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Lynwood Hearts Paris

6/15/2007 12:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looks like someone is glad Paris Hilton is back at Lynwood.
Paris Hilton
TMZ cameras spotted this sign posted outside the Century Regional Detention Center in Lynwood yesterday.

Wonder if they passed around a card for her to sign, too?


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George William Gockel    

I am sad for Paris Hilton to be in jail.

2651 days ago


Paris, don't worry about anything that the stupid haters say about you. They'll get a taste of their own medicine, I know they will. You rock, Paz! Vicki

2651 days ago


Haters, listen up - i might be younger than all of you, but I am wiser. I don't know Paris, but i know the good side of her and about all the charity work that she does. She is my idol, I love her, and I am making a website dedicayed to her. I don't care what any of you say back at me, because someday you'll get a taste of your own medicine. I have been emaling Paris, I think it's your email, Paz, but I won't write it in public, and I have written her many poems, and I care. Jail is enough for Paris, don't torture her anymore. Don't you have a heart? I know I do, and I respect Paris for who she is, not for who people say she is. I love you Paris. If you're listening - I hope you understand how much I look up to you. ♥♥♥ Vicki

2651 days ago

Cat Stevns    

Face it! Paris deserves jail time!

2651 days ago


I love you Paris

2651 days ago

Rev. Father Maximiadis    

Response to posting: 61, by Genn, 17 June 2007, and 483, by “only anonymous…”. 17 June, 2007.

Thank you both for your response to my posts.

Firstly, I should like to thank you Genn for bringing to my attention your concerns regarding my comments seemingly ‘playing down what is going on in your country’. My comments were founded upon the assorted arguments posted upon, and reports on the electronic news media. My comments regarding the “judgemental stance” were, as I said, referring to the “cowards, who behind anonymity, take the moral high ground”, and unlike the fourth question viz., “… is the public outrage based upon the socio-economic status of the Hilton family?”, was ( only a question not to be considered as a comment expressing my opinion ) not implying that others, apart from those specified, held the same view. I have also heard that Paris Hilton “presents herself as a ‘role model’”, which, I agree, does raise a valid and worrying issue in respect to many young people emulating her, as well as other celebrities’ fashions and events. However, this issue is quite unrelated to the subject matter in question ss., the public vilification of Paris Hilton and her family.

One can try to understand the great loss your family suffered in losing a 16-year old young lady, through the carelessness of a motorist. The experience of being subjected to the pain, loss, and grief can only be realized by those directly effected. I would hope that I wont be perceived as depreciating the suffering, and grave loss, your family ( et alii ) endure, but a personal tragedy unassociated with another situation – as in the Paris Hilton case – can’t be used to support your argument suggesting that “…she did not accept blame for her actions and appeared to attempt to manipulate the legal system”. In the Hilton case there was, fortunately, no victim. One would hope that Paris Hilton has really “…accept(ed) blame for her actions”. And also hope that the arguments between the defence, prosecution, and the concluding decision ( of law ) were ( as one would expect of the American judicial laws of procedures and practices ) not a ‘manipulation of the legal system by Hilton’. In conclusion, thank you Genn for your polite response.

Secondly, Thank you “only anonymous” for your response to my posting. However, your sarcastic comments regarding my ecclesiastic title, arrogant assumptions, and sardonic remark regarding my website, deserve no response except to acknowledge that it is beyond daft.

All my postings on the internet regarding Paris Hilton were not in reference to her offences, matters at court, sentence and incarceration, but the harsh public vilification of Paris and her family.

2648 days ago
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