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Dead Ringers Crashing Anna Nicole's Home

6/15/2007 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Larry Birkhead and daughter Dannielynn are now living in Anna Nicole's L.A. home -- and TMZ spies say the pair have been receiving some curious guests.
anna nicole impersonators
Anna Nicole lookalikes have been stopping by to visit the late busty blonde's former digs. Just this past week, our spy saw a white limo pull up to the house, and a woman resembling the deceased Playmate stepped out, walked up to the door dressed in an evening gown, took a picture at the door and was on her way.

No word yet on whether or not Larry and Dannie have been home during the random visits.


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Okay, he paid bills. Nice. But his first attorney was an advocate for him and he should pay her something. Also, Stern seems to be a pervert and I wonder why the father of a girl would not have more women around a baby girl. Seems odd. Stern should get out of the baby's life and as for money.....both men are after money. Maybe the grandmother is not perfect.....but who said these men are perfect? The girl's father wants to keep taking pictures of her to make money. Self-serving men. Sell the house and put the money in trust for the baby. This is an infant and she should have some female companionship and input into her young life, instead of some questionable men....only. He should also stay off the talk shows. Fame, glory, and then more pain. Doesn't that always follow?

2641 days ago



2636 days ago


Hi Joe from city life productions .From your neighboring town WEST WARWICK. yes more of the same

2636 days ago


Is that pairs on Union St.?

2656 days ago


There is always someone who has nothing better to do with thier life but try to emulate somone else. Unless one is an impersonator , an entertainer making a living doing this type of thing, it is an assinine thing to do. Get your own identity, PLEASE. I cant imagine someone wasting their time visiting Annas house dressed like her, taking a picture and running. Nitwits.

2656 days ago

no more celeb moms    

Leave this poor man alone. He deserves to raise his daughter and shame on Virgie on trying to take her away for the $$$. The Marshall estate will never let go of the money, and Dannielynn will probably never see a dime, and Howard and Anna-her autopsy report shows what they did with Anna's money.

2656 days ago

jProud American Author    

I agree with number 4. Let Larry and his Danni live in peace. They have been through enough! They need there privacy and support of people that truly love them.

2656 days ago


This is disgusting!!! No wonder Larry is a wreck!! Let this man raise his daughter!!!

2656 days ago

A L arry Supporter    

News Alert Debra Opri lied about Larry not paying his other attorneys go to Art and you will see the post that he did pay his attorneys in full..for the haters out their that talk bad about his firts get the facts before u continue to bash Larry..and their are some sick peopl in this world that have nothing better to do but bother a man and hid baby ,that are trying to get on with their lives.

2656 days ago

I no longer support Quincy Fake-ass Jones    

What isn't looser Birkhead rearing Dannilynn in his house. Why Anna's? Not good enough? I could see if they were together...but there not. He is still milking the poor girl after her death.

2656 days ago

Sarah Silverman SUCKS!    

I agree....let him live in peace BUT at the same tiime don't go on
Larry King Live with your daughter!

Why in the world is he allowed to live in Anna's house? The house should be sold and the money should go into a trust for his daughter.

2656 days ago


Wonder if the sap is paying rent? Life is not free asshole!

2656 days ago


Willias- what a dumb comment!!!! What difference does it make where they live??? Can this man do nothing right to some of you people??? Leave him alone!!!!!!!!!

2656 days ago



You beat me to it this morning..Thanks for your quick response upon reading

Perhaps Canuck will rid of her tunnel vision and get back to reality..! Opri is doing what she
she mentioned to Larry..Give me publicity and I will represent you "free"..and with this continous publicity stunt ,she choses to eliminate Larry off the map..Good try..Opri! Larry will prevail..

2656 days ago


Sell that house...........Bring beautiful baby to Kentucky for a chance of a better life.....

Not Hollyweird.......

2656 days ago
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