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Nicky Visits Paris in Jail

6/17/2007 4:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nicky Hilton, along with boyfriend David Katzenberg and an unidentified blonde friend, rolled up to Lynwood jail yesterday for her weekly visit with inmate Paris.

Nicky was, as usual, mum about her visit, but she did leave something special behind. As she and Katzenberg were rolling away, she left a mysterious small red package with the correction officers. A present for Paris, or maybe a bribe?


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Oh, come ON! All of you armchair, opinionated people get all hyped up over everything you read in the trashloids. "Paris is this, Paris is that!" "Kathy Hilton is this, Kathy Hilton is that!" "Paris is a druggie, a whore, a drunk, nauseum!"

Do you believe EVERYTHING you read? Are you really that gullible?

Any one of you would be the first to cry FOUL if every single damned thing you ever did or said ended up in the trashloids or on this site. Hell, if you so much as popped an aspirin, the press and the public would be screaming "DRUG ADDICT! NEEDS TO GO TO REHAB!"

Go out in a skirt above your knees? Hot damn, guess that would make YOU a skank or a whore.

And don't even make noise about Paris' sex video.....after all, obviously YOU watched it. Better not let the trashloids know....because YOU will be labeled a perverted, pornloving sex offender for watching the damned thing!

Yes, this IS a celebrity bashing site, but you never know....someday YOU might be a 'celebrity' and YOU will be on the receiving end of vicious lies, innuendo, and filthy remarks. YOU might have to deal with ignorant people who bash YOUR family.

Every one of YOU have probably done or said something in your life that you're not especially proud of doing or saying, and I am willing to bet that many of YOU have broken the law yourself. You just didn't get caught. Yet.

And yes, I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a saint. Fortunately, my sins aren't front page news.

2621 days ago


The PACKAGE was INTERESTING.....My guess it is a "present"...aka....moisturtizer????

It was taken by a Male Guard then handed to a Female. It MAY have been going to SOMEONE in the Jail??? I WONDER who??? WHAT a SPOILED BIT$H!!

She has the JAILS doing cartwheels AND the TAXPAYERS footing the BILL!!!


2621 days ago


But Kira:

Obviously you aren't out flashing your "naughty bits" on purpose and inviting the press into everything you do. She can't help the fact she's rich and pretty nor can Prince Harry and William help who they were born into, it's what you do with it that counts. And she does NOTHING with her publicity but publicise herself and her exploits. She could do SO MUCH MORE with her life and we would all shut the hell up about her. If I could just see her ONCE spend an hour reading to school kids in an inner city, or dishing up food at a homeless shelter, god, run a race for the Susan Komen foundation, etc, etc. I know I would respect her more. Even though I think Angelina Jolie is a master manipulator of the press, at least charities ARE benefiting from it. Paris needs to desperately turn a new page--and I am hoping all this hoopla might be the instigator for it.

2621 days ago


Annie, you are absolutely right and I totally agree with you. :-)

2621 days ago


And Barbara:

You are so right. I counted l swear, 7 cops, standing around them. Granted, I am sure there are a couple "sentry posts" who guard the entrance no matter what--but seriously, I'm pretty sure it was 7 who stood around the car at the end.

2621 days ago


Why did the family keeps saying that she was arrested for suspended licence.
Didn't her alcohol content was above the limit when she was racing 70mph with no headlight. Her aunt was saying the same thing.
Your little skank was drunk driving and got arrested deal with it.

2621 days ago


she was put in jail for violating her probation she drove twice on a suspended license. She was not put in jail for DUI. Are you stupid? If your going to chime in know what your talking about.

2621 days ago


Hey Kira:

You have good points, too. And I liked your word: trashloid! You're comment about how the tables could be turned on us one day scares the hell out of me. God, I hope to never have my 15 minutes of fame. I don't think I could handle the pressure. It always looks tantalizing and exciting but I think a big, hell no, for me. Though I wouldn't mind about 1 or 2% of their income!! LOL.

2621 days ago


Okay, before the grammar police hound me, I admit I spelled "you're" wrong in my last post. It should have been "your" not a contraction. That's what happens when you try to type fast sometimes. Mea culpa!

2621 days ago

Karin B.    

I agree with #42 / Anne....I've stated the same idea in previously on Paris TMZ...marry your Greek boyfriend...move to relaxing Europe....and enjoy life. Too many peope in LA etc...have weird priorities. i'm serious if I were jailed and treated in such a horrible manner "dragged out of court" I'd get the heck out of the states.

2621 days ago

Gatorade Please    

The Hiltons are a Snooze Fest.....zzzzz

2621 days ago


Annie, LOL! Yep, I wouldn't mind a tiny percentage of the income either!

Have you ever run a quick errand, perhaps not looking your best? That just happened to me the other day, and sure enough, I ran into three people I haven't seen in years. What a great impression...LOL! (Of course, they didn't look like covergirls either. *Grin*)

But I'm thinking, "Wow, if I was famous, there I'd be on the cover of some trashloid with the caption, "KIRA, THE WALKING RUMMAGE SALE! FROM FABULOUS TO FUGLY!"

Nope, don't think I'd want fame either. :-)

2621 days ago

You People Sicken Me !    

Kerr Avon Why are you here ?????????

2621 days ago


Its really crazy how hateful some of you are about Paris...Why dont you focus on bettering yourselves instead of hating on this girl. Shes rich and will always get special treatment sure its not fair but thats the way it iis so get over it and move on..

2621 days ago


Paris is not in PRISON! She is in a county jail, which is a cake walk compared to prison. Please stop saying she is in Prison.

2621 days ago
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