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No Biel on the Road

6/16/2007 5:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

All work and no play make Timberlake a dull boy indeed. In a recent interview with the UK's Daily Mirror, pop prince Justin Timberlake admitted that he sent new flame Jessica Biel home from his European tour because he wants to focus on putting on a good show.

Biel wanted to hang around on tour, but the TimberSnake put Biel on a plane home because, "this tour is very important to me. I'm doing it really seriously so there's no question of playing sweethearts." Especially since JT won't even call Biel his special lady yet; she's just a "very dear friend." Justin should be careful: with a body and face like that, she'll be somebody else's "very dear friend" before long.


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Michael Richards    

This woman has the best ass in the friggin world and she is trying to give it to THIS LOSER!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! She must have issues.......

2663 days ago


Jessica Biel seems so down to earth and is beautiful. I really don't understand what she, or anyone really, sees in Justin Timberlake. In almost every interview he is in he seems so full of himself, and doesn't even try and be humble or thankful for what he has. Those are just not qualities that are attractive in a man. I don't ever wish for anyone’s relationship to fail. I just hope Jessica happens to find another "special friend" who is more into her than himself.

2663 days ago

Mike B    

Between him and Tony Romo(Cowboy Quarterback who dumped Carrie Underwood, who is soooooooooooooo hot), they must be gay. You can't focus and have that around? Dudes something is wrong with you. You will not find 2 bigger sweethearts than Jessica and Carrie.

The Gay Duo!!!!!!!!

2663 days ago


I agree with #9's comment. I've never found him attractive. She's way prettier than Cameron and has more brain cells too. Kick him to the curb Jess!

2663 days ago

Jackie Mattazo    

As a single female, I can honestly say that Justin is not even close to being a real man. He is short, not very good looking and has no body what so ever. If he was working at a deli or something no one would look at him twice. As far as Biel goes, she is everything a guy would want and everything a girl would want to be. She is beautiful with a great body. Can anyone tell me if there is any truth to the rumor that Biel is or was seeing heavweight boxer Sascha Blasi? If she is, That would make more sense, they would make a great looking couple.

2663 days ago


Jessica is a butta (you know-everything is cute butta face). They both look like men-well she's alittle more manly. I hope his career ends shortly...maybe he'll be alittle more humble

2663 days ago


Justin better be careful. He is just too full of himself... and honestly, he is not that good looking compared to what else is around. He likes himself way to much. His "friend" is too georgeous for him. So, I say she should be set free...... and be happy with it. She can do much, much, much better. Justin is common looking with an ego biggger than 20 men and that is BIG. Goodbye, Mr. Justin, you need a lesson.

2663 days ago

Jackie Mattazo    

you make a good point

2663 days ago


Justin Tmberlake... his favorite motto must be, "the grass is greener on the other side".He can't seem to love anyone but himself. How many girlfriends has he had since Britney Spears? Any man who thinks he's prettier than the wman he's dating just isn't worth the time of day.

2663 days ago


From the moment I 1st saw her as a young girl on 7th Heaven I KNEW she was gonna be gorgeous! Haven't changed my mind a bit. Justin? Have never gotten it & never will. He looks like most of the young guys at our local mall. Forgettable....

2663 days ago


To # 63, can't be sure, but I did hear the same thing about Sascha Blasi and Jessica Biel together. The first time I heard about it was over Christmas break. The two were seen shopping together on 5th ave in New York City. Who knows!

2663 days ago


Hey, Jessica. He's not that into you and you're not that hot - despite what TMZ says. I agree with Comments 10 & 15. This relationship will not last long.

2663 days ago


We should never believe everthing we read, We do not know what Justin said or didn't say that is just what this blog says. For the person who keeps saying Jessica looks like a man get glesses! I have never seen a man look like this.

2663 days ago


This guy makes a minor come back and dumps his g/f of how many years? No fan here.

2663 days ago


Post # 44 - by " get a life folks "

I noticed you had one of the more lengthy posts lol . You check into the site read posts and then type up your self important message to those you feel are beneath you? lmao
Did you then click out forever? think not , But we can only hope.

2663 days ago
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