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Hottest Videos -- Week of 06/10

6/16/2007 4:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maybe Britney should invest in some slacks. Just a thought.

Posh and Perez had lunch together. Wait, if he's out to lunch -- who's drawing on pictures of Lindsay?

Howard Stern regular Melrose Larry protested Paris' return to the pokey. While screaming "Freedom for Paris Hilton," he was holding a sign that read "No justice, No Porsche!" What does that even mean?

Rev. Al Sharpton had a press conference about the unfairness of how reassignment and early releases have been meted out. Later he had press conference about the "Sopranos" finale. He's got a lot to say.

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you just don't get it    

What a dipwad.

2664 days ago


Brit - that was just GROSS and uncalled for!!! If she got out of the front door and her friend was coming to get in the back, why didn't she just get in the back door instead of climbing over the front seat like a child would?

At sometime guys probably complimented how nice her butt WAS, but Brit after 2 babies your butt just ain't like it USE to be!!!

2664 days ago


Not a fan of Britney Spears but that video looks like she couldnt get out the door. I have never seen so many flashbulbs go off at once. No wonder the girl is crazy.

2664 days ago


What a joke of a video. Perez Hilton and Posh, 2 people on earth that no one cares about. One just sits on their A$$ all day and steals other Sites info. The other just shops and looks nasty. Please end the inhumanity of inflicting us with their stupid day to day mundane behavior

2664 days ago


OMG Is that Paris Hilton doing what it looks like? Just fill in anyones cell # or make a real one up and just click agree then submit, shes on the following page on the left, what the hell is wrong with that girl? thats her right?

2664 days ago


That does look like her, I think it is. wow. what trash.

2664 days ago

pattie in cali    

what in the hell does POSH do???? what is she? she soooooo strange, is she on drugs? has she lost her mind? what is it??????????

2664 days ago


I cannot understand this. Are there not 2 backdoors to the car she is in.
Why doesn't she use the door not facing the all the camera?
Your ass is not that hottttttttttttttttttt

2664 days ago


Alas, Perez used to be my favorite gossip site. But now TMZ and dlisted are eating his lunch...Meanwhile, he's eating lunch with people he writes about...that's a slippery slope. And he's traveling so much and hosting and being he's become one of them, famous for being famous. His days as a gossipblogger are numbered.

2664 days ago

Mauricio D.    

It's an American Tragedy....

Why Britney...WHY.....

Tell me?????


2663 days ago


Can someone explain to me why the hell she didn't just walk 2 feet to her right and go in the back door? Watch that video again, her friend has the common sense to get in through the back door. Why didn't Brit do that? She so did this on purpose because when does clibing over a seat in a small green dress make MORE sense than just going in the back door. She is such a whore...

2663 days ago

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