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Nicky Visits Paris in Jail

6/17/2007 4:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nicky Hilton, along with boyfriend David Katzenberg and an unidentified blonde friend, rolled up to Lynwood jail yesterday for her weekly visit with inmate Paris.

Nicky was, as usual, mum about her visit, but she did leave something special behind. As she and Katzenberg were rolling away, she left a mysterious small red package with the correction officers. A present for Paris, or maybe a bribe?


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I thought the visitor days were on Sunday and Tuesday and if so why was she there yesterday?

2686 days ago


No need for hysterics, it's just a teeny tiny jail sentence. We should all be thankful the skank hasn't killed anyone on the road

2686 days ago



2686 days ago

Allred Tree    

I am sure Paris drove much more than two times on the suspended license. She was just caught two times.

Would'nt it be something if one of the guards turns out to be single and eligible and he and Paris end up falling madly in love, as often happens ala. the "Stockholm Syndrome?" Maybe that would be God's answer to some of Paris' prayers!

2686 days ago


Interesting, her Dad couldn't bother to show up for Father's Day?? don't worry, he's a coattail riding loser just like she turned out to be. Look it up, he barely held onto his inherited vice president position and never accomplished anything in his life beyond attracting the barnacle failed starlet kathy

2686 days ago

Connie Lynn    

PARIS IS A DRUGGIE!!!!!!! Why is EVERYONE missing the story here about this RICH & FAMOUS girl. She is ADDICTED TO PRESCRIPTION DRUGS!!!!!!!! Her crazy and wreckless behavior is most likely caused from the effect of TRANQUILIZERS!!!!! Read about BENZODIAZAPINES....and how they cause people to become DISINHIBITED!!! Why would a PSYCHIATRIST not insist on telling the JAIL PERSONEL that she is addicted to his prescription of XANAX....when he knew she would have a seizure or die from stopping XANAX cold turkey. SHE or her PARENTS withheld this important information to keep it out of the press...!!!! Was she actually prescribed XANAX from this doctor.....or was she getting it UNDER THE TABLE??? She needs to go to the REHAB STINT like her friends....she needs to be tappered off these things....and then see HOW BRAVE SHE IS TO GO OUT AND PARTY...without her little CHILL PILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet she stays home where she belongs..and will keep out of trouble.....she is a fake..."Getting by with a little help from her FRIENDS"..!!!!!!!!!

2686 days ago


Video doesn't work for me either

2686 days ago


Wow... she is in jail for 20 days and she has to have a visitor every week - how annoying.. get over it... let her be, don't visit a no ass whore in jail you losers.

2686 days ago


Video worked when I clicked on the 'rolled up to Lynwood" sentence. All it is is Nicky walking up to the building from the car with the other two.

2686 days ago


Unless the CO's are taking out the Hilton trash, this has to be something for skank. I wonder if they walk to other inmates families vehicles and pick up and deliver??

2686 days ago


Nicky seems nice, and doesn't act classless like her mom and sis. I admire her refusal to play ball with photographers. Keep on shinin' Nicky!

2686 days ago


If you can't see the video click on the blue letters in the first paragraph.

2686 days ago

Allred Tree    

Maybe her parents will visit later today. I got the video to work by clicking on the words in blue, as well.

The guards are handed the package from the driver at the end of the video, after they visited. Maybe they forgot to take it in with them when they went in. It looked like it was rolled up and tied and kind of in the shape of what could be a slipper.

2686 days ago

Karin B.    

And.. Yes..tomorrow we'll hear all about the contents of the mystery package. What was in it ..(probably tampoons) she opened it...(witnesses say she ripped it apart),,,,and Paris' reaction to the package...(she cried as she opened it up!). I wish those working at Lynwood would respect Paris' privacy. Enough is enough. The only update I want to hear is when these folks wil wise up and release her.

2686 days ago

You People Sicken Me !    

Hot Girl you maybe hot but still stupid and for those of you that can not get the video here it is.

2686 days ago
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