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Sir Paul: No Party for Heather!

6/16/2007 4:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Contrary to recent reports, Sir Paul McCartney is not making nice with ex-wifey Heather Mills, and Heather WILL NOT be welcome at McCartney's 65th birthday bash on Monday.

The Sun reports that though the one-legged dancing diva's camp has been suggesting that McCartney and Mills are getting on just fine, it simply isn't the case. The "cute" Beatle deals with Mills only when he absolutely has to -- when picking up daughter Beatrice after a visit. A source told The Sun that if Mills tries to swindle her way into the soiree she'll be sent away. So much for friendly exes!


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stop the madness    

SHeesh young girls today are such greedy whores.

2564 days ago

Kris Peterson    

I don't know how this nice guy ever got involved with this HO....except she had one leg and was doing charity work when they met. What a set-up. Unbelieveable!!

2584 days ago


Amazing how fast love turns to hate especially in Celebrityville.

2584 days ago


Seriously? This is news?

2584 days ago



2584 days ago


Heather needs to quit while she is ahead. She got the millions she wanted for the few months of 'happiness'!! she gave Paul. The more she tries to infiltrate his life after the divorce, the more she looks like the money grabbing, gold digger she has been made out to be. Think of the daughter first and don't make any more waves Heather.

2584 days ago


how on earth did paul get involved with this money hungry one legged whorebag? i really think he thought she was a good person becuase of her disability. it would be nice if he got full custody of beatrice and heather does not get a dime.

2584 days ago

my two cents    

Paul should realize he will never be able to replace Linda McCarthy. Never! I bet he sure regrets not getting a prenuptial with Heather Mills.

2584 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Old Paul should have listened to his kids , esp. Stella McCartney. He could have found many, many older women, 40-50, with a ton of money ( Lady's, Duchesses, Dames, big entertainers ,celebs, etc.) from England who would have been more than happy to have him for keeps.

now he allowed himself to get conned by this Bitch and then expelled a sperm cell so Heather HAS NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. He might as well just end this and give the Bitch $100,000-200,00 million per no pre-nuptial, how stupid could he have been and move on. That Bitch's settlement + her childsupport = more than his other kids will get.

2584 days ago


Happy Birthday Paul. Thank you for the wonderful gifts you have given us over the years.

2584 days ago

Kevin T.    

And did Heather want to attend this party?

In other news, I have never seen a girl cash in on a missing appendage as has this Heather woman. Talk about being handed lemons and making ...chumps out of sympathetic, grieving, needy, lonely and super rich old men. Maybe if she loses an arm next, she'll get to fanagling Donald Trump out of a few dollars - or gas money (or something).

And here all the young girls getting these modern boob jobs think that's the trick to being a gold digger.

Missing limbs! That's the ticket!

2584 days ago


Look at nicole Richies stomach, She has it showing out of her bikini, I think this is her right? shes definetaly pregnant, just put in a real cell # or a friends and hit agree then submit its on the 2nd page, shes huge

2584 days ago

He's Boring now    

McCartney is no angel here. Mr cute boy, make nice to the World message to everybody else and he cant even keep things even remotely nice with a former wife and mother of their child. He sounds mean and surly, pent up with anger inside and meanwhile releases this "get happy everbody" new CD.

Sorry, its obvious this site is filled with McCartney lovers probably stuck on his old songs, but a balanced view of this thing shows an insecure, angry, hurt little boy.

Get over it, most other divorced people do. Leave the hate behind Paul just like you tried to teach the world "all those years ago"...

2583 days ago


No from the Uk and cant stand Paul Mccartney or his music..but Heather is one big fantastist and liar..she has been caught oout with so many lies and totally reinvented the first half of her life from what it really was/

2583 days ago

yvonne adler    

Thank God. My heart sank when I read that story (and story it is) in the U.K.'s Daily Mail. It even went on to suggest that the divorce is on hold. Now we (probably) know that Heather's camp put our feelers to see if Paul would agree.

2583 days ago
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