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Is NOT Going to Be a Baby Daddy

6/15/2007 1:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

PharrellA report burning up the net claims that superproducer Pharrell Williams is going to be a daddy with his "girlfriend of nearly 5 years," Vashtie Kola, who's pregnant with their kid.

But Pharrell tells TMZ that the news is "100% not true," and we're told by a source close to Williams that he hasn't even seen her in over a year. reported the "news," claiming that the couple are trying to keep the pregnancy "under wraps," but our source says that Kola actually has a new boyfriend, and that no one is even certain that she's pregnant. We're told that Pharrell is "not sure why this is coming out now."


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Vasthie is a fricking gold digger who used Pharrells celebrity status to futher her own career as a "*ahem* video director. He is her only claim to fame even though he put her down the road over a year ago. She has always exploited him to advance herself, and this is no different. If anyone is starting rumors about vashtie being pregnant, its is vashtie.

2685 days ago

el polacko    

"burning up the net" .. that's sarasm, right ? please tell me that's sarcasm.....

2685 days ago


Hey, shut the hell up # 17:

I would care if you're even alive..why?

Better get going, the taatoo parlor closes soon

2685 days ago


This idiot might as well have "I'ze a doofus" taatooed on his forehead

2685 days ago


@ 19, ....he's probly sexing the female in your life regardless of how dark he is, and i bet she loves it.

2685 days ago


Figgins I think you should mind your business, there is no way Vashtie used Pharrell to get where she is now believe me I know. Vashtie worked hard to get where she is now and is continuing to work her A$$ off and if she was using Pharrell to become a Video Director don't you think she would be big time now? Again mind your damn business.

2685 days ago


I am sure that he is more than capable of caring financially for a child if he fathered it (that is the main reason babies are denied) So my reasoning is that it isn't his baby if there is a baby at all. Why does everyone think he is gay just because he aint got his business out on front street?

2685 days ago


Wow the people that keep posting, "Who is this person?" are obviously way TOO old to even be looking at this site? How can you not know who he is, seriously? He's a huge music producer and singer...

Hmm... if you're over 30 then it's time to quit looking at celebrity gossip sites and go play with your kids, or walk your dog or something... because while this may not be interesting or relevant to you... people MY age know who these stories are about and are interested in knowing more...

2685 days ago


... oh and Ellis, judging by your name and the fact that you are still using the term "doofus" you are definitely much, much, MUCH, too OLD to be interjecting you're igrnorant comments, considering you don't know who he is or anything about him...

2685 days ago


@ #24 - Piss off, dude. Who are you, the official TMZ hall monitor? The people who don't know who Pharrell is are more likely TOO white than TOO old.

2685 days ago


Hey doofus Dan # 25. If you attend school try asking your teacher to explain the difference between you're and your. It might come in handy when you fill out that Burger King job application.

2685 days ago


she clearly is a golddigger. and a VIDEO DIRECTOR? yeh right. her vids are probally so whack they REFUSE to put them on VH1 OR MTV.

2684 days ago


@ #26 - And who the hell are you exactly, if everyone else is entitled to post their opinion, then I most certainly am entitled to do the same. So suck it.. haha.. and what does being white have to do with it? I'm white, you idiot and I still know who he is... he works with the biggest people in music and his songs are always played on the radio, and he's always on top of the charts... so, my first statement was pretty much true... if you don't know who he is, then you are TOO old!!!

@ #27 - Ellis, bitch please look at you post on #19, I didn't know that "taatooed" was the correct spelling for "tattooed", but that's okay, because I'm sure in YOUR generation literacy wasn't as important as it is in today's day and age... Now go knit a scarf for your grandchildren or something...

2683 days ago


@#26 - Who am I? I'm the guy who's setting your idiot ass straight. White and TOO white are two different things. Now get back to class... you might learn something.

2683 days ago


Tell me, how can someone be too white?

2683 days ago
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