695 days ago


LORD! Get over it people...she's back in jail already serving more time than most people with this violation would have served. No matter what happens people are going to bitch about what happened. Instead of everyone writing emails and letters to complain about Mr. Sheriff and Ms Hilton, why don't you try writing to a service man or woman or go visit an elderly person in a retirement home????? Quit complaining already!

2695 days ago


This is giving him amply time to either come up with the right lie or brush up on his resume. you decide?

2695 days ago


I'll bet that Baca passes the blame on to his staff. There's way too much of not accepting responsibility going around these days.

2695 days ago


She isn't serving more time than most people. Most people who violated their probation twice and showed up to court late would have had the book thrown at them.

2695 days ago


Well said Heather! Let it go people!!! She's back in jail so quit your bitching. And according to TMZ's own research posted earlier, she is serving more time that most people convicted of the same offense.

Jesus I am starting to feel bad for her now and that just really pisses me off.

2695 days ago


I am one who contacted the Los Angeles County officials office and initially complained, over the preferential treatment of paris Hilton. As far as Im concerned, paris is now serving her time as anyone else would. I never hated her to begin with, Its just that no onw should be treated differently because of money and fame. And no one with any sense drives on a suspended license. especially while on probation, This act of stupidity would put almost anyone in jail. Anyone except someone rich and famous , no matter what race they are, However am satisfied with what paris is doingnow, she is paying her price. i did feel sorry for her as she was crying and the police were hauling her away, i felt sorry for her as she cried out for her Mother in court, Sarah Silverman was classless with the remarks she made about paris on MTV. This all would be hard for anyone to put up with. This girl is simply a spoiled dummy who actaully thought nothing would happen to her a a result of her idiotic actions, She is now paying the price, i say leave her alone. now. Im sure the Hiltons are all sick of the publicity, as we are of this story.

2695 days ago

Karen Walker    

I love that link to and the letter from her dad, where he comments about giving her more creditabilty! Thats hilarious!

2695 days ago


Uhhh...shouldn't that be "Thousands ASK County..." since what follows is a question???

2695 days ago

Hottie n OC    

This has been on the socal news for a few days now.

2695 days ago


[[[[She isn't serving more time than most people. Most people who violated their probation twice and showed up to court late would have had the book thrown at them.]]]]

She was found guilty of THREE probation violations. The third was her not signing up for DUI class like everyone else does.

It would have been more than three, she received leniency over time.

2695 days ago

Dr. Quest    

WHO CARES??????????????????/

2695 days ago
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