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Jaslene: Lindsay is Pathetic!

6/16/2007 3:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Not very top model of her: "America's Next Top Model" winner Jaslene Gonzalez isn't keeping her trap shut about Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton. The Janice Dickinson-look-a-like is taking a page from Janice's book and running her mouth all over town about LiLo and Hilton. In an interview with Chris Yandek of, Jaslene rails on about the troubled twosome, saying, "I personally don't agree with a lot of the things they are doing. As far as Lindsay Lohan, her actions I think right now are kind of pathetic."


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What's with all the hatred ladies?? She resembles Alyssa Milano. Anyone else agree?

2685 days ago


Everyone talking smack about jaslene go eat some ass. At least she's doing something with her life, and if she wants to say whats on her mind who's to say she can't? So stop hateing losers. And for Jaslene keep doing what your doing ma ma. Work it sister.

2685 days ago


Post #9 Ask me how I REALLY feel - Ethnicity ticket?? Don't kid yourself. Women of ethnicity are extremely attractive. All you sound is jealous. Your guy must of left your plain ass for an "ethnic taco."

2685 days ago


Maybe it was a bad picture day, but Jaslene doesn't look like top model material. Either way, she should have kept quiet. Lindsey is a beautiful young lady, Unfortunately Jaslene, Lindsey (drunk or sober) could out-model and act around you. Jaslene, next time someone asks you to comment, just smile & say no comment.

2685 days ago


gee tmz, i was #5 now you deleted my comment & after re-inserting it i'm now #32

"seems like censorship to me"

2684 days ago


First of all, if your'e going to complain about her don't get it twisted. She's Jaslene not Janice. Second of all, TMZ has the gaul to talk about somebody else running their mouths about somebody. THAT'S ALL TMZ DOES!!!!! Don't try to act high & mighty about a wagging tongue. If it wasn't for people with loose lips you would not exist. How in the hell did you get the fax from the production company that produces The Simple Life? None other than a mouth wagger. So don't put the likes of a Jaslene down. TMZ is probably annoyed that she blurted her feelings out to someone other than exclusively to you guys.

2684 days ago


I'd keep my mouth shut, if I were she. Who knows she could end up working for one of the people she is ragging on for God's sake

2684 days ago

Animal Lover    

How do they really know what Jaslene can't understand a word she says, she speaks like she has a mouthful of marbles. Ugh, thats what they pick for a top model, shes nothing but a bag of bones and the personality of a fruit fly!!!

2684 days ago


I doubt this story is true. From what I've seen, Jaslene isn't capable of stringing together that many words and having it sound coherant. Very disappointing that she won, she's not a good role model for anyone except meth addicts. :P

2684 days ago

Scott Dred    

This nasty butt-chinned Mexican needs to keep her mouth shut.

2684 days ago


Jaslene should keep her mouth shut---she isn't that great herself, anyway. Am not a fan of Paris or Lindsday, but Jaslene will never be as famous as they are--she shouldn't burn bridges.

2684 days ago


All this outrage coming from people who have been ragging on Lohan for weeks. Someone expresses their personal opinion, and you act like she has no "freedom of speech". Jeez, you guys I don't think she killed anybody. Get a grip! What difference does it make who she is, everybody here has an opinion too and nobody's asking who they think they are.

2684 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

A bit full of herself or what? She has the right to bash anyone she wants but if she wants to work in Hollywood she better tone it down a tad!

2684 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

The next Lindsay Lohan? NOT

2684 days ago


WHATEVAH. Lindsay is INDEED pathetic and so is Nicole, Britney and Paris. Good for Jaslene for slamming celebrity loser like Lindsey when asked.

2684 days ago
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