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Was Paris a Victim of "The Nancy Grace Effect"?

6/14/2007 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

CNN Headline News anchor Nancy Grace has been one of the harshest critics of Sheriff Lee Baca's handling of Paris Hilton, but did she have a hand in getting Paris transferred last night?

Grace slammed Hilton and her "medical condition" on her June 12 show, saying, "I want to find out how attention deficit disorder, mild and very recent depression, dry skin and a bout of claustrophobia can land you in a privileged unit reserved for the acutely medically ill. I don't understand that."

Today, TMZ asked Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore if Grace or any other person in the media had anything to do with the Sheriff's decision. Whitmore told us, "No. The Sheriff, after he gets consultation and receives the best information available, makes the decision."

Hard to blame him if it did though -- Grace can be kind of scary.


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It's vile and bitter people like this that are turning people into hateful bitter souls. There is no need for that kind of hatred for such a small person over such a small thing. The woman turns my stomach and is why I won't watch CNN.

2651 days ago


Nancy Grace is a "feisy former prosecutor" lol..... keep on keeping on, Nancy!!

2651 days ago


#4 - Sure can't argue with your statement. Right on!!!!

2651 days ago


Most people don't like Nancy Grace because she speaks the truth. I like how after Hilton was jailed again, she brought the real issue to light. The effects of drunk and drugged driving. She had the president of M.A.D.D. on their who lost their child to a person who drove drunk. But as Harvey Levin said, this is such a small charge.

2651 days ago


Nancy Grace used to have some integrity and her word was meaningful during the OJ court case -- but no more!! She is angry about everyone and everything and needs help herself.

It is frightening to see what is happening in America. Most of the media, and even those who are called "analysts" are becoming hard-hearted and seemingly love to see people destroyed. Is our country going to become like ROME in the days when they fed people to the lions while the crowd watched with glee and loud applause????? God help us to get back to some compassion.

It is alarming to hear all of the laughter and making fun of Paris, after all, she is a human being, regardless of whether you like her or not. Be careful about who you laugh at, it just might boomerang on you or someone in your family one day.

Conilee - CA

2651 days ago


Good for her, everybody hates her because she tells it like it is and most people are too cowardly to actually do something about it. She has the right to ask questions, and if people get huffy about it that usually means they have a guilty concience aka the sherriff in this situation who is a coward himself

2651 days ago

Tina M    

# 20 BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also heard that too about Paris. It's really sad that two people in the courtroom told the same story and the media still hasen't set the record straight.

2651 days ago


Nancy Grace, figuring out the world one paris hilton story at a time.


Nancy Grace is just bitter and bitchy bc nobody likes her. Her voice makes me cringe. AND SOMEONE PLEASE give her hair a makover. Dear God.

2651 days ago


Nancy grace is rude, mean spirited and hurtful. I wonder if she has a man in her life?

2651 days ago


#36-no, we do not like Nancy Grace, because she is arrogant, rude and interupts everyone on her show!

2651 days ago


Oh, she she's the b*tch that I was watching last night. She is so annoying and rude. She gets so bent out of shape over something that she knows nothing about. She was ill so they put her in a medical facility. It isn't like they took her out of jail. She was still in jail, she was just getting the meds that she needed. They don't really get any special treatment....they are in a cell with a glass door and get medicine....oo big woop! That must make being in jail way better! All the fuss that is going on about this "special treatment" is ridiculous.

2651 days ago

Pam The REAL Pam    

Nancy Grace is NOT just a journalist. She was a prosecutor in the inner city of Atlanta for years. She never lost a case. Read her book, OBJECTION! How high priced defense attorneys, celebrity defendants, and a 24/7 media have hijacked our criminal justice system.

Then you can decide if she is stupid. She is out for justice. She may be a bitch, but she is a smart bitch.

At least she doesn't kiss ass like Harvey.

And Paris doesn't have ADD! She's taking adderall as speed! That is the new rage among young kids.

2651 days ago


OMGGGGGG #28 THAT'S TOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2651 days ago


Nobody made that lady kill herself, but herself.

2651 days ago


Amanda . . .shut up !

2651 days ago
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